Weekly Tarot Reading April 3rd-9th 2017

weekly tarot reading

The Hermit and The Princess of Swords

The start of the astrological year is here, time to clear out the cobwebs and do some inner housecleaning. We have been on the go for quite sometime now and need a pause to see what is going on within.

The Hermit, as its name suggests, lets us know to step away from being social or taking care of others. A small getaway, a hike, or a quiet evening journaling are great activities to tap into this energy.

Alone time will allow you to hear the messages of your inner voice. These messages will help relieve whatever is weighing on your mind.

The Hermit brings forth fertility, strength and creativity, so it is the perfect time to tackle those messier life questions.

Aiding in our pursuit of inner wisdom this week is the Princess of Swords. She wields her sword to cut through fog and confusion like a badass intellectual warrior.

She is the perfect addition to the Hermit because she will amplify the clarity we will gain from our self refection.

The Princess of Swords does not tolerate injustice or ill-treatment so she will help you see ways to remove this from your life as well.

The two crystals featured are Citrine and Green Aventurine. Citrine brings clarity and joy and Green Aventurine adds emotional calm and humor. These crystals will help you stay positive and grounded while doing your inner work.

So slow down and take some me-time y’all!

Put the phone down and drink some tea by yourself. In fact, be super radical and leave your phone at home while you go on a walk. You will be surprised by the wisdom that comes through.

We already know where to step next, we just need to take the time to listen.

To bring home the message, here is a mantra for this week: Being alone is important and leads me to higher being! (Repeat as necessary)

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Nikki Fogerty

I have been studying and working with tarot for two decades. Helping people dive deeper into their lives through the cards is my passion. I will support your ability to connect with your own intuitive wisdom and joy.

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