Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Season 2019

scorpio season

On October 23rd we welcome Scorpio Season, a time where we are called to transform and transition in an area of our lives.

Every year as the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio, we are encouraged to rebirth and renew ourselves. All around us we can see Mother Earth doing the same, almost like she is inspiring us to shift our lives in order to prepare for the next chapter that awaits.

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by three archetypes, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. These three archetypes represent the transformation of consciousness that Scorpio itself undergoes.

The Scorpion is the most classic representation for the energy of Scorpio and has rich symbolism across many parts of the world.

In Ancient Egypt, the Scorpion was believed to help souls transition from their body and into the afterlife. The Scorpion would oversee as the soul let go of its earthly home and made its way to the next life.

In other cultures, the Scorpion was also used as a totem for the cycles of death and rebirth, for just like the snake, it has the ability to shed its skin and rebirth itself multiple times during its life. 

Under the Scorpio Sun, we are all being called to shed our skin and rebirth ourselves. We are also being called to acknowledge the rhythm and cycles of life and to get comfortable with the idea of death. 

Death is inevitable for us all, however we don’t just experience death at the end of our time here on Earth. We are always growing, we are always advancing, and life is always bringing us circumstances that change our approach, our beliefs, and who we are.

We all go through cycles of death and rebirth on this life journey, and that is what Scorpio energy wants us to embrace. It wants us to embrace the power that comes through accepting the changes of life and the growth that can be achieved if we allow the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us to die and be reborn.

Just like the Phoenix, we too need to learn how to rise from our own ashes.

During the season of Autumn, we see firsthand how beautiful death can be. We also see that it is the death process of Mother Earth that provides the nutrients and sustenance for new life to be created come Spring time. It is the dead leaves that nourish the soil and encourage regrowth to occur as the weather turns warmer. 

Death is not the end; it is but a new beginning, it is a new chapter and an opportunity to begin again. And getting comfortable with the cycles and rhythms of life is what we are being encouraged to do when the Sun enters the sign of the Scorpion. 

Under Scorpio Season 2019, Mercury, the planet of communication will be retrograde also in the sign of Scorpio. As Mercury slips into the underworld, it will be guiding us to think about ways in which we can communicate in a deeper and more thoughtful way. 

Most of us get caught up in verbal or written communication, but with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, we are going to be encouraged to tune into the subtler forms of communication. We are going to be encouraged to tune into our intuition and our gifts of empathy and telepathy, and to listen with our whole body.

The Scorpion is a highly intuitive being and Scorpio season is a highly sensitive and intuitive time where we can really enhance our psychic gifts. The energy to make changes, to transform and to elevate to higher levels of consciousness is also strong, and we can use it to journey into higher dimensions and to receive downloads from Spirit beings. 

This energy is further amplified as we cross over from October to November. On the 31st night, the veil between dimensions grows thin and we feel this energy through the early part of November.

November also brings a string of potent numerology codes that align with the vibration of angels and spirit guides.

These angelic number codes last until November 11, where we also have a highly potent day for manifesting through the heart and through the intuition, and it is Scorpio energy that guides us through all of these sacred days. 

Scorpio energy also encourages us to go within and to reflect on where we have been, who we are, and who we are becoming. It is a highly reflective time and one where we may feel sensitive to the rhythms of our life journey. 

We may also feel more in touch with our shadow side or finally feel brave enough to delve into the things that make us feel vulnerable or afraid of losing control. 

When we are not in balance under Scorpio Season, there can be a tendency to manipulate, or to be overly controlling or defensive, but as long as we stay true to who we are and face up to the raw emotions that bubble from within, we should be able to make huge leaps and shifts in consciousness. 

To honor Scorpio Season, spend time in quiet reflection, honor the cycles of death and rebirth in your own life, meditate to higher realms of consciousness, and be sure to use this energy to transform areas of your life that are longing for change.

Don’t be afraid to let the dead things go, for they will provide the nutrients for your own grand rebirth.  

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