10 Signs You are on the Lightworker Journey

lightworker journey

Lightworkers are the flame carriers, they hold the light energy of this planet in balance and have come to Earth in order to help shift it into a higher level of consciousness.

Lightworkers are souls that have agreed to come to this planet in order to fulfil this duty. They have agreed to carry this flame inside of their soul in order to illuminate and enlighten the world.

Lightworkers are healers, however how they choose to heal is entirely up to them.

Some Lightworkers take on the role of being a spiritual teacher, psychic or energy healer, whereas as others do their work with more subtlety.

When a Lightworker enters the physical world, they often struggle to manage their flame within. Often, a Lightworker forgets their purpose and their flame is dimmed or extinguished altogether.

It is through this dim flame that the Lightworker goes on their own healing journey of self-discovery. When their flame is out, the Lightworker has to dwell in their own shadows in order to learn how to reignite their flame.

This can be a difficult process for most Lightworkers however, once their flame is shining brightly again, they become more powerful and are guided to their calling.

All callings are different for Lightworkers, however their ultimate objective is to help people dig through their own shadows in order to find their light.

Often a Lightworker is responsible for balancing out the energy of fear with the energy of love on this planet.

They do this by-

  • Helping others awaken
  • Healing others through their voice, words or hands
  • Through holding space and energy for others

Lightworkers are also powerful manifestors and can often create or control things using their thoughts. They also have an innate ability to heal and make those around them feel safe and comfortable.

Most Lightworkers are also intuitive, have the gift of mediumship or are very sensitive to energy.

A Lightworker will often enter your life through a time of awakening or hardship and will help you to realize your own strengths, abilities and purpose.

For those who resonate with the journey of the Lightworker, here are 10 more signs:

  1. You feel called to help heal or guide others
  2. You are sensitive to energies or empathic
  3. You possess gifts of mediumship or psychic abilities
  4. You feel strongly about environmentalism and the treatment of animals
  5. You feel an affinity to the healing arts and have explored many healing modalities
  6. You are very aware of your own fears and the fears of those around you
  7. You experienced a strong spiritual awakening
  8. You love being around people but also need your alone time to recharge
  9. You are aware of the power of your thoughts and your ability to manifest
  10. You see the number 911 frequently (this is the calling card of a Lightworker)

Lightworkers are really here to help heal the planet by healing those who inhabit it.

If you recognise yourself or someone around you as being a Lightworker, treat them with respect and help them to honour their gifts for without them, this planet would be a lot darker.

Do you resonate only slightly with the Lightworker journey?  You could be an Earth Angel. More here

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  • Iva_ana

    I really need some guidelines please anyone who is deeper in this spirituality, im soooo tired. I was trying to fit in this world but its just not working for me. Im not sure about this list, i wouldn want to imagine things, but im totaly lost in this world. Iwas never really paying attention untill i got really tired and exhausted. Im 32 yrs old, still cant find right partner, “right job”, im introvert, i dont fit in anywhere. Im good looking att least thats what others say, people usually say that im smart, because i can with real easyness resolve their problems, but they dont get it why cant i fix up my life. Im hypersensitive, i can sense few day before when im going to meet or hear somebody that i didnt hear or seen for long time, even years. I can sense other people emotion, and im really good at reading and analysing situations, like i can see all those things hidden behind peoples masks. All the time im afraid of wasting my time. I can easily change mood in a group of people, either to good or to bad way. People often speak to me about their really personal stuff even tho they dont know me. I can easy bring hope to hopeless people. I like to spend time in quiet, especially in the forests. But i feel so tired. I have started volonteering recently and it feels good. I feel like im bringing purpose to my life:))

    • Emma

      Iva – go to Yasodhara Ashram for a retreat! If you can invest 3 months of your time into discovering yourself and relaxing into your truth, they have a program starting in Jan 2016! Much Light to you sister!

      • Iva_ana

        Is it in Canada? if so its to far away cause i live Swden now. But thnx i will think about it or about something similar, but closer:)

    • I think the more you start embracing your gifts and learning how to channel them, the easier things will get 🙂 I think as Emma suggested, doing a retreat to get in touch with yourself may be beneficial! Blessings to you

      • Iva_ana

        Thank you, i needed some feedback, beacuse i wasnt really sure are those things that i can do and that i can feel sort of uncommon. And what are you saying about embracing and getting in touch with myself sounds sooooo calming and natural:)

    • Richie Balien

      You are not the only one. I’ve been through this and am still in the process of finding my true purpose as a lightworker. We have a lot in common with our idiosyncrasies and life situations. I have many psychic abilities which were discovered during adolescence but were deeply buried in order to try and fit in to a brutal world and not seem so sensitive. But I have re-awakened and re-opening my psychic abilities. As with myself, You are obviously a lightworker and are here to aid humankind into an expanded state of consciousness. Please do not despair and don’t give up! THERE are many lightworkers present and are now coming out of hiding.

