The September Equinox Cosmic Forecast 2020

september equinox meaning 2020

The Equinox is one of the most powerful times of the year. It is a day where we experience equal hours of night and day, symbolizing both duality and oneness.

In 2020, the September Equinox falls on the 22nd, activating a powerful configuration with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. This configuration of planets is known as T-square and while it has been in operation for some time, it will be heightened on this potent, magical day.

In Vedic astrology, the lunar nodes or Rahu and Ketu, meaning the head and tail of the dragon, are also changing signs to Taurus and Scorpio around this time. This signifies a major shift in our cosmic destiny on a collective level.

While this is specific only to Vedic calculations, it does seem that Western Astrology also supports this idea of shift and change. The September Equinox is after all, the halfway point in the astrological year and indicates a change in the flow of energy as we move through this next stage of the cycle.

This sense of changing and transitioning energy is also heightened by this T-Square of planets. Together, these planets call for us to take action, to make the changes we desire, but to also not rush ahead.

It’s this interesting dynamic of trusting our impulses and taking a leap of faith, but not getting caught up in ego or acting in haste.

We may find ourselves in a position where we have to make a decision, or we may find ourselves in a position where we have to be patient and not rush ahead.

When the Universe presents these opposing forces, the only thing we can do is trust our own intuition.

This changing energy is mirrored by Mother Earth too, for the Equinox also brings the start of a new season in certain countries.

In the Northern Hemisphere, there is a shift to the season of Autumn. The leaves begin changing color, preparing for their death. The weather begins getting cooler, reminding us that winter is on the way.

In the Southern Hemisphere, there is a shift to the season of Spring. The buds begin returning to the trees, preparing for a rebirth. The weather begins getting warmer, reminding us that summer is on the way.

While the location you live in can be your guide as to the direction the energies are flowing in, chances are you will need to embrace a little bit of both.

Traditionally, the Equinox is also seen as a time where the veil between dimensions grows thin, as it represents this idea of light and dark coming into balance. It is also a reminder that one can’t exist without the other.

It is only when we have basked in the shadows that we can fully appreciate the light. It is only once we have ventured into the light that we can fully understand the shadows.

While the idea of both light and dark are very real to us on this dimension, they are an illusion. From Oneness all things are born.

On the Equinox, with the thinning veil, we can connect to the Oneness within and around us. We can also more easily connect with the wisdom of our ancestors and our loved ones on the other side.

The Equinox can also bring third eye activations, making it easier for us to tune in to the wisdom of our intuition and psychic abilities.

The coming weeks following the Equinox may feel like an uphill journey as we get used to the transitioning energies.

Each day may bring its own feeling, so be present. Sit with your impulses and inspirations.

Don’t be afraid to act, but try to balance fiery actions with some grounded energy too.

Equinox Ritual is here

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