5 Things Connecting With Spirits Has Taught Me About the Afterlife

about the afterlife

I am not a psychic medium, but on the odd occasion I have encountered spirits from the other side. This has happened in readings and with people who are close to me.

Encountering a spirit from the other side is not scary. At least for me it has never been (and let’s hope it stays that way). If anything, encountering the soul of someone who has passed is extremely enlightening and touching.

Here is what I have learnt about death and the afterlife by the Spirits I have encountered-

1.) Death is Transformation

When you die, you are not gone. You don’t disappear into nothingness; there is no black hole of doom. Death is simply a change or transformation from one state into another. In fact, death is like the completion of a cycle.

When someone passes it is usually because they have completed all that they have needed to in physical form and need to return back to their true form, which is Spirit. They still exist, they are just different.

The one thing Spirits often want to communicate is that they are still around and still present in their loved ones lives. They often want to show that they are still there and are still part of all your joys and challenges.

What has changed however, is the way in which they are able to communicate and be with you. While they may not be able to walk alongside you in the physical sense, they are definitely there in the emotional and spiritual sense.

If you have lost a loved one, know that you can always reach out and connect with them. The style of communication may be different, but they are always there.

2.) Death is Predetermined 

I believe and I have experienced, that most souls know when they are going to die. Even if it is not on a conscious level, I feel that on a subconscious level a soul knows when their time is up in physical form.

I have experienced this in my own life and feel that certain souls will let you know they are getting ready to pass as a way to “prepare” you. While it may not make sense at the time, after they pass you may be able to piece back the clues and messages that you received.

We all know that we are going to die, but death is also predetermined. This doesn’t mean that there is a stamp with the date of your death on it, but what it does mean is that once you have completed what you are here to do, you will need to undergo the transformation of death.

When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.

3.) Death is a Process

Like all change in life, there is a certain process to death. Death is not painful, if anything it is a euphoric feeling, maybe similar to that of an orgasm.

After death, the soul will cross into another dimension which is similar to what we know as “heaven”.

In the Sprit dimension, you are reunited with your loved ones, spirit guides and guardian angels, and are able to reflect back on the amazing impact of your life.

The Spirit world is an amazing, loving and inspiring place. Time does not exist in a linear fashion and communication is mainly done through the third eye.

There is also a “limbo” where stuck souls reside. These souls are often stuck because they don’t want to cross over or they are afraid of what will happen when they do. The souls often appear as ghosts rather than Spirit energy.

There are several dimensions, some of which have a lower vibration. Going to these dimensions is a choice, and not somewhere you are sent if you are “bad”.

4.) Your Thoughts Are Extremely Powerful

Your thoughts and feelings are extremely powerful and have the ability to create and shape the life that you lead here on earth.

Your thoughts also allow you to connect with your loved ones who have passed and your Spirit team.

Just by thinking consciously and whole-heartedly about your loved one, they will generally appear. You may not be able to see them of course, but thinking about them is the same as calling on them.

You can also ask your loved one to send you a sign or message that they are there with you. This will often appear through feathers, coins, hearing music and through your dreams.

You can also use other tools to communicate with Spirits which you can read about here, but if you are trying to connect with a loved one, your thoughts are powerful enough.

Sometimes Spirits are also “busy” and may not send strong signs or messages. I am not sure what these Spirits are busy doing exactly, but perhaps they are preparing for reincarnation or helping other souls.

5.) We Are All One

Karen Noe, a psychic medium connected with the Spirit of spiritual author and speaker, Wayne Dyer. She said that Wayne spoke of “We Consciousness” and that it is not “I Am” but rather, “We Are”.

We are all connected, so what we do to others we do to ourselves and the entire world.

According to Noe-

“He (Wayne Dyer) started talking to me about We consciousness and the unity of everyone and everything; the compassion for all life; and what a person does to oneself or another affects the whole. The most important thing he talked about is how we are all one, and we think because you are there and I am here, that we are different people, but we are not. We are all one, including God, the angels, the ascending masters, deceased loved ones and nature.”

You can read more of this inspiring article on Noe’s work here.

We will never fully understand death until we get there. But if you take anything away from this article, understand that death is not “gone” it is simply a natural process of change and transformation that helps keep consciousness (us) growing.

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