      • Iva_ana

        Thank you, it feels so calming to be on a way of discovering purpose in life and now all makes much more scence then it did before:))

        • Daniel Nguyen

          I went through the exact thing as you and just from reading what you have wrote i can feel and envision what you must have been through. I recently, just 2 months ago underwent a re-awakening and now i have all the answers to my many questions i had growing up. Embrace what you are and never think that you are weird or different. That is your true self and once you awaken you will find life brighter more vibrant and you will know your true purpose in life. It will only get better from here my friend 🙂

    • Jan

      Iva your message made me cry as I feel u explained exactly how I feel ! I’ve been doing a bit of research and I feel somewhat normal now !

      Janet x

    • How are you doing now?

  • Claire Thomas

    very interesting i find your article. I am a personal consultant/medium and want to fine tune my gifts to help others. Where do you live?

  • Jason Marcano

    7/10 or 8/10 (one I am not sure about one), does that make me a Lightworker?

  • Travis

    I posted this to reddit.com/r/lightworkers right before I read this. I’d appreciate your input:

    I’ve searched for a few places to post so I’m hoping I fit in here.

    I’ll give my background later in this post, first I need advice on a particular circumstance:

    I have a young girl who recently moved into my house, a friend of a friend who needed a place to stay quickly. Ordinarily I’ve been quite a loner, but I felt compelled to let this person into my life. As if it were no accident she found me. This girl is suffering from Anxiety and Depression, and has done for some time. She is in therapy etc, so her physical and earthly medical needs are being met. I’ve been trying to connect with her in the usual manner, letting her know she can talk to me without judgement, letting her know I love and care for her. Simply listening to her when she actually does talk.

    The thing is, I’m quite certain that I am here to help her as a healer or some similar capacity. (Please elaborate on any good terminology to use, I’m just using what comes first to mind. I’m still a little new to this.)

    I need some advice please, on how to reach out to her on a spiritual or (for lack of a better phrase) higher-dimensional level.

    My own background: I’ve known since early childhood that I’m not from this place and it wasn’t until I read about the Law of One and other material on the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator that some things fell into place. I believe I am a second wave volunteer.

    As a child, I used to have what I would call psychic powers, I would see Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Shadow People, Fairies. When my mother would tell me that I was too old to be seeing such things was when I stopped seeing them. It wasn’t until a few years back that I began to read about spirituality and found other spiritual friends that these things came back to me. I don’t see ghosts etc anymore, but I do have episodes of sleep paralysis where I see the Angels from my childhood.

    In adult life I began to realise that I had a higher spiritual purpose. I paid my way through university working as a hospital orderly. I was always recognised for being a great comfort to the patients, and I was there at the last moments of many of their lives. At the time I thought nothing of it, but on reflection in later life I see how serendipitous it was for me to be in the right places at the right time, as if I was drawn to those patients. That can be another post if you’re interested.

    Later, as I completed my first degree, I felt incomplete. One night while staring at the planet Venus setting I had an overwhelming feeling that I have to know what’s up there, I have to know more. The next day I enrolled in an astrophysics degree at university, and again I paid my way as a hospital orderly in a different hospital.

    I have a feeling that I was never meant to be in finance or in astrophysics, instead I was supposed to be in those hospitals.

    Later, yet another serendipitous occasion struck where I accidentally got a job in a small rural town that I would never have intentionally gone to if it weren’t for the odd circumstances. I’m still in this town and this is where I have met other people that have let me accept it is OK to be open to spiritual learning.

    This is also where I am writing from and the once again strange circumstances that led to me to be caring for this person who I firmly believe I am here to care for.

    If you’ve read this far, thank you, it has been quite therapeutic to my put my story in writing. Any advice you can provide, be it in directly helping this soul or in awakening myself further is most appreciated.

