Virgo Full Moon Ritual March 2022

virgo full moon ritual 2022

The Virgo Full Moon peaks on March 18th and is the last Full Moon before the astrological new year begins, making it the perfect time to leave the past behind and take only the wisdom we wish to carry into the future.

Under the influence of Virgo energies, our attention may be drawn to our inner wellbeing and where perfectionism may be holding us back from taking that leap of faith or shining our true authentic light out into the world.

You can get your full cosmic forecast for this Full Moon here, but below you will find a ritual to help guide you through these energies.

Virgo Full Moon Ritual 2022

This ritual is best done between March 17-24, 2022

You will need:

  • Assorted herbs/plants/fruits (dry, fresh, or even the essential oils) eg. lavender, chamomile buds, basil, oregano, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, eucalyptus, citrus slices, cloves, tea leaves, etc.
  • Sea or rock salt
  • Large bowl of water
  • Virgo Full Moon Reading 2022
  • Lotus Compassion Meditation


1.) Select whatever herbs resonate with you. You can use one or a combination of herbs, just go with your instincts and use what is on hand. Have all of your ritual ingredients laid out in front of you.

2.) Take your bowl of water and begin stirring it in a circular motion with your finger to activate its energy. As you stir the water recite the following-

“The life force in me connects with the life force of this water. May we merge as one, supporting and lifting our vibrations higher.”

3.) Once the water is nicely activated (go with your intuition), take your first herb of choice and holding it in your hand, assign the herb with an emotion, feeling, or situation that you would like to release OR call in. State it out loud, giving your intention to the Universe, and then add your herb to the bowl of water. Keep repeating this process with all of the ingredients you have before you. Don’t be shy with it, feel free to fill your bowl with as many things as you like!

Here’s an example to guide you.

*Holding lavender buds in your hand* “I release any feelings of failure I have around being a mother.” *Sprinkle lavender bunds into the water*

4.) Once you are done adding all your herbs, take your salt and as you sprinkle it into the water, recite the following or feel free to say what you feel in the moment-

“I have made my wishes, I have set my intentions. There are things I wish to release, there are things I wish to call in. They have been heard by the water, they have been heard by these herbs, they have been heard by my heart and soul. I now cleanse them all away, surrendering my intentions and desires to the Universe. I trust that all will unfold for my highest and greatest good. I trust that whatever needs to come will come, and whatever needs to go will go.”

5.) Once the salt is sprinkled in, begin stirring the bowl of water in the exact same way you did before, allowing the salt to dissolve away all of the energies. You have sent them out, now you must release and trust in the process.

6.) Sit before your bowl of water and do your Lotus Compassion Meditation. This 10-minute meditation is designed to soothe, release the energy of self-compassion, and can bring a nice dose of self-esteem under the Virgo Full Moon energies.

7.) Once you are done with your meditation, take your bowl of water outside or place it by the window under the light of the Full Moon.

8.)Then, do your Virgo Full Moon Reading. Meditate on the messages it provides.

9.) In the morning, discard your herbs and water in the garden or if you don’t have access to the garden, down the drain is fine too. Don’t be tempted to hold on to any of the herbs, let it all go!

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