The Spiritual Meaning of Owls

spiritual meaning of owls

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki, Crystal healing practitioner. She is the creator of @CrystalPoems and the e-book – The Inspiring Story of 33 Crystals. You can join her for more on crystals on her YouTube channel.

Since ancient times, people have been drawn to owls and have found them fascinating. Nowadays, there are all sorts of things with owl images available for purchase, such as T-shirts, mugs, toys, etc. The adorable owl image with large eyes and cute round shape has taken the world by storm and people have fallen in love with this bird.

But what is it that makes owls so special, that makes them stand out from all other bird species?

In many cultures throughout the ages, owls have been considered to have a powerful connection with the spiritual realms. There has always been an air of mystery around these birds.

For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the owl was a symbol of wisdom. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare, was believed to have a close connection with owls.

The ancient Chinese and the Native American tribes also believed that the owl symbolizes wisdom, and their guidance was used in healing rituals and sacred ceremonies. Owls were considered to be messengers between the physical and spiritual realms.

In spiritual practices up to this day, it is widely believed that the intelligent gaze of these birds guards some kind of ancient wisdom and knowledge that could unlock the mysteries of the spirit world.

Throughout history, owls have also been associated with the moon and witchcraft, and that’s why people have often feared these beautiful birds. Owls like to fly around in the darkness, they are nocturnal birds. The moon is the symbol of darkness, and darkness represents the unknown – that scary, mysterious place where our fears lie. The moon is also a symbol of femininity, and that is why owls have always been associated with feminine qualities, such as intuition and magic.   

Owls represent the kind of wisdom that lives deep within each one of us – our soul wisdom – the kind of limitless and all-embracing knowingness that does not require rational explanations for everything. It is this powerful intuitive wisdom that owls have the closest connection to.

What makes owls even more fascinating, is that since ancient times, it has been believed that they are guardians of the afterlife, who deliver messages from the spiritual realms to our world and guide the souls of dead people on their journey to the afterlife. That is why owls have also been associated with death and feared by many people. 

The hooting of an owl does sound a bit eerie, and people who hear it are sometimes overcome by fear that something bad is about to happen. An owl’s hoot in the darkness of the night might sound a bit out of this world, and perhaps that’s why people started to believe that the owl is trying to warn them of impending danger, such as sudden illness or death.

I think it is important to remind ourselves that death in itself does not have any negative meaning. It is simply a transformation from the physical realm to the spiritual. It is our fear of death that gives it a negative meaning. Once we stop seeing death through the eyes of our fear and instead, begin to see it as a beautiful and necessary transformation, death loses its negative meaning and becomes just another experience in our soul’s journey.

Since ancient times, people have also believed that owls have a unique ability to predict future events. It is as if the owls can gather knowledge from the spiritual realms and bring it back to our material world. That’s why seeing an owl has been considered to have many possible meanings. For instance, seeing an owl in daylight could be a symbol of clarity, hope, and brighter days ahead for the one who sees her.

Since the owl generally symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and foresight, sighting this mysterious bird could also mean that some kind of significant change or shift is going to take place in our life. It could also mean symbolic death, such as the ending of a toxic relationship or habit. 

The owl guides us to follow our intuition and let go of the situations that are no longer serving us. She calls us to be adaptable and allow the change or shift to take place, instead of fighting it. The owl also cautions us against reacting from our ego, since the change that is coming our way could be a blessing in disguise. That’s why, people believed that upon sighting an owl, we should listen to our intuition and respond with wisdom and foresight.

Judging by their appearance, owls might not seem like the most adventurous species of the animal kingdom. However, they actually love to fly around and explore uncharted territories. Thus, sighting an owl could also be a sign to step out of our comfort zones and explore the unknown. The owl guides us to be adaptable, curious, and face our fears, for this will help our soul evolve.

Throughout the ages, people have observed animals for inspiration and guidance, and the owl is no exception. No matter whether we believe in the symbolic meanings that have been attributed to owls or not, these mysterious birds continue to hold a special place in our hearts. Perhaps the wise owl can guide us to see things from a higher perspective and tap into our own soul wisdom.

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