    • it definitely sounds like you are on the path of an awakened healer. the more you continue to become aware of this, the more your gifts will open. it seems like this girl staying with you has really been the catalyst, but remember, you also cant force the healing process. sometimes just a healing presence can be enough. dont put pressure on yourself to fix everyone. that is sometimes the mistake that healers make 🙂 hope that helps. as for your awakening journey, just keep in the process. it seems like you are on the right track with it all! you may also find this helpful-


      • Travis

        Thank you Tanaaz, that looks like an incredible resource I can’t wait to start reading. I’m quite excited that the both of us had a real breakthrough tonight. For the first time I really saw someone’s aura, it was her who turned green right before she opened up and started pouring her heart out to me about why she feels the way she does and her past experiences. I even shared with her how I try to connect with my spirit guides/guardian angel, and my own thoughts on how I believe I’m a healer. She took it all in with an open mind and even got to the point where she asked her deceased Grandmother for advice and actually heard an answer. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s incredible for the both of us.

        • wow! how amazing for you both 🙂 enjoy the journey!!

  • Deborah Starling

    I had never heard of a lightworker until recently and this blog was so fascinating. Thank you for your insight and I feel like I’ve learned so much from you. This really reminded me of a book I recently read called “The Light” by author Judith Lambert(http://www.judithlambertbooks.com/). I think the author is 100% a lightworker! I can’t imagine how many people she has helped “awaken” or inspired. Anyone that has ever questioned what all of this means, as in the world, why we are all here, etc. needs to give this a read. The book follows a woman that is literally brought out of sleep, almost as if she was assigned to this pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. She rises to the occasion, refusing to give up on the idea that it is we who are bound to societal pretense and that “The Light”, so to speak, is something that anyone from any system of faith not only can, but should pursue, the hope for spiritual unity. Again, this was a brilliantly crafted story and I would love to hear your opinion

  • The reason why I decided to cement on this specific post is because it
    resonated with my soul in a very strange way, which made me wonder if
    it’s possible for a light worker to not know that th’ere a lightworker

  • Laura Seidenkranz

    Iam a light worker healer and a slider person now what ? What comes next ?

  • Siju Varghese

    I have an experience about seeing 11. 11 every where since 2 weeks ago if I pause a song in YouTube or if I look into my watch or computer 11. 11 before seeing this 11. 11 I saw jinn in real and twice in dream. This phenomenon has begun to drag me towards Islam which I do not want to embrace as a Christian. Now I got a relief from the religion which was dragging me. People says it takes a person to new dimension of world. For me it was a bad call which was forcing me to convert to their religious belief. The moral of the story is not for everyone has a good experience with 11. 11 numbers. God bless…..

  • Jay

    I found this posting because I’ve been seeing 9:11 on clocks everyday for many weeks now. My wife thinks it’s just a coincidence, but It continues, Today I overslept. My eyes snapped open with my clock radio 6 inches from my face reading 9:11. I was so shocked I half jumped up and shouted “Jesus Christ” (as an exclamation, not a religious thing). Got up, Googled “Seeing 911 everywhere”, and found many references. I have a lot to consider here. All new to me.

  • Shirley Mcevoy

    I’ve seen 917 almost daily, for weeks. 1111, is my code for nearly everything, not sure why. I have an overwhelming feeling when in crowds, however I know that I am drawn to most places for a reason. I am very mellow and non confrontational, very quiet. Hours alone, is when I’m most content. Strangers are far too ready to tell me their deep dark secrets or personal things. As a child I dreamt often, very vivid dreams. I’m 5’6 with broad shoulders, born Sept 17th Im a caregiver, for elderly ppl. its nearly impossible to lie to me, its like I see you, long before You get to me. I’ve never had a desire to keep earthly possessions, Ive freely given things away. Please, tell me, What am I?

  • Brenda Blevins McCorkle

    I was talking with a woman outside of a grocery store one day. She was homeless and I was compelled to speak with her. During the course of our conversation, she said, “Oh, you’re a lightworker.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I started reading about this and thought . .. This sounds like my experience here. Strangers share their lives with me through stories nearly every day. It’s almost commonplace to me know. Other things resonate as well. Strange to see and scary to take seriously. I’ve always felt a “purpose” in my life, but never was sure what it was. Thoughts to ponder for sure.

    • wow that’s incredible! i think the first step of the lightworker is to go on their own healing journey and to learn how to follow their intuition…all the best to you on this journey!

  • Bianca Ferrati

    It’s cool to see these comments feels like I’m not crazy. One time I was smoking my cigarrette on lunch break, it was a rainy day. Then I saw this stranger walking on the other side of the street and I thought “he’s going to come talk to me”. It was an old man. Seconds later he crossed the street and started talking about his family problems. Then he said “you’re an angel”… he did it twice. At first I figured he was just crazy or something, but that day I saw the word angel a lot… it was weird. I never believed much in these things, I’m so confused.

    • Hyacinth

      Just keep believing.

  • Kelli Järv

    10/10 i have always known im different