What Disney Shows Us About Soulmates

what disney shows us about soulmates

Everybody gives Disney movies a bad wrap saying that the romances in the movies are unrealistic and have created unrealistic expectations in relationships.

However, are we failing to forget the trauma and drama these characters have to go through in order to be together?

Most Disney movies end on the notion of- “and they lived happily ever after”, which is probably not realistic however, lets go deeper into the metaphor behind these movies.

Every Disney Princess had to go through some trauma or radically life changing event in order to meet her Prince or “Soulmate”.

Every Prince also had to combat his own demons in order to be with his Princess or “Soulmate.”

Just take Snow White for example, is it any coincidence that she met her “Prince” at a time where she was on the run from her step mother who wanted to murder her?

Or Ariel from the Little Mermaid? She had to consult the services of a sorceress and run away from all she knew in order to meet her “Soulmate.”

The point I am getting to is that, Soulmate relationships are hard. They are not all romance, they are usually bought to us when our lives are undergoing some radical shift and change. They are bought to help us release and uncover our own inner demons in order to find peace within ourselves.

If you think of an entire Disney movie as a metaphor, usually there are some events that need to change and then some moments of chaos and transformation, and then after overcoming all of that, the Soulmates can finally be together.

Sure, Disney does paint the relationship itself as being a happy union, but for that blissful moment when they finally get together after all that they have been through, it probably is.

Sure, maybe “happily ever after” is a stretch, but if you go back to the metaphor example, perhaps “happily ever after” is the feeling that is received after the change and transformation is over and you can both finally see each other for who you really are.

Soulmate relationships are not supposed to be blissful, romantic walks in the park all the time- I am sorry but this just does not exist.

The very nature of a Soulmate is to smack you awake and to shed you down to your bare bones in order to transform your soul into the best it can possibly be. A Soulmate is sent to bring forth all your baggage and vulnerabilities and expose them so you can reach that stage of “happily ever after.”

When it comes to the different Soulmates that we may encounter on our life path, there are three different types:

Soulmate #1 is usually a mirror. They are exactly like you and they mirror everything about you. This type of Soulmate was sent to help expose different personality traits and flaws that you need to work on. Chances are in this type of relationship, what frustrates you about your partner are things that you also need to work on in yourself. The challenges in this type of relationship are presented to you to highlight your weakness in order to turn them into strengths.

Soulmate #2 is your complete opposite- the yin to your yang and is sent to help balance out your energy and show you a different side of life. These types of relationships are often super explosive as they require patience, understanding and a learning curve to accept and appreciate others differences. The best strategy in relationships like this is for the individuals to focus on their own development within the relationship in order to find harmony and peace.

Soulmate #3 is your Twin Flame- the epitome of “Soulmates”. I am not sure I believe in Twin Flames, but the theory is that your soul split into two energies and meeting your Twin Flame is a like a reconnection of those two energies. Even though it may sound super romantic, these relationships require a great deal of healing and soul advancement. Often Twin Flame’s are bought together to serve a greater purpose. Usually the relationship is not about the individuals but more about working together to support a global cause.

No matter what Soulmate relationship you encounter, the idea is always the same. Soulmates are sent to help you reconnect with your Soul, the Divine and Love. Soulmates are sent to help you step into the best version of yourself so your soul can advance in consciousness.

Recently I wrote an article about the differences between Soulmates and Life Partners. A lot of people asked, can your Soulmate also be your Life Partner?

The answer is- Absolutely! But usually there are some huge lessons or hurdles to overcome first.

Going back to the Disney analogy, Snow White had to overcome her stepmother trying to murder her, Sleeping Beauty had to face her “destiny”, Cinderella had to call on the Divine to help her sneak out and step into her true potential and the list goes on and on….

Soulmate love is not all tragedy, there are definitely beautiful moments too and if you are open and receptive to the work, there is no reason why you can’t also live happily ever after.

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