4 Ways to Tap into your Sixth Sense

tap into sixth sense

In this human dimension we rely on our five senses in order to navigate through the world. These five senses are necessary for our survival however, there is another sense that exists on a more subtle level- the sixth sense.

Our sixth sense can often go undetected, but it is this sense which gives us access to our intuition, gut feelings and psychic abilities.

The sixth sense allows us to access things that can’t really be rationalised with the human mind and gives us access to the unseen worlds and to the world of spirit energy.

We all have a sixth sense and we all have the ability to tap into it, all it takes is becoming aware and paying attention to the subtle messages that our sixth sense offers.

If you want to strengthen your sixth sense, here are some suggestions-

1.) Get Balanced

Tapping into your sixth sense is all about balance. When one sense dominates the others, it can be really difficult to remain aware of the other senses.

To get in touch with your sixth sense, you have to still and quiet your mind and tune into the more subtle energies and vibrations that surround you. Forget for a moment about what you can see, touch, taste, hear and smell and instead go deeper.

One way to do this is to close your eyes and ask your body how it feels. Don’t try to put any words to the feelings and don’t try to rationalise it, just focus your attention on feeling. By doing this, it can help you to activate the subtle energies that live inside of you.

2.) Develop a Relationship with your Environment 

Many years ago when we lived in nomadic tribes, the sixth sense was necessary for our survival. Today however, we have forgotten the power of relying on our sixth sense to help guide us.

Animals still have a very heightened sixth sense which is why they are often more sensitive to spirits and are able to sense natural disasters before they happen.

Our sixth sense is a primal instinct, and the more we can get in touch with the environment that surrounds us, the more we will begin to see how our sixth sense communicates with us.

Take a moment to sense the energy in the room and notice how it makes you feel. What vibes are you getting from the space or the people in the room?

When you tune into your environment in this way, often you will start to recognize things that perhaps you didn’t notice before.

Another important step is learning how to tune into nature. Nature is not only healing but it also in constant communication with us. Just think about your favourite flower for a moment. Flowers are able to communicate joy, happiness, beauty and even love, simply by the energy it carries.

All of nature is very inspiring in this way, and once you open your awareness to this, you will start to notice how it speaks to you.

3.) Write Down Your Dreams

Our sixth sense also communicates with us through our dreams. Even if your dreams don’t necessarily make sense to your logical mind, often they are filled with subtle messages and clues about the direction of your life.

To begin tapping into this wisdom and knowledge, start writing down your dreams first thing in the morning. Keep doing this for at least two to three weeks and slowly you will start to see themes or patterns emerging.

It is really only when you collectively look back on your dreams that they will start to make sense to you.

4.) Develop your Intuitive Muscle

The more you pay attention to your gut feelings or intuition, the stronger your sixth sense will become. Think of it like a muscle, the more you use it and rely on it the stronger it will become.

To start building your confidence, start using your intuition and gut feelings to make simple decisions in your life. Whether it is using your intuition to pick the perfect meal at lunch or using your intuition when dealing with coworkers or your children, see if you can flex your muscle at least 2-3 times per day.

Once you have developed confidence using your intuitive muscle, you will feel more confident trusting it when you have to make important or life-changing decisions.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.