Virgo Season Horoscopes August-September 2023

virgo season horoscopes august september 2023

The Sun moves into Virgo on August 23, 2023, and stays until the September 23rd Equinox. During this window of time, we will experience several planets in retrograde, a special and ultra-rare Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces, and a beautifully healing Virgo New Moon.

With a lot of cosmic activity circling during this time, you may be wondering- how is this going to influence me?

While the cosmic energies all influence us differently, we can turn to our Sun and Rising signs for a greater clue into what we can expect and how we can choose to work with these energies.

These horoscopes are designed to not only provide guidance but to also support you through the unsettling and intense energies that Virgo Season 2023 seems to hold.

Virgo Season Horoscopes August-September 2023


As Virgo Season begins on August 23, you may find yourself in deep reflection mode. You may feel more withdrawn than usual and find yourself questioning things a little more closely. The Pisces Blue Moon on August 30, may be particularly triggering for you, as you wade through some deep issues and questions that have perhaps needed your attention for some time. You may have to make a decision under this Full Moon about how you want to proceed, and this decision may require you to say goodbye to something or put an end to something that is no longer serving you. This decision is not one that you will take lightly, in fact, it seems there is a lot of thoughtful consideration needed to navigate this situation. If you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts – which may very well happen with Mercury, the planet that rules over our thoughts in retrograde, turn to your heart and you will find that you already know the way. If you need some further guidance, perhaps think of how you can take responsibility for yourself in this situation. What is the most responsible and practical decision you can make for yourself right now? It seems that taking this approach may help you to navigate the energies. You need to step up and take charge of your own well-being and self-care, and if you make that your motivation, you may find it easier to set boundaries and make decisions. In fact, setting and honoring your boundaries is also a fantastic way to move through any potentially sticky energy that is stirred up for you under this Blue Moon. A Blue Moon gets its name not from its color, but when we have two Full Moons in a calendar month. Having two Full Moons in the same month can indicate a theme of releasing and letting go, so perhaps you have been working through these ideas for some time now. As we move into September, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, finally emerges from its retrograde journey on September 3-4. This emergence of Venus from the depths of its retrograde can bring some clarity around a relationship situation. If you were dealing with a significant relationship issue around the middle of July, you may find similar themes come back around for closure. Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is traveling retrograde in your sign and moving closer toward the North Node. Without getting too technical, this is a long-running journey for you over the coming years where you are really being guided to walk a transformative healing journey. This journey is going to see wounds come to the surface and healing issues arise, however, you will also find yourself sourcing a new power and wisdom from them. The mythology behind Chiron can perhaps be an inspiration for you. Chiron was abandoned at birth and spent much of his early years unloved and unwanted. Chiron however, was able to take all of those wounds and channel them into his psychic gifts. He grew into a formidable teacher, healer, and mystic who was able to serve and heal countless people. This journey of Chiron as the wounded healer is similar to the one you are moving through over the coming years. The presence of the North Node amplifies this journey and indicates a certain level of destiny and soul purpose is added to the mix. You are walking the path of your destiny under this energy, so trust if any healing issues have come up for you, or do come up in the future, that you are simply paving the way to your own Chiron story. For clues on how this story is going to unfold, pay attention to the upcoming Eclipses in Aries and Libra. These Eclipses will run for the next year or so, and will be portals to this journey you are moving through. Mars, your ruling planet, will be sitting in the opposite sign of Libra for most of the Season. This position can actually be highly energizing for you, and you may feel highly motivated to get things done. This will be a welcomed energy, seeing as we have some sluggish energy rolling in from all the retrograde planets. With Mars in this position, you may also find it easier to delegate or work with others. This is also a good reminder to ask for help if you need it, you don’t have to do it all alone, and in fact, you will find that teamwork will really make the dream work under this energy! As Virgo Season comes to an end, we have the Virgo New Moon on September 14-15. This New Moon is a wonderful time to get things done, create new routines, and to think about your health and wellness. Mercury in Retrograde may be active under this New Moon, casting a blanket of fog and uncertainty, but if you stick to what you know to be true, you should have an easier time navigating this New Moon. If you receive any information around this New Moon, particularly in regards to a health matter, there could be more to the story, so be sure to keep investigating if it feels right. Overall, Virgo Season 2023, is a busy and intense one. You may find your life feeling a little all over the place under this energy. Efforts to move forward may not feel so easy either, however, there are some big decisions to be made and perhaps some old cobwebs that need to be cleared. This is an opportunity for you to create a new foundation. One that is more aligned and free of things that are dragging you down. Keep the faith!


