4 Crystals to Use this Pisces Season

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This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

What better way could there be to celebrate Pisces season than adding a gorgeous healing stone to your crystal collection! I have made this easier for you by choosing four unique crystals to work with during the upcoming season.

Blue Kyanite

The influence of Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, means that there is highly mystical, spiritual energy surrounding us during the coming weeks. Hopefully, we will all feel the positive effects of Neptune and become more caring, compassionate, and creative.

Blue Kyanite is the perfect crystal to help develop our intuition even further. It helps us connect with higher dimensions and Spirit Guides, so we can more easily access the divine wisdom of our own souls.

This mesmerizingly beautiful crystal helps us all tap into our intuitive power and psychic abilities. It shows us that harmony, truth, and integrity are part of our true essence, no matter how we have suffered or made others suffer in the past.

We can always choose the path of honesty and selfless service for the highest good of all beings on planet Earth. There is no need to punish ourselves for mistakes made in the past, since acceptance and self-love is the only way to end the vicious cycle of feeling guilty and unworthy.

Blue Kyanite shows us that we can always find the light, even in the darkest of nights. It inspires us to express ourselves with passion, purpose, and to align ourselves with the divine guidance of our souls, so we can live our life to the fullest, using our highest potential for the benefit of all living beings.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with the mystical, spiritual, and intuitive dimensions, we may all become a bit more dreamy, introspective and emotional during Pisces Season.

That is why it is more important than ever to work with at least one grounding crystal to balance ourselves and keep our feet firmly on the ground.

This is where Tourmalinated Quartz comes to our rescue – it has an incredibly potent earth connection to help us avoid losing ourselves in a dream world.

Those of you born under the sign of Pisces may look calm and composed outside, but there are bound to be some tumultuous emotions going on inside. Due to your highly developed empathy, it is so easy for you to tune into other people’s emotions.

Tourmalinated Quartz helps us all stay grounded, clear our heads of unnecessary clutter and keep calm. It has a strong stress-relieving effect and it is also a great crystal to protect us from electromagnetic radiation coming from our modern-day technological devices.


I just love all the pink crystals – they all have these deeply nurturing and caressing qualities. It is as if you can feel yourself hovering on a soft pink fluffy cloud, in a state of pure joy and bliss.

Rhodochrosite is a perfect example of that – it has incredibly uplifting, soft and sensual vibes, which is why it will help us heal any deep-rooted emotional wounds and pain of past trauma.

We will feel our heart center opening up once again, just like the petals of a beautiful flower blossoming with the start of spring.

Since empathy is the very essence of Pisceans, if you are born under this sign you may naturally crave a deeply emotional bond in a romantic relationship. This is part of the way you can tap into your intuitive abilities and use them to care for and pamper your loved one.

Open communication and expression of feelings in a relationship is absolutely essential for all of you Pisceans out there. Furthermore, it is actually part of your higher purpose to inspire others to express their emotions freely and without restraint.

Working with a Rhodochrosite crystal will help us all let our feelings flow, instead of blocking them and closing up, like we often automatically do.

It will help us all attract a deep soulmate connection and boldly open up to our partners so that we can strengthen the existing bond and reignite any passion that has faded.

Hopefully, with the help of the gentle, loving energies of this beautiful pink crystal, we will all become more caring, compassionate, and empathetic to our partner’s needs, so that we can just as effortlessly please the ones we love.


While the energies of the Pisces Season help us focus more on our romantic relationships and inner emotions, and less on our careers and the material world, there’s also the danger of becoming too dreamy and immersed in a fantasy world.

Here’s a perfect crystal to help us turn our dreams a reality – Pyrite boosts our strength and motivation, attracts success, and activates the flow of abundance into our lives.

It encourages us to not only pray, visualize, and fantasize, but also to take action to manifest our heart’s desires.

Pisceans tend to be incredibly selfless – they are always helping others and doing favors without expecting anything in return.

Hopefully, we will all become a bit more caring and compassionate during the season, but while we are pleasing others, let’s not forget our own needs, otherwise, there’s the danger of exhausting ourselves and feeling depleted afterward.

Giving and helping others should never feel like a heavy burden to carry, on the contrary, it should make us feel lighter and more joyful!

Part of the Piscean soul mission is to teach the rest of us the value of creative and artistic self-expression. Pyrite is a perfect stone to help us unlock our creative abilities and to bring more joy and harmony into this world through art, music, dance or any other gifts and talents that we may have.

Pyrite will help us turn our focus back on ourselves and our own goals, dreams and desires. Its glittery golden hues remind us that we too will shine and glow if we face our fears and live authentically, pursuing our own passions, regardless of others opinions or perceptions of how we
should be living our lives.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share my crystal healing wisdom with all of you amazing people out there!

Have a wonderful Pisces Season!

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Elina Allais

Elina Allais is a Crystal Healer and the author of the uplifting eBook The Inspiring Stories of 33 Crystals, which features powerful positive affirmations and gorgeous photos of crystals. Her poems and articles on crystals and their amazing healing properties have inspired readers all over the world. For as long as she can remember, Elina has been drawn to everything that is mystical and magical. From the moment she became acquainted with the world of crystals, it was love at first sight. Her knowledge of crystals and their usage in holistic healing therapies is outstanding, but what is perhaps more important, is her soulful connection with crystals and her respect for their true power.