Weekly Oracle Card Reading: October 21-27, 2019

weekly oracle reading
Nikki, who has been doing the Weekly Tarot Readings is taking a break, so in the meantime, I am filling in with these weekly Oracle Readings. The deck I am using is the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid. Hope you enjoy!

The Hungry Ghosts and the Dragon’s Duel

As we enter Scorpio Season and approach the potent New Moon in Scorpio, we have the Hungry Ghosts and the Dragon’s Duel to guide us.

The Hungry Ghosts represent the shadow side of our ego. They are so consumed with every thought, the past, the future, and trying to control everything, that they miss the opportunities and stillness of the present moment.

They are so busy complaining, wanting, over-thinking, and over-analyzing that they lose their ability to recognize what is around them and to find joy in the day to day routine.

The Hungry Ghosts are always hungry, always wanting and never feel satisfied, and if we allow their energy into our lives this week, we will find ourselves feeling this way too.

This card comes as a friendly reminder to keep our monkey-mind in check and to limit the time we spend thinking about the past or future.

If you find yourself under the spell of the Hungry Ghosts this week, take a moment to think about five things you feel grateful for in your life. This simple act will help bring you into the present and stop your ego from running away with your thoughts.

While the Hungry Ghosts guide us to keep our ego in check, they also encourage us to think about what we desire.

What do we feel hungry for in life? Do we want more love? More freedom? More success? More companionship?

We all have desires. Sometimes they bring us hope and boost our motivation, but sometimes they also leave us feeling like we are constantly chasing something, or that nothing we do or have is ever good enough.

We have to be careful of falling into the trap of thinking we will only be happy or content once our desires are fulfilled and instead, find a way to bring our desires into the now.

How can we begin feeling the way that we want to feel right now? How can we reframe our thoughts and our mindset to feel happier, healthier, less lonely, more successful, and more loved right now?

Sometimes we need to get out of our own way, take back our power, and take charge of what we want and what we are doing to make it happen. In this process, we also need to learn to accept ourselves and know that we are whole and loveable regardless of where we want to be.

Along with the Hungry Ghosts this week we also have the Dragon’s Duel. This card is used to represent a fork in the road, and an opportunity to take a different path than the one we have been traveling.

The upcoming Scorpio New Moon on 27-28th, is also a time of new beginnings, so even if a fork in the road has not appeared just yet, you may find that this lunar energy opens a new path or doorway.

The Dragon’s Duel asks us to make a decision about the direction of our lives. There is no right or wrong here, but we are being asked to decide if we want to keep traveling on the path we are on or make some changes.

Are we going to stay on course or venture into something new? This is what the two dragons duel over.

The mouth that we feed is the dragon that will win, so think about what thoughts and behaviors you are feeding in your own life and make sure it is aligned with the path you want to travel.

If you have wanted to transform your life or your identity in any way, the card of the Dragon’s Duel will help us in making our decision.

To assist you on your journey this week, try my Cosmic Guided Meditation for October or even a walking meditation. By deliberately practicing the art of being present, you will be able to move through the energies with ease, keeping those Hungry Ghosts at bay and opening to the new pathway that the Dragons duel over.

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