There is always so much cosmic energy going on in your corner of the zodiac lately! You really have been receiving a workout from the Universe over these last few years, so if you have been wondering what’s going on, know you are not alone! The zodiac of Taurus has been lit up by so many planets and aspects, so anyone with this zodiac strong in their chart would have been feeling it! Uranus, which is currently touring through Taurus, will station retrograde on August 28. With Uranus stationing retrograde, you may feel that momentum begins to slow down. It may be harder to make the changes you desire, or you may find yourself needing to dig through the past before you can move ahead. Things may feel foggy or confusing, or you may feel you are running in circles! Uranus Retrograde is most intense the day it happens, so you should notice things easing as we move further away from this date. It also helps to remember that Uranus is the Great Awakener, which means that whatever comes to the surface, is often in an effort to awaken us to a new and higher truth. With Uranus involved, we often have to shift our perspective and make some changes. These changes may have been prevalent in your life for some time now. Perhaps you feel like everything has changed and nothing is stable! That can definitely be the work of Uranus, but eventually, things will settle, and you will find that your life has shaped into something more aligned. The Pisces Blue Moon on August 30 is a rare cosmic treat! The Moon won’t actually be blue, but it is given this name when we have two Full Moons in the same calendar month. This is a very rare occurrence and a special one to take note of! You may find yourself needing to do some release work under this Full Moon. You are likely letting go of things that have blocked you from feeling free to be yourself. You may also feel the need to let go of some friendships or perhaps some insecurities that were blocking you from making connections with others. Alternatively, this Full Moon may also get you thinking about what’s next for you when it comes to your dreams and goals. Perhaps you have had to put your dreams on hold while you make money, raise a family, or care for those around you. Perhaps you have had little time to think about your dreams with everything that has been going on. This Full Moon is a great time to put your imagination to use and to think about what you would love to give your time to. This is a great time for you to go back to projects, hobbies, or even a career path that feels more exciting and aligned. If you need to get your spark back, this Full Moon lights a path; you just have to take that first step! As we move into September, Venus stations direct on the 3rd-4th, ending her retrograde journey. Venus Retrograde has been a time of heart healing and awakening. Now that her journey is complete, you may feel a little more open or certain about a relationship, your values, or money issues. Venus is your ruling planet, so you would likely have felt this retrograde energy close to your heart. If you are curious about what journey this Venus Retrograde has been taking you on, think back to themes that were happening in your life around money, relationships, and your self-worth in the middle of July. How have those themes played out over the last few weeks? Do you feel anything significant has shifted for you? Sometimes we have to do a little reflection work to see how these retrograde energies are influencing us. As a Taurus or Taurus Rising, you may have felt the brunt of Venus Retrograde energies in your home and family life. You may have found these areas highlighted for you. Perhaps there was a need to set boundaries, to be more open to certain family members, or to realign your values. You can read up about the Venus Retrograde energies here, plus get some journal prompts to help you with this journey. As Virgo Season comes to an end, we have the Virgo New Moon on September 14. This New Moon is a chance to focus on bringing some joy and softness into your life. You have been through so much, and this New Moon is your chance to soak up some self-care, and to just make time for the simple pleasures in life. Use this New Moon as your inspiration to do something for yourself and to make your inner well-being your number one priority.


