Abundance Oracle Reading: Gemini Lunar Cycle

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This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more at www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram.

This month we are doing something different, still working with the Abundance Oracle Cards except cards one and two are for each week building up to the Full Moon Eclipse, and the third card takes us to the next New Moon.

The energy opening up this Gemini New Moon is another emotional upgrade. 

The emotional upgrade is about turning down the ‘bossiness’ of the emotional body to make way for your soul, by resolving aspects of your emotional story that have become loops on repeat. Loops that perpetuate doubt, uncertainty, confusion, and inertia.

It is interesting as we travel in this in-between world, with a growing sense that this phase of Earth’s journey is ending and the next phase is about to begin. With this comes confusion, uncertainty, and even doubt. 

Are we making a mistake? What decision is the right one? Are they wrong and I am right…?

When we are stuck in reacting, we not only create confusion, we also block abundance and access to universal consciousness.

This is what we can shift this lunar month, and the cards below are here to assist you as you carve your energetic path to abundance.

They help you work with the cosmic influences; to help you dig deep and emerge from the confusion that has been lingering for perhaps many lifetimes.

As I tuned in more, I was shown a root ball for the confusion that is coming to surface, – the confusion we have about our connection to the divine, and about who we are and who we could be.

As you work with the Abundance Oracle Cards, card one is for this first week as the New Moon dawns and the second card is for the week after. The third card is for the remaining two weeks of this lunar month.

If you are coming to this article later in the month, don’t worry – work
with all three cards at the same time.

Before we dive into the cards for this lunar month, I also want to share something about Venus.

Venus has an influence on our value, and when it is in retrograde it’s as if it is saying – hang on a moment, have you taken the steps or just seen the steps?

It is asking for a review and its deeper message is that your true value won’t be found in trying to keep yourself emotionally safe, as that feeds your emotional body and not your spiritual path.

Your Abundance Cards for this month:

Card 28: Conscious Abundance, Element Aether

Please work with this card first, starting at the beginning of the Gemini Moon Cycle on May 22.

This card has come to help you step into clarity and manifesting your path out of confusion.

Write your ideal day in your journal and spend some time with it. Make it detailed, but not just a list of hopes and wishes. Imagine you are writing it like a diary entry or article for a magazine where you are sharing how your ideal and amazing day plays out.

Once you have done this read it every day at the same time for the next 7 days.

Connecting and allowing yourself to claim your ideal day is how you will manifest it and manifest the abundance within it.

Card 2: Accepting Abundance, Element Earth

Work with this card after you have worked with the card above.

As an earth card, this card is about anchoring and grounding. You cannot have blossoms unless the seed is in the earth, and as you see from this card, it is a tree growing out of water.

Water represents your emotional body and the imagery on this card has given a clue to what you can shift when you stop making yourself emotionally safe.

Work with this affirmation, deliberately and on purpose. I always love saying my affirmations to my mirror, as my reflection reveals to me where I am going through the motions, or being distracted and half-hearted.

If you do this, then repeat the affirmation eleven times and you can for added magic, write the affirmation eleven times in your journal: Abundance is real!

Card 22: Claiming Abundance, Element Aether

This third card is activated for the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse.

Once again we have an affirmation. Work with this affirmation in the same way as I have shared with the card above.

We can’t rely on osmosis just yet and while screen savers and post-it notes seem like a splendid idea for affirmations, the energy is very passive, and keeps us emotionally safe. It allows you to believe that the work is being done without consciously collaborating with what is being offered.

Being deliberate and on purpose with affirmations is how to turn them into the magic wands they could be. (And can you see the image theme – tree growing in what appears to be a solitary place and in an environment that doesn’t seem against all odds? That is what is possible, for us all!)

There you have it, this month’s abundance adventure and the Abundance Oracle Cards have spoken. 

Enjoy this month and if you want to carry on a deeper conversation and talk about the new world we are re-imagining and what that means specifically for you, please come and join the Conscious Business Community, where spirit, money, and business comes together.

Share this post so others can benefit and leave me a comment on how the cards and energy for this month have struck you.

Sarupa Shah

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