How to Tune In to Your Intuition For An Immediate Answer

Tune In to Your Intuition For An Immediate Answer

Intuition is truly our inner-teacher and acts as a guide to help us understand the inner wisdom and voice of our higher self.

We are all born with an intuition that stems from the right hemisphere of our brain.

Our intuition is in fact, the outcome of our heart and inner ear picking up on subtle vibrations in energy. These sensitive organs can apparently pick up on vibrations around us and in our higher consciousness in order to deliver us our intuition.

Learning to decipher the messages of our intuition is not difficult to do, however it does take practice.

To start listening to your intuition and developing it, you have to learn how to distinguish the messages from your logical mind with the messages from your intuitive heart.

This means that you need to accept and hear the logic from your left brain in order to make way for what your intuitive right brain has to say.

This is also why practices like meditation are so effective, because they allow you to switch off your mind and tune into the deeper, more intuitive messages from your heart.

If you are looking to work with your intuition or are seeking an answer about something right away, here is:

How to tune into your intuition for an immediate answer-

1. Ask Your Question

Focus on your question. Try to keep it clear and succinct as this will help you to receive the clearest answer.

It also helps if you are open to the possible answers to your question rather than looking for a confirmation. In fact, for best results try to release any preconceived ideas or attachments to your questions.

2. Tune Into Your Logical Mind

In order to tune into your more logical sided brain, you have to ask the questions-

  • What does my mind say?
  • What does my fear say?

It may help to write the answers down, but keep repeating these two questions till you have emptied or dumped all the possible answers from your mind.

Take as much time as you need to ensure that you are satisfied with all the possible answers from your mind and fears.

3. Bring Yourself Back to the Present

After dumping the contents of your mind, it will help you to switch over to your intuition. In order to do this you need to bring your attention to the present moment.

You may even want to look at your surroundings and identify 5-7 things that stand out to you. This will help you to bring your awareness into the here and the now, and will automatically ground you to hearing the messages of your intuition.

Focusing on your breath is also a great way to tune into your soul and will help you to stay connected.

4. Ask Your Intuition 

Now the time has come to ask your intuition, you can do this by asking the question-

  • What does my spirit say?

After asking this question, observe what you are feeling and try to stay out of “thinking mode”.

If you don’t receive an answer straight away, or you unsure about your answer, try sitting with your question in stillness and wait for the answer to come. Don’t try to push it, but instead flow with the energy that is around you.

You can keep returning to your breath if you get distracted or move into your logical/left brain energy.

Over time the more you repeat this exercise, the stronger your intuition will become.

Our logical, left sided brain serves a higher purpose, as does our intuitive right sided brain.

When you learn to listen to both, that is when you can truly move through life with grounded grace and ease.

There is a lot to be said for the wisdom of our right brain however, as sometimes it can help us to find answers to questions that don’t have a logical or rational answer.

So, if you need an answer from your intuition immediately, try following these simple steps.

Just remember to always give thanks and gratitude to the Divine energy of your higher self and spirit, no matter what the outcome.

This exercise has been adapted from Sonia Choquette 

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