As we begin Virgo Season on August 23, your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde. Mercury Retrograde can affect your mood, thought process, and your ability to communicate, but not necessarily in a bad way! Mercury Retrograde can actually make us more intuitive and gets us relying on our own inner internal compass rather than seeking external validation. Mercury Retrograde is actually a fantastic time for you to sharpen your intuitive abilities and to go deeper when it comes to the way you choose to communicate. Sometimes during a Mercury Retrograde, you need to withdraw and think about how you really feel before you can connect and share with others. Miscommunications can also be common, so this is just something to keep in mind as we journey through the retrograde. Along with Mercury, we also have several other retrogrades happening in Virgo Season, including Uranus on August 28 and Jupiter on September 4. For a period of time, we will have 6 major planets in retrograde all at the same time! This is a lot of retrograde energy to work with, and could result in feeling foggy, sluggish, and perhaps even a little confused. Things may not be clear, the path ahead may feel uncertain, or we may feel like we are moving in circles. Retrograde energy gets us to look back over the past before we move forward. It wants us to see that we have taken everything we possibly can from what we already know before we source new information. Retrograde energy can sometimes be challenging to navigate because of this, however if we are moving in alignment with the cosmic energies around us, we can find it a lot easier! Use this retrograde energy to ponder and reflect. Journal some more, don’t be so quick to share your feelings and opinions with others, and make time to sit and just be still with your own inner dialogue. You may just find some patterns or thought forms that simply no longer have a place in your heart and mind. On August 30, we have an incredible Blue Super Full Moon in the sign of Pisces. A Blue Moon occurs when we have two Full Moons in the same calendar month. This is a rare and powerful occurrence and indicates that we could very well be releasing something as the month comes to an end. This release may be a relationship or job situation, but it can also be emotional or spiritual too. In fact, as this Full Moon falls in Pisces, it does indicate that what we are releasing is more psychic or intangible. If you are feeling heavy or dealing with a lot of stress in your life, breathe it out under this Full Moon for maximum benefits. As we move into September, we have Venus stationing direct on September 3-4. Venus stationing direct can bring issues in regards to our relationships, money, or reproductive health that were prevalent during the middle of July back around for completion. Venus stationing direct may also bring heart awakenings, guiding us to get in touch with the love that we are. We may even find ourselves needing to express this love to someone we care about. Letting others know how much we appreciate them is a great way to work with this energy and an easy way to feel abundant when it comes to creating love and connection! If you have been working on a creative project, Venus ending her retrograde may also help to get some momentum flowing. The Virgo New Moon then follows on September 14, and brings some healing energy into our awareness. This healing energy may manifest itself in your home and family environment. You may find yourself needing to be there for a family member either as a caretaker or just for emotional support. Your attention may also need to turn to your home environment, and how you can make it a healthier and more peaceful place to be. Clearing out toxic cleaning chemicals or fragrances, clearing your pantry of processed food items, or simply clearing the clutter can make a world of difference to your home. Use the New Moon to create a peaceful sanctuary, especially if you have a lot of demands going on in your outside world.


Virgo Season brings a strong wave of retrograde energy. Throughout Virgo Season, we will have six major planets in retrograde, and when that happens, we tend to feel a little sluggish, foggy, or uncertain. Things may not feel as clear as they could be, and our thought processes may feel all over the place. We may also find ourselves moving in circles or unable to move forward with something in our lives. Retrograde energy sounds annoying! But really, it is a time of honoring our inner world. The society we live in doesn’t give much credence to stillness, pausing, and reflecting, which is why retrograde energy can sometimes feel so unnatural and difficult! But retrograde energy is part of our cosmic cycle and part of our inner cycle too. If we use the retrograde energies to our advantage, we can actually find them to be a more intuitive and meaningful time where we can really tune out the external and get in touch with the internal. This makes Virgo Season a fantastic time to do some inner work, to explore our deeper thoughts, and to reflect on things that have transpired. It is a good time for journal work, meditation, and for really connecting to the needs of our body. Alongside all of this special retrograde energy, Virgo Season also brings a special Blue Full Moon. This Full Moon is a Super Moon too, which means it’s closer to the Earth and more likely to be felt at the core of our being. A Blue Moon is not actually blue, rather it is the name given to the second Full Moon in the same calendar month. This doesn’t happen very often, so Blue Moons are rare and considered a special gift from the Universe. Having a Blue Moon indicates the need to release something from our lives. This could be something external, but with all of this retrograde energy pointing us within, it is likely that this release is something that manifests on more of an internal level. With the Blue Moon falling in Pisces, it is also very likely that whatever we are releasing is something energetic or even spiritual in nature. We may find ourselves letting go of thoughts, feelings, ideas, perspectives, or even attitudes we have held for decades. We may find ourselves coming into new realizations about our lives and what we want to give our time to. We may also find ourselves needing to set boundaries and say no to things that are no longer serving our highest being. While there are infinite manifestations of what this Full Moon could bring up for release, there is this cleansing effect it seems to have, especially on a soul level. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, you are in the prime position to receive all the Blue Moon blessings! As we move into September, Venus stations direct on the 3rd-4th, ending its retrograde journey. Venus Retrograde tends to stir issues around the heart. Our relationships may be triggered, or we may find ourselves struggling with money issues. With Venus Retrograde in Leo, you may have felt the money issues, or perhaps even issues around your self-worth. Maybe this Venus Retrograde had you questioning your values and what you bring to the table. As Venus stations direct, things may start to become clearer, and solutions will be easier to find. You may even notice a heart awakening or opening taking place that helps you to look at the situation from a lens of compassion. Just be sure you are extending this compassion to yourself in the process too! Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially if challenges have arisen. The Virgo New Moon on September 14 holds some healing energy, which may feel welcomed after all the intensities that Virgo Season has brought our way! This healing energy can be used to really focus on those areas where you have felt neglected or where your self-worth has been challenged. How can you raise your confidence and use that to look after yourself, advocate for yourself, and ask for what you are worth? The Virgo New Moon also carries some highly creative energies, making it a great New Moon for dreaming up something new in your life.


