3 Crystals for the Solstice

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This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

The Solstice comes twice a year on June 20th-21st and December 20th-21st.

The Solstice brings either the shortest or longest day of the year depending on which hemisphere of the world you live in.

If you are experiencing the shortest day of the year, which happens for the Southern Hemisphere in June and the Northern Hemisphere in December, it indicates a turning point for you to focus your energies within and get into contact with the darker side of your soul.

The following months will be the perfect time to dive deep within yourself to uncover your hidden truths and inner yearnings.

If you are experiencing the longest day of the year, which happens for the Southern Hemisphere in December and the Northern Hemisphere in June, it indicates the beginning of the season of the light.

During this time, shine bright and open up your heart to abundance on all levels.

Most of the time, the only one keeping us from experiencing pure joy and ecstasy is ourselves. If we can break free from our self-imposed restrictions and limiting beliefs, we can truly start living our lives to the fullest.

Here are three crystals to work with on the Solstice-


Brighten up your mood with Sunstone and shine your light like never before!

Sunstone is the perfect crystal to harness the power of the Sun. Just like the rays of sunlight dissolve the dark clouds, so does Sunstone with its incredibly uplifting energy.

It will clear away any negative energy that may be lingering within your auric field. What’s more, it will energize and rejuvenate every cell of your body, so you will feel like you are glowing.

Sunstone boosts your self-esteem and gives you the courage to face any challenge. It helps to activate and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra, which is closely connected to your sense of self- worth and personal power.

You will feel braver, more independent, and empowered to turn your
heart’s desires into reality.

A healthy Solar Plexus Chakra attracts abundance and exciting new opportunities into your life.

The state of this chakra is also associated with career success and financial prosperity.

Working with a Sunstone crystal stone during the Solstice fills you with optimism and vitality. You will feel enthusiastic and ready for the start of the new season.

No matter whether you’re heading into the Summer or Winter season, there can never be too much sunshine in your life. So let the good vibes flow with the bright and cheerful Sunstone!


The Solstice is the perfect time to honour our ancestors and express our gratitude for their blessings and protection.

Working with a Serpentine stone connects you with the Spirits of your ancestors. It surrounds you with a potent, protective shield and strengthens your energy field.

Serpentine stone has been used since ancient times for protection against black magic and evil intentions.

Its enchanting deep green hues vibrate healing energy that purifies and balances your whole body, opening up energy blockages that prevent the free flow of life force energy.

It is also believed that Serpentine crystal stone helps to awaken the Kundalini energy in our bodies, which will speed up our spiritual evolution.

Since its green color is associated with the Heart Chakra, working with a Serpentine stone can help to open up your heart and release emotional traumas from the past.

Serpentine is a great stone for manifestation. It can help you manifest abundance on all levels, including career success, financial prosperity, and healthy, supportive relationships.

Working with a Serpentine crystal stone during the Solstice connects you with Mother Earth and its amazing healing and nurturing energies.


The Solstice is the perfect time to open your heart to love. If you are feeling that painful past experiences are holding you back from sharing deep love, turn to Garnet – a crystal of passion and romance.

Garnet has the power to strengthen love and restore passion between romantic partners. It brings back the spark into long-term relationships and attracts new love and soulmate connections.

The healing properties of Garnet crystal are mainly connected to the Root Chakra, which is the foundation of our health and vitality.

If our Root Chakra is balanced, we will feel secure, stable, and
grounded. It has incredibly energizing vibes that help you overcome extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

Garnet can help unlock the flow of your life force energy throughout your body. It is also a great stone for boosting libido and enhancing sexuality.

The ancient Aztecs and Mayans used Garnet crystal stones in various rituals to boost the flow of creative energy. The powerful energies of the Solstice will further amplify Garnet’s healing properties.

You can wear this gorgeous ruby red crystal as jewelry, carry it in your pocket or purse, or place it in your own crystal healing grid.

During this Solstice time, liberate your body from self-imposed restrictions to express your sensuality through dancing or conscious love-making.

Let the powerful healing energies of sunlight and crystals fill each cell of your body with rejuvenating vibes.

Have a magical Solstice!

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