We Can Do This The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Mr. Favreau (as I assume he would like me to call him) has had massive success. You may recognize his name in the opening credits of Iron Man 1 & 2. But most cinephiles like myself enjoy his work on earlier films such as Swingers. You see, Mr. Favreau had this idea to make a film his way rather than going through the studio system and dealing with endless amounts of notes just so the suits can keep their jobs. He knew it would be difficult to make his own film but he knew it was be rewarding in the end.

When asked about how he feels about his early success, Favreau said it worried him because anytime he takes a giant step up the ladder, he knows he will have to go back and learn what he missed in order to make the fall hurt less. I couldn’t agree more.

I feel like people nowadays are looking for the ANSWER or THE SECRET that is the key to an easy life or career. The truth is, there is no easy button (unless you spend 6.99 to buy one at staples, but even then, it won’t help you).

If you go for the easy fix in your life you will learn that not only will you have to go back and repair it, but it will take a lot more energy than you plan on using in the first place.

John Favreau has it right, he was happy to achieve the success that he set to do, but he knew that you can’t cut corners. I feel like this is especially true for those of you out there in the creative career industry.

Artists take months, years, sometimes decades to achieve their final project. And I bet if you asked any successful artist they wouldn’t say “I wish it was easier”. Because the hard way isn’t only more rewarding, it’s also more educational.

When you try to take the easy way, it’s pretty safe to say that you are cheating yourself out of experience and knowledge. I mean, how many of us have had a boss that knows NOTHING about their position? Wouldn’t you rather of had them take the proper steps and learn? Instead of them having an “in” at the company making it possible for the them to surpass the hard work it takes to become a leader?

So when times get tough, don’t reach for that easy button. Take the journey one step at a time and because should you fall (when you fall) know that the way down won’t be as far because you’d prepared yourself the whole way up.

When was a time that you fell and learned a lesson? Has there been a step you skipped that you had to repeat? Do you completely disagree with me and think jumping ahead is well worth it? Leave a comment below and start up a chat. Thanks for reading, friends!

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