The Sun has just moved out of your corner of the zodiac, and perhaps you are missing its warmth! I hope you were able to celebrate your birthday in Leo style! I also hope you were able to use the energies of Leo Season to celebrate all you have achieved! If you haven’t yet, make the start of Virgo Season a time to prioritize some gratitude for all you have moved through. Honoring our achievements and struggles can be powerful and can bring nutrition to our mind and soul. Virgo Season begins with Mercury stationing retrograde on August 23. Mercury Retrograde can slow down communications and make it harder to get things done. We may experience delays, transport issues, or miscommunications during this time. However, Mercury Retrograde is also a power time for going within, getting still, and listening to your inner voice. Journaling and making time to be more reflective, rather than reactive is going to work to your advantage during this time. August 30 then brings the Pisces Blue Moon, which is a rare and special celestial event! A Blue Moon occurs when we have two Full Moons in the same calendar month. The Moon is not actually blue, but this rare and special Full Moon will have a strong influence on our emotional being. This Full Moon can stir things in our lives that need to be released. We may find ourselves needing to let go of something or someone, or perhaps even an ideology that is no longer serving us. This Blue Moon is also a Super Moon, which means the Moon will be nice and close to Earth, allowing us to feel its effects more strongly. Super Moons tend to stir our emotional waters and can bring feelings and sensitivities to the surface for release. We may feel extra sensitive under this Full Moon because of this. However, there are also wonderful creative vibrations around this Full Moon. It seems we can take these sensitivities and channel them into our art and into creations that are from the heart. We can use this Full Moon to dream a bigger dream for ourselves and to allow our imagination to wander to new heights. There is no limit on what we can achieve, so allow yourself to dream it under this Full Moon and see how it manifests in your life over the coming months. Venus then stations direct on September 3-4, so perhaps we may find the energies of the Blue Moon intermingling with this energy too. It could be that the Full Moon brings an ending or perhaps closure to a relationship or even a money issue that we have been dealing with. Venus first stationed retrograde back in the middle of July, so whatever issues have been going on since this time around money or relationships may come back around for closure. Venus Retrograde can also stir issues relating to our self-worth and our values, so this may also be a manifestation for us as it stations direct. Ultimately, Venus Retrograde guides us to open our hearts wider and to see things from a lens of greater love. Sometimes this requires us to love ourselves by saying no to others, and other times, it requires us to say yes! You will know the way things are going to flow by the time Venus stations direct. As we reach the end of Virgo Season, we have the beautifully healing Virgo New Moon on September 14. This New Moon is like a soothing tonic after the busy energies of the Season. It will help us to come back home to ourselves and focus on nourishing our mind, body, and soul. This New Moon may also bring new financial opportunities your way. It is also a good New Moon to focus on ways to create more financial health. Overall, Virgo Season is a busy one with the emotional Blue Moon and the culmination of Venus Retrograde. Use it as your opportunity to consolidate and to focus on what is really important. You are well on your way to starting this new trip around the Sun, how can you make it the best one yet?!


