A Birds Eye View

The eagle. The hawk. The gull.

Ok- lets be plain honest. Who has not thought about being a bird? You haven’t? Well I don’t believe you! Soaring above, close to the heavens, looking down on “the little people”, pooping on those we choose- just for a laugh, and doing a “loop da loop” in front of those humans just so “they can see how cool I am cause I got wings.” WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Okay, I have to stop getting so carried away… turning into a feathery friend is not where Im going with this, but rather adopting the simplicity of “taking a  birds eye view.” Looking out from a broad perspective. Gaining a perspective from a distance. The view from above.

It is very easy to be absorbed by “the now.” Hey, that’s all we are meant to live for right? Yes, however, sometimes the “now” may involve something a little uncomfortable or even traumatic. Dealing with an illness, a death of a loved one, a heated argument with a partner, being fired from a job, or not having the bare essentials like being able to afford rent or your childs’ diapers. Gaining a birds eye view of what is going on, where you’ve come from, and where you hope to head will give you a perspective that is not clouded by emotionalism. Fly one step above the grief, pain and anxiety that you are feeling. By all means- feel what you feel. But have the awareness to know that it will shift. Somehow. In some way. Through some means. It. Will. Change.

Your emotional reflexes and reactions can be mindfully tuned if you aim to engage in this level of “perspective.” Tuned to a point where you can feel the emotion, but not live in it. Where you can be the master of it. You can let it out of its cage, and just as easily wind it back in to rest. This also shifts the focus from the “positive and negative” or “right and wrong” side effects of an event, and more into the appreciation of all that it is teaching you. For that is truly what the bird sees. And what the Universe intended for us all along: To partake in human experiences that will develop the growth of our soul. No right or wrongs to be seen from that view.

Nothing is permanent. Smiles turn to frowns, turn to smiles, turn to frowns… and so it goes. Yet the bird flying from above can grasp the still beauty within it all. So, stretch your wings, sqwark a little ( you know you want to), and try out the view from up there.

What a glorious sight…


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