The 10 Stages of Awakening

stages of awakening

After experiencing my own awakening, I started encountering many others who were just starting to go through the process.

In fact, it seemed that everywhere I went I started encountering people who were on the brink of awakening.

It has happened so much over the years that I can’t help feel that it is part of my purpose to help people through their own awakening process.

After going through my own awakening and seeing the awakening of many around me, I have noticed a series of stages that a person seems to go through.

I do not believe awakening happens in stages, however there is a common thread or flow to the events that awakening brings and how it starts to slowly transform a person’s life.

Looking at the awakening process in stages can help to simplify things and understand the journey ahead.

Here are the 10 stages of awakening I have observed through others and through myself. I share them in the hope that they can bring clarity and peace to those going through an awakening.

The 10 Stages of Awakening

Stage 1:

You are despondent about life and are unhappy with the current state you are in. You feel unsupported or frustrated by life or those around you. You start feeling the desire take your power back and make changes. You feel the desire to take your life into your own hands and take responsibility for it. You no longer want to rely on others or external events for your happiness. Just setting the intention to claim your power back helps to activate your energy, your chakras and your soul. This causes you to open your eyes. Awakening has begun.

Stage 2:

You are able to see life in a whole new light. You experience a sense of bliss, euphoria and freedom, but there is also a pain. Suddenly, you are confronted with all sorts of emotions surrounding your past and how you have chosen to live your life. You start to question everything. You start to challenge everything.

Stage 3:

There is a push-pull between staying awake and closing your eyes. There is a fear of what will happen if you continue on the path of awakening. You are at the point of taking a leap into the unknown. Things around your start to crumble. Your beliefs, the way you have lived your life, all start to become meaningless or mistaken. You start to feel stuck and bewildered. The ground you are walking on suddenly feels shaky, you know if you continue it will implode. At this stage, many people go back to sleep, but those who continue, begin to transform.

Stage 4:

Everything has crumbled and you are in the dark, but you must be in the dark in order to understand the light. You look around and are perplexed by the state of the world. The poverty, the greed, the state of the environment. You wonder how this has been allowed to happen. You feel depressed and wonder how you will integrate into society. You have a desire to be a hermit, to be alone, to be with nature. The people around you can’t understand, they think its a “phase”. Suddenly there is no satisfaction in your life. You feel alone and lost, you start to question- “Who am I?” 

Stage 5:

You realize that you don’t need to change the world. You start looking within and realize that through changing yourself you will automatically change the world. You start feeling a greater sense of connectedness to the world. You start focusing your attention on love and gratitude. You may even start studying or researching spirituality or all things metaphysical. You slowly start changing your perception of the world and realize that you are on this earth for a reason.

Stage 6:

You start to really feel and see the inter-connectedness of all things; nature, animals, the stars. You see that we are not in the Universe, but part of it. Your consciousness expands and you start seeing the world on a deeper, more connected level. Your intuition and psychic gifts expand and you see that we are all equal and one of the same. Your life starts showing you signs of synchronicity. You start realizing that your thoughts, emotions and feelings shape your reality. Your lifestyle slowly starts shifting and changing to support this.

Stage 7:

This new awareness allows you to feel one with the Universe. You start understanding your purpose. You start shifting away from the tangible and instead, realize the greater power of energy and intention. You start seeing that all you need to do to start walking the path of your higher purpose is to be your true, authentic self. You realize that your authentic self is what you have come to this earth to share.

Stage 8:

You begin to align with your true, authentic self. Ideas burst out of you like seeds. Inspiration follows you. Things start unfolding, your destiny becomes clearer. You start attracting abundance into your life through your creations and ideas. Your life is very much transformed and the people around you and experiences that you have, reflect your current state of higher consciousness. Challenges are still presented to you, but you are better equipped emotionally and spiritually to deal with them.

Stage 9:

As you pursue your path you realize that you are co-creating with the Divine. You realize that when you surrender to and work with the Divine, things are better, bigger and have more flow. You start working alongside Source energy and understand that you will always be guided. You may even start connecting with your spirit guides, guardian angels or higher self. Your intuition and psychic gifts may develop to be even stronger.

Stage 10:

As you work alongside the Divine, you start to align your energy with that of unconditional love. You are love, you radiate love and you feel love. You realize that this life is temporary and simply an experience to enjoy. You understand that the entire awakening process has simply been to make your life easier, more peaceful and more secure.

There are probably more stages along the awakening path, but these are the most common ones that I have been able to identify and experience for myself.

Do these stages of awakening resonate with you?

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  • I love how you mapped this out! I resonate with so much of it. I would like to add that I think we sometimes find ourselves in one of the later stages and because it’s so much more bigger and powerful and transformative than we’ve experienced before, we slingshot ourselves back to the struggle times. Sometimes we hinder our own growth and refuse to work with the divine yet still long so much to do so. At least, that’s where I’m finding myself right now. In a tilt-o-whirl of co-creation and self-sabotage. Ah… humans. We are fascinating creatures. 🙂

    • yes I completely agree! even if you have reached stage 8 doesn’t mean you cant also be experiencing some form of stage 2 or 3…it really is an ongoing process. glad you liked the breakdown!

  • Anahit Petrosyan

    I can relate to the stages of awakening you’ve outlined here, Tanaaz. I also agree with Dacia’s remark about people going back and forth between the initial and subsequent stages, as we let go of the illusions that blind us to the true nature of the mysteries of life. Thanks for writing this article. It offers very helpful guidance and support on one’s path of awakening.

    • thanks Anahit! Glad you found it helpful 🙂

  • Lorree Appleby

    I can completely relate! Thanks for the confirmation.

    • you are welcome! glad it was relatable 🙂

  • Oce

    Beautiful, I am just wow reading this. It tells me with other words my awakening.
    The Leelah came to my mind. My first and only game happened during last December’s new moon and made a big step in my awakening. Reading about what I’ve just experience made me be more aware of my magical last few months and the magic ones coming.
    Thank you,
    What you’re sharing with us is part of my teachings.
    I send you shiny love from Cambodia

  • Swapnil Dhaske

    I was not sure about this process, but now I got to know its the stage of my spirituality to being to transform.

  • khayla

    Great article. I reached around 6-7 and then trauma took me back to 1. it’s a long journey

  • Lizette Robless

    ……working with stage 10.

  • Jrad Titie

    Great work. You have writen exactly what I am experiencing at the moment. I thought you were talking about me. I can now be sure that I am thinking right

    • so glad it resonated with you!

  • Timothy Wright

    Thank you. This is very helpful. Early in the process and seem to be jumping around or back and forth on this journey. Much more lonely than I expected, but knowing there are others who have gone through and some like me who are still going through this transformation gives me courage and hope. Thank you again. Blessings. 🙂

    • yes you are not alone 🙂 and yep, the journey is a lot of back and forth, but it is worth it 🙂 blessings to you

  • ravin 007

    It seems you know me you know everything about me you are reading my mind.
    you know what’s process I am going through
    Is this a coincidence or
    Do we all humans think in the same pattern?
    Is it kind of awakening or a psychological condition of mind?
    I really don’t know
    Should I keep going with this process of awakening or it’s a self deception.
    Tanaaz take me out of this situation and help me to see everything clearly.

    • i hope by resonating with the article you feel that you are not alone. awakening is a similar process for many which is why i wrote this article so you could understand it better for yourself and know that there is a purpose to all of this. the journey is yours to walk but i hope this article and the site helps.