Happy Birthday, Virgo! Welcome to your Season! The Sun is shining brightly in your corner of the zodiac, lighting up the world for you! This is your opportunity to bask in the golden warmth of the Sun. Use the Sun’s energy to fill up your cup, boost your batteries, and recharge that inner flame. Make time to focus on your passions, reconnect with your true self, and celebrate all that you have achieved. Virgo is represented by the Virgin Goddess, which is a symbol for wholeness and sovereignty, and these are all qualities you can work towards during your Season. As the Sun moves into Virgo, your ruling planet, Mercury, enters retrograde. Mercury Retrograde can bring confusion, delays, and miscommunications, however, it is also a powerful time for inner work. While Mercury Retrograde may muddy things on the outside, it can actually clarify things on the inside. It is a time to spend in reflection, to journal, and to reconnect with your own inner voice. Rather than relying on external validation, Mercury Retrograde is our reminder that we have all that we need when we connect to our higher selves on the inside. As Mercury is your ruling planet, you are always going to feel in sync with its movements, so embrace its energy and know it is helping you to step into a truer and more authentic you. Mercury Retrograde can also heighten our intuitive abilities too, so be sure to listen to any whisperings or gut feelings that may arise. On August 30, we have the Pisces Super Blue Moon. This Blue Moon is ultra rare and a special gift from the cosmic skies! A Blue Moon is not actually blue, instead, it is the name given to the second Full Moon of the calendar month. It is very rare to have two Full Moons in the same month, making it a special treat! Having two Full Moons in the same month indicates a month of release. You may find yourself poised to release and cleanse under this Blue Moon. This release is likely to be centered around a relationship in your life. It could be that you need to set firmer boundaries with someone, or alternatively, you may need to let your guard down and embrace a deeper love. It could also be that you are simply releasing attitudes and behaviors that are blocking you when it comes to making deeper and more meaningful connections with others. This Blue Moon falls in the sign of Pisces, so it seems that we are likely to be releasing something on a psychic and emotional level. Perhaps nothing changes on the outside, but everything changes on the inside. As we move into September, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, finally stations direct on September 3-4. Venus stationing direct can bring closure to issues that were brewing around relationships and money over the last few months. Venus ending her retrograde journey can bring a resolution or point of closure. It can also help to affirm how you can better balance the giving and receiving of love in your own life. Venus Retrograde tends to open our hearts, so hopefully, you have found this to be true as Venus Retrograde comes to a close. On September 4, just as Venus emerges from her retrograde journey, Jupiter enters its retrograde journey. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion, so as it travels retrograde, we will find ourselves guided to focus on all the areas we experience lack in. This could be a lack of self-esteem or a lack that influences our mindset. Jupiter is currently in a very prominent position in the sky for you, so you may notice issues around your career or life purpose coming up as Jupiter Retrgrades. You may have to work hard for a position or to be recognized, but the rewards are worth it! In fact, by the end of the year, as Jupiter is ready to station direct again, you could find yourself in a very advantageous position when it comes to your professional life! Virgo Season comes to a close with the Virgo New Moon on September 14. This New Moon holds a strong healing vibration and a creative one too. There are many ways to use the energy of this New Moon, but it is there to help us recharge our mental and spiritual batteries. It also holds energy that can help us to imagine and create a bigger and more daring life for ourselves. If we have been playing it small, or doing things for the sake of others rather than ourselves, this New Moon is an opportunity to put an end to that and dream for something bigger and brighter. The Sun is in your zodiac and the energies of the season are on your side. I hope you can make the most of these beautiful energies!


Once the Sun enters Virgo, it means your zodiac is next! As you are next to receive the blessings of the Sun, you may find Virgo Season a time of closure and endings. If the Sun entering your sign is like the rebirth, this phase you are in now is like the clearing. Under the Virgo Sun, you may find yourself clearing and cleansing all that you no longer need to carry. You may find yourself needing to dust away the cobwebs of the past so you can have a fresh, clear slate for the future. The Pisces Blue Moon on August 30th, will be assisting with this process. This is the second Full Moon for the month, which is why it is known as a Blue Moon. Having two Full Moons in one calendar month is a rare treat and indicates that the Universe wants us to release. This release could be something physical, like letting go of a relationship or an old job, but it could also be something emotional too, like letting go of a thought process or belief system. Because the energies around this Blue Moon are so potent, chances are you won’t have to dig too hard for the release work to take place. This Blue Moon is also a Super Moon, which means it will be nice and close to Earth, and we will feel its effects more strongly. It is also likely that whatever was happening around the Aquarius Full Moon, which happened earlier in the month on August 1st, will be linked to this Blue Full Moon. As we move into September, Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and money stations direct. This happens on September 3-4, depending on your time zone. Venus stationing direct is a powerful time for clarity when it comes to matters of the heart. You may finally receive some closure on a situation that has been bothering you, especially when it comes to a relationship. Venus stationing direct can also be a trigger for reconsolidating our values. We may find ourselves needing to readjust our values and our lives in turn. Venus can also trigger issues around our self-worth, so if you have been struggling with a feeling of lack, you may also find that Venus direct gives you the answers needed to turn things around. Like with all astrological alignments, the energy potentials are on offer to us, but we have to be the ones to step up to the plate and use them! Don’t settle for a life living in the shadows, use this Venus energy to free yourself from all that holds you back; use it to open your heart to life and all that it has to offer. Just set the intention and stay open to what comes your way! Later in September, we are greeted with the Virgo New Moon. This New Moon arrives on September 14, and is the last lunar cycle before Eclipse Season. This is important for you to take note of, as the next Eclipse falls in your sign! It won’t be until October 14, but on this day, we will have a Solar Eclipse in your sign, indicating that new beginnings are on the horizon for you! Solar Eclipses represent a transformation into a new state of being. Sometimes they can bring new opportunities and can open doors for us. If you have been feeling stagnant, stuck, or uncertain about the future, this upcoming Solar Eclipse will definitely reveal some answers, so hang in there! Getting back to the Virgo New Moon on September 14, this New Moon holds a strong healing vibration. It offers the chance to reset our system and to recover from a period of heightened activity. We have all been dealing with a lot of cosmic energies, so this New Moon will be a good chance to destress and to focus on self-care. Overall, Virgo Season is a time to wrap up loose ends and to focus on releasing. The Sun is about to move into your zodiac next, indicating the start of a new trip around the Sun! So before this new trip begins, work to clear all that you no longer wish to hold onto.


