How to Activate Your Self-Healing Ability

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You hold all the power, wisdom and knowledge you need to heal your body, mind and soul no matter what you are going through or experiencing.

Your body is so powerful, so intelligent and so capable that you need not doubt its ability to heal.

Your body houses not only your blood and organs but also your soul, which is an infinite, limitless energy that can truly create miracles if you are open to them.

You may of heard of people healing their bodies, returning from life threatening illnesses or experiencing spontaneous healings. Despite what it may sound like to your rational mind, all of this is possible and is accessible to anyone.

Healing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely free of physical symptoms, but it does allow you to feel at peace with your situation or to accept your situation.

Sure, physical symptoms can disappear, sometimes even over-night, but that is not always the goal with healing.

True healing happens on an emotional and spiritual level first and then moves out into the physical realm.

For this reason, sometimes it is necessary for the internal work to be completed first before the external work can begin.

Sometimes your healing may just come in the form of an energy shift or an emotional shift. Other times, it may come in the form of a physical transformation.

I for one have experienced spontaneous healings on both a physical and energetic level and have heard countless stories all the time from people who have done the same.

This is not something that is limited to the uber-spiritual or to select people, it is available to everyone, as long as they are willing.

How to Activate Your Potential to Self- Heal

There is no room for the ego when it comes to self-healing. This means that you must leave your ego aside and step into the vibration of your soul.

Sometimes we have to go through physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual challenges or illnesses in order to get to where we need to be and this also needs to be honoured.

For true self-healing to occur, all personal egoic gain needs to be left at the door and your true desire to heal must come from wanting to tap into your highest path, which is beyond your rational mind.

You also have to truly want to heal and to let go of any attachments or feelings of dependency that you have created in regards to your personal challenge or illness.

Sometimes we can become so used to being “sick” that our ego begins to enjoy the pity party and attention that comes along with it.

Know that in order to be healed, this needs to be completely shed and let go of.

In order to self heal, you must be 100 percent willing and ready to be healed. 

Everyone is ready in their own time, and there is no judgement on what constitutes as feeling ready, however usually there is a strong sense of knowing that you are ready to let it all go.

Along with feeling ready you also have to allow yourself to be open to the possibility of being healed.

You have to believe in the potential for your body to heal itself and you must be open to the fact that you can instantly heal your life.

Once you have opened yourself to the possibility, you then have to step back and let it happen.

It may also help to ask for the assistance and guidance from your spirit guides or guardian angels.

They are always around you and always ready to help as long as you are ready to hear their messages.

Steps to Truly Heal Yourself

1. Leave your ego at the door- healing can happen on any level and the outcome may not be as your ego expects it to be.

2. You must be willing to be healed. You have to be willing to fully release and let go of your illness and to give up personal or egoic gains in regards to your healing.

3. You must be open to the idea of instant healing and be ready to let it happen.

4. Ask for assistance from your angels or spirit guides.

5. Once you have welcomed in the idea of healing, you must stay open to the signs, messages and synchronicities that occur. You must be willing to take divinely inspired action in order to assist with your healing process.

6. Give the process time. Healing has to occur energetically first and if you are too caught up in your egoic wants and needs, you may miss the subtle shifts in your vibration. After you have activated your healing process, you must remain open, accepting and grateful.

Activating Your Healing

Once you have prepared yourself to receive your healing, you must activate your healing by letting your body and soul know that you are ready.

Your soul contains the wisdom to heal you and through being ready you can unlock this wisdom and have it take effect.

Here’s how….

Find a quiet place. Sit and mediate for a few minutes to clear your mind.

Place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your heart. Gently breathe in and out.

Start imagining a golden light surrounding your entire body. Imagine this golden light travelling up through your body from your toes to your head. As the light surrounds you, imagine it going into your body through the top of your head and down through your spine.

Continue mediating on this visual for at least 3-5 minutes until it feels strong in your mind.

As you watch the golden light pass through your body, imagine it healing and clearing everything that no longer serves you. Ask the light to heal and cleanse everything that no longer serves you.

Allow your breathing to get deeper and deeper and has you clear things with the golden light, allow your exhales to become longer and deeper, as if you are pushing out the stagnant energy.

Continue this for 10 minutes or so. Allow yourself to feel any emotions or blocks that arise and try to push past any ego driven thoughts or distractions.

Once you have completed your mediation, say a little prayer or blessing to your higher self, angels and/or spirit guides and ask them to help you to heal and release all that no longer serves you. Ask them to support your ability to spontaneously heal.

You may also want to speak to your “illness” and let it know that while you are grateful for its presence in your life, that you would like it to pass on. To do this, you first must accept your situation and honor it for what it has taught you.

There are no rules to this, but hopefully this gives you some guidance and understanding of how to activate your ability to self-heal.

This is not designed to replace the advice of a medical professional, however your body is an amazing, intelligent instrument that contains so much power and knowledge.

Hopefully this exercise helps you to tap in to your strength and to return faith into the beautiful being that you are.

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