What Your Poop is Trying to Tell You

There is nothing more liberating, detoxifying and de-stressing than taking a good poop.

In fact, in these modern times the health benefits of taking a good poop are often grossly underestimated.

When we are in a comfortable enough state to allow our body to release the build up food waste, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system which not only calms us, but also allows us to tap into our creative potential.

When you consume food it passes down into your stomach and then into the intestines where it is digested and absorbed. After all the essential nutrients are removed, the waste is left behind and if it’s not released at least every 24 hours then it begins to release toxic by-products.

It’s like leaving a plate of food out on the counter, in time the food begins to loose quality, grow bacteria and eventually spoils. The same thing is happening in your body and if you don’t release the waste at least every day then there could be cause for concern.

Being constipated not only makes us feel bloated, lethargic and heavy but it also blocks our creative flow, can make us moody and can also reduce concentration. Furthermore, it also leaves you susceptible to certain diseases such as bowel cancers and diverticulitis.

In fact, our poo tells us a lot about our health and what is going on internally in our body. Here are 6 ways to read what your poop is trying to tell you. (Don’t be shy, take a look….)

1.) The Hard Strain: If you have to strain or your poop is hard it may mean that you are constipated and not evacuating your bowels properly. The most common cause for constipation is inadequate fiber and water intake. If you are suffering from constipation, avoid eating hard to digest foods such as meats and dairy and stick to drinking lots of warm water, fruits and vegetables. Psyllium husk, soaked chia seeds and a cup of hot water with lemon are also excellent natural remedies for constipation.

2.) The Color: 

Dark brown: this is the best kind and shows that your bowels and liver,which are both responsible for helping you to detoxify, are working efficiently.

Light brown: may indicate that you need to eat more liver friendly foods such as dark leafy greens, garlic and beets. Alternatively, you can also try a herbal liver tonic tea.

Red: You definitely do not want to be seeing red in your poop. This may indicate that you have a hemorrhoid due to straining or constipation. Alternatively, it could also be an indicator of an ulcer or a more serious problem. Sometimes eating red foods such as beets can turn your poop red, this of course is normal.

Green: This could occur due to some foods or medications such as antibiotics, however it may also indicate the presence of an infection.

3.) The Texture: 

– Loose: While you definitely don’t want to strain, having unformed, loose poop may indicate an infection, a food intolerance or could be a result of stress or anxiety.

– Small Pebbles: This could indicate you have diverticulitis or severe inflammation of the intestines.

– Thin: If your poop is repeatedly looking pencil thin it may indicate that there is inflammation or even a rectal tumor.

Soft, Thick and S-Shaped: When it comes to texture, soft, thick and s-shaped is the best kind. This indicates good health.

– Large and Hard: This could mean that your poop has been sitting in your intestines for far too long. It also could indicate a fiber and water deficiency.

4.) Sink or Swim: Whether your poop floats or sinks to the bottom reveals a lot about how healthy it is. Sinking to the bottom of the bowl definitely indicates healthy poop. Floating poop that is also sticky and stinky may indicate malabsorption and problems digesting fats.

5.) Aroma: Sure, it’s normal for our poop to have a slight odor however, if you have to block your nose and leave the bathroom for air you could have a bacterial overgrowth, food intolerance or inflammation. Old poop and eating a lot of processed foods, meats and sulphur rich foods can also cause your poop to stink.

6.) The Clean Up: Quick and easy is a sign of good health however, when clean up is messy it could indicate issues digesting fat, a diet too high in processed foods, fats and meat or that you need to eat more fiber.

Now that you know the basics, begin to observe your own poop and notice any changes or irregularities. There is no need to shy away, for understanding can not only help you become more conscious of what is going on, it can also allow you to detect issues sooner rather than later.


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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.