Virgo Season holds some strong retrograde activity. This means the Season ahead could feel a little sluggish, slow, or uncertain. We may feel like we are moving in circles or unsure of how to proceed. It is best not to make any big, life-altering decisions when we have so much retrograde activity. Of course, we don’t always get a choice in the matter, but if you are feeling confused about how to proceed, and you have the option to wait, it is best to ride the waves and see where they take you. Mercury stations retrograde the same day the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23. This means that Mercury and Venus will retrograde together until September 3-4, when Venus ends its retrograde period. Both Mercury and Venus are powerful planets to join forces in retrograde together. This period could be particularly interesting and a time where we will need to prioritize listening to our inner selves, reflecting, and pausing before moving ahead. As we reach August 30th, we have the Pisces Super Blue Moon. This Blue Moon is a rare celestial treat from the Universe! The Moon won’t actually be blue, instead this is the name given when we have two Full Moons in the same calendar month. It only happens once every 2.5 years, so this is a rare occurrence and one that we tend to pay attention to! Blue Moons indicate a powerful time of release and clearing space. It falls in the sign of Pisces, so there seems to be a mystical or energetic quality to whatever we are releasing. We could be releasing things from past lives, psychic energies, or even emotions that we no longer wish to hold onto. This feels to be more a psychic cleansing than a physical one, however, it is not uncommon for a Blue Moon to also bring endings. As we move into September, and Venus Retrograde comes to a close, we may receive some clarity around issues of the heart. If you have been dealing with relationship struggles, the first week of September may bring the potential for closure to be reached. If money issues have been on your mind, Venus stationing direct may also bring some good news. Venus rules over relationships but also our connection to money and self-worth. The two are often connected, so if you are struggling with money, think about how your struggles may be connected to your feelings of self-worth. Of course, this is easier said than done! But see if you can ready your arms to receive, and trust that whatever is needed will flow your way with ease. The Virgo New Moon arrives on September 14, and holds a welcomed healing vibration that will feel like a soothing tonic after everything we have experienced! The Virgo New Moon will help to recharge your batteries and is a good time to make self-care a priority. You may even find yourself drawn to learn something new, or to pick up a new skill or hobby. If you are looking to sharpen your skills, travel, or perhaps go back to school, this New Moon will be on your side. As Virgo Season comes to an end, Mercury stations direct again, bringing forward a wave of new clarity. While we may not have all the answers, this wave of clarity will help us to feel a little more sure and confident about the path ahead. By the time the Sun is ready to enter your sign, things will likely look a lot different for you. October brings Eclipse Season, and that can always change and shake things up for us. The future is bright!


Virgo Season brings a wave of retrograde energy, which may leave us feeling a little sluggish, uncertain, or confused about what’s ahead. While our outside world may not feel very clear to us, the one gift that retrograde energy offers is the gift of inner reflection. We can use all of this retrograde energy to go within, get still, and listen to our own inner voice. We may not be able to rely on the world around us, but we can rely on our inner world. Our inner world is alive and rich in wisdom, we just need to find the patience and stillness to listen and get to know our inner world a little better. Our intuition can also be sharpened when retrograde energy is strong, so if you want to get better at using your intuition, this is a great time to put things into practice. The two most notable retrogrades we will experience during Virgo Season are Mercury and Venus. Both Mercury and Venus will be retrograde together from August 23 to September 4. Having both of these planets in retrograde together will definitely be an interesting time! Mercury will be guiding us to go within and reflect on how we think and feel about things, and Venus will be guiding us to go within and reflect on how we choose to give and receive love in our lives. While these are deep areas of exploration, on the outside, we may notice miscommunications and issues in our relationships. Our self-worth may also be challenged in some way, or we may find ourselves needing to adjust the values we have been leading with. On September 3-4, as Venus stations direct again, we may receive some closure and deeper insights into whatever lessons this retrograde energy would have been stirring for us. Think back to what was happening for you in regard to your relationships, money, or self-worth around the middle of July. If something comes to mind from that time period, Venus stationing direct will bring more news to the surface, helping you to find a resolution. Backtracking just a few days, we have the Pisces Blue Moon on August 30. This Blue Moon is not actually blue, rather it is the name given to the second Full Moon in a calendar month. A Blue Moon is incredibly rare, happening only once every 2.5 years, so this definitely is a special celestial treat! This Blue Moon is actually a Super Moon and falls in the watery sign of Pisces. It carries some soft, ethereal energies that will be incredibly beneficial when it comes to cleansing our aura and clearing away psychic energies that are clouding our field. This would be a fantastic time to schedule an energy cleaning session, to do any kind of healing work, or to even schedule a massage. You are likely to find the spiritual and emotional benefits of these types of healing treatments to be enhanced. This Full Moon may also stir matters in your home and family environment. You may find yourself needing to set boundaries with a roommate or someone else that you live with. If you have been dealing with a volatile situation with a family member, this Full Moon may bring things to a climax point and force a decision to be made. There are sensitive energies around this Full Moon, so just be gentle with yourself whatever comes up for you. As we approach the end of Virgo Season, we have the Virgo New Moon on September 14. This New Moon will shine a spotlight on your career, helping you to make waves! This is one of the best New Moons when it comes to any career goals you may have, so set those intentions, put those feelers out there, and see what transpires. If career goals are not on your mind, you can use the energy of this New Moon to bring healing to your being. This is a great energy for creating a routine, putting yourself on a healthy diet plan, and taking steps to improve your mind and body. Overall, Virgo Season brings some topsy, turvy energies that are likely to scatter us a bit or make us feel a little uncertain. However, the grounded energies of Virgo, mixed with Venus finally stationing direct, should hold us in good stead. We should feel a sense of culmination and closure arising, even though the path to get there may feel a little chaotic.


