11 Mantras for Healing and Positivity

mantras for healing

Words hold powerful vibrations. Thoughts hold even more powerful vibrations. This is why positive mantras or affirmations can be extremely healing and beneficial.

We all tend to go through rough patches in life, but regardless of what is going on in our physical environment, mantras can help us attune our internal environment to a higher, more positive frequency.

Even though you may not fully feel or believe your mantra to begin with, the more you say it and the more you allow it into your life, the greater chance it will have to heal you.

During my readings and coaching sessions I always tell people to ‘fake it until they make it’.

Sometimes we can be so low and down that we don’t even have the energy to utter the mantra- “I love myself”. However, gradually with time, the more you keep saying it, the more its effects will begin to take hold and shape your life.

Depending on how deep the wounds go, Mantras may have to be repeated up to 100 times before you can notice the healing taking place. But don’t let this scare you away. Mantras are really one of the easiest tools of healing as they require very little effort.

They can be repeated softly in your mind, or recited out loud. Mantras can also be written daily or placed on a wall poster in a space that you can read it often.

Studies have shown that believing is 90% of the healing journey, so even if you don’t believe at first, your persistence will pay off.

Here are 11 healing mantras that you can use:

1.) Today I let go of all that does not serve me and choose to heal my heart, mind, body and soul with self-love, compassion and kindness.

Good for dealing with resentments, anger, frustration and guilt. Use when you have been too harsh on yourself or caught up in old emotions, worries and the past.

2.) I am eternally loved by this Universe and everything is working in my favor.

Good for promoting self-love, mending a broken heart, restoring faith and when things are not going as expected.

3.) I feel abundance all around me and within me. I am a powerful co-creator of this Universe and I trust that all my needs will always be met.

Good for attracting money or other fortunate situations and when you are feeling insecure and disassociated from the Universe.

4.) I am strong, I am grounded and I am rooted in my being. I am connected to this Universe and to my body and I send it rays of healing white light.

Good for physical ailments or illness and for reconnecting with your physical body after a night out drinking or after eating poor food.

5.) I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate all my needs, wants and desires with love, understanding and compassion.

Good for negotiations or when you need to stand up for yourself or tell someone how you really feel.

6.) I open to the fullness of my power and know that I am perfectly enough exactly as I am.

Good for establishing self-worth, boosting your confidence and finding your strength.

7.) I have a crystal clear vision on where I want to go and I know I am walking the path of my higher purpose.

Good for finding your purpose, regaining confidence on your soul journey and finding clarity.

8.) I connect with the Divine Source and ask for guidance through the sacred transformations in my life.

Good for spiritual awakenings, reconnecting with the soul, tapping into the higher source or power and when dealing with transformative periods on the spiritual level.

9.) I am grateful for this day, I am grateful for my body, I am grateful for my mind, I am grateful for my soul. Everyday I notice and feel gratitude for the abundance around me.

Good for restoring faith and hope, attracting abundance and aligning with the energy of the Universe. Also good to use to promote joy and happiness.

10.) I am strong, soft and graceful. No matter what events have come my way, I have the strength, the compassion and the tools to overcome them with ease.

Good for when life throws you difficult challenges, helpful in restoring inner power, confidence and joy.

11.) I love myself. I honor myself. I respect my boundaries and I trust myself. I know I am my best friend and biggest ally. I can do anything.

Good for overall healing, self-love, building confidence and finding strength and compassion through times of adversity.

Feel free to make your own mantras too! Just keep all the words positive in order to attract a high vibration frequency.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.