Virgo is a fellow Earth sign, so as the Sun moves into this corner of the zodiac, you will feel more at peace in your being. It will be easier for you to feel grounded and to create feelings of security. You may also find it easier to navigate the waves of retrograde energy that are flowing in. During Virgo Season, we will have an average of six major planets in retrograde. That is a lot of retrograde energy! The two most notable retrogrades are Venus and Mercury, which will both be in retrograde from August 23 to September 4. Venus and Mercury in retrograde together is powerful combination that can result in some chaotic and perhaps unsettling energy. We may feel confused about how to proceed ahead with something, or we may feel like we are moving in circles! All of this retrograde energy is our signpost from the universe that it’s time to stop rushing ahead and get still with ourselves instead. We need to use this retrograde energy to go within, to listen to our inner voice, and to connect with our inner world. Strong retrograde energy is fantastic for journaling, reflecting, and for revisiting the past. It is through these practices that we can become wiser and awaken to new and higher truths that can guide us forward. Engaging in these practices can also sharpen our intuition and give us clues as to what may lie ahead for us in the future. Everything follows a cycle, and when we start paying attention to these cycles, when we start tuning in with our inner world, it becomes like a magical superpower! On August 30, we have the Pisces Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is the name given to the second Full Moon in a calendar month. It is a rare and special treat to have two Full Moons in one month, and indicates we are being called to release, not just on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level. Under the Pisces Blue Moon, we will find a power in clearing our aura and releasing psychic heaviness from our energy field. There is a beautiful, sensitive energy to this Full Moon that will help us to restore our energetic body and to feel lighter and freer when it comes to our emotional space. If you have been working on a creative project, you may start to see things all come together in a positive way under this Full Moon. You may reach a culmination moment where you can finally see the project come to life. Following this Full Moon, on September 3-4, Venus finally stations direct after being retrograde since July. Venus stationing direct can bring closure to any issues you have been dealing with when it comes to a certain relationship in your life. Money may have also been connected to this somehow, but it now seems that the dust is settling, and you will be able to find a conclusion to whatever has been going on. Relationship issues can be challenging as they are often so many layers involved, but with Venus stationing direct, it will be easier to know where your boundaries are and what needs to be done to bring resolution. With the Full Moon so close to Venus stationing direct, there is also the possibility that it’s time to release a certain relationship from your life. The Moon will light your way, so stay open to whatever transpires. As Virgo Season comes to an end, we have the Virgo New Moon on September 14. The Virgo New Moon holds some beautiful healing energy that will definitely be a welcomed relief after the busyness of the weeks passed. This New Moon is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new or to pick up a new hobby, you may even get the opportunity to travel under this New Moon too. If you go, it will likely be an eye-opening trip! Overall, Virgo Season will jive well with your soul. While the retrograde energies will make things feel slightly chaotic and uncertain, you will have no trouble keeping your feet on the ground.


Virgo Season begins with a wave of retrograde planets, making us feel tired, sluggish, and a little uncertain. We may feel like we are moving in circles or may find it difficult to know how we wish to proceed. On August 23, Mercury stations retrograde, followed by Uranus on the 28th. Then on September 4, Jupiter stations retrograde too. With so many retrograde planets all at once, their energy tends to merge into one another, and we are left with this calling to go within. Our outside world may feel a little chaotic or uncertain, but our inside world is where we can seek refuge. Society doesn’t tend to put much value on stilling our minds and making space for non-action, but all of this retrograde energy is our invitation from the Universe to walk this path. When we do, we can actually channel all of this retrograde energy into something incredibly intuitive and awakening. Strong retrograde energy like this can help us reconnect with our inner world, access past wisdom, and strengthen our psychic abilities. Make time for stillness this Virgo Season and experience the benefits for yourself! Journal, read, meditate, spend time in nature, and don’t be in a hurry to act. Just do what you need to create a sense of stillness in your life. On September 3-4, Venus stations direct, leaving its retrograde journey, which it has been traveling on since July. Venus stationing direct can bring closure or culmination to challenging relationship dynamics we may have been dealing with. Venus Retrograde tends to trigger blockages around our heart, so we may also notice a releasing or relieving of that. We may find ourselves softening and finding ways to show our appreciation for others and to give more love to those that we care about. It is easy to take our loved ones for granted at times, or to get used to their presence, but Venus Retrograde is our powerful reminder to love openly, bravely, and courageously. Sometimes this is about extending love to others, but other times it is about extending this love to ourselves. And by providing ourselves with this love, we may come to the realization that we are better off without a certain relationship in our lives. That may be painful, but Venus stationing direct will be our support and will help us to bring things to a close. Right before Venus stations direct, we also have the Pisces Blue Moon on August 30. This Full Moon is the second Full Moon for the month, which is why it is known as Blue Moon. Having two Full Moons in the same calendar month also indicates a call to release and let go of something. As this Blue Moon falls in Pisces, it is likely what we are releasing is more psychic or emotional in nature. Due to the position of this Full Moon, you may also find money issues are triggered. A large expense may come up, or perhaps there are changes to your work position that can lower your income. Alternatively, you may find that money you are owed finally comes your way. If something does exit your life around this Full Moon, or money struggles present themselves, know that there are opportunities for new beginnings come the Virgo New Moon on September 14. This New Moon holds fantastic energy for increasing your income and welcoming abundance into your life. This New Moon would also be a good time to get your finances in order and to think about investments for the future. There is a beautiful healing energy attached to this New Moon as well, so if money matters are not on your mind, use it to recharge your mind, body, and soul. Overall, Virgo Season does present some topsy-turvy energy. Your life may be moving in all sorts of directions, but remember your power rests in coming back to your inner world. While it can be tempting to rush ahead, we can really benefit by taking things slow and using our inner compass to guide us.


Virgo sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so this is a special time of the year for you! During Virgo Season 2023, your focus may shift to the connections in your life and how you can create more community around you. If you have been dealing with a challenging relationship situation, Virgo Season may also highlight this for you, plus with Venus stationing direct on September 3-4, this issue may be one that you cannot ignore any longer. The good news is that Venus stationing direct can help to bring some closure-energy around whatever may be troubling you. You may find it easier to reach a resolution or to set boundaries. You may even decide that the time has come to walk away from this relationship for good. Whatever manifests, you will know the right steps to take come early September. On August 30, there is a Blue Moon in your sign! A Blue Moon is extra special as it is the second Full Moon for the calendar month. Having two Full Moons in the same month indicates a strong time of release and creating space. As this Full Moon falls in your sign, it is likely that you will feel it stronger than most! With the Full Moon in your sign, your attention may turn to your health and overall well-being. If you have been burning the candle at both ends or ignoring warning signs when it comes to your health, this Full Moon may help to put things in check. You may have to slow down and take the time to recuperate. As frustrating as that may be, it will be important for you to recharge those batteries. Alternatively, this Full Moon can also be fantastic for your spiritual and creative development. A creative project may take off in a positive way, or you may find yourself deepening your spiritual connection. Using your inner resources is going to be particularly positive this Virgo Season due to the energies we have circling, so don’t forget to source from the wisdom within- it very often knows the way! On September 14, we have the Virgo New Moon. This New Moon offers more healing energy and will feel like a soothing tonic to any frayed nerves. There may be some relationship issues further triggered under this New Moon, but it seems like the full extent of it will be over and done with earlier in the month. If you have had to say goodbye to a relationship in your life, you may find that this New Moon brings new hope and optimism when it comes to creating new connections with others. In fact, this New Moon offers some fantastic energy for creating community and connecting with others. If you are working on a group project, this New Moon can also be a fantastic omen for success. Just have a clear plan, keep the communication open, and this New Moon will help create the path! Overall, Virgo Season does have some sticky energies circling. We have a lot of retrograde energy, which can sometimes slow things down and create a feeling of sluggishness. But, with the Full Moon bright and bold in your sign, and Venus stationing direct, there is some important clarity on offer. We will feel a lot more certain and grounded once Virgo Season comes to an end, and perhaps even a little more well-rested too!

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