Can you feel the energy of Lake Louise?

Visit one of the world’s most sacred, spiritual sites and find out.

One of the most picturesque places in the world, Lake Louise may be the most turquoise coloured lake that will ever meet your eye.

It is one of the most photographed locations in the world and tourists from all over the globe flock there for good reason; to stand on the shores of this body of water against the spectacular backdrop of the Fairview glacier and dense pine forests.


Lake Louise is located in Southern Alberta, Canada, in the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains of Banff National Park. Lake Louise is Canada’s highest town and the lake is nestled at 1750m above sea level. It is easily accessible by road and is less than a two hour drive west of Calgary.

Energy Vortex

Lake Louise is said to be a sacred, spiritual site with a powerful high-energy vortex. This is influenced by the earth’s electromagnetic field. Natural energy pathways run across the earth in a grid-like fashion and at some points create ‘power spots’ where they intersect. A vortex can be described as a “funnel shape created by a whirling fluid or the motion of spiraling energy” that surfaces from the earth (according to It is not a magnetic or electric force as such, though it creates a trail of measurable residual magnetism in places where this energy is strongest.

According to Natives, this is a special place where physical and nonphysical worlds meet and supposedly creating a portal or gateway into a multidimensional reality.

My experience

Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others. I consider myself to be somewhat spiritually aware and I believe the energy of Lake Louise resonated with me the first time I visited in 2010. I am a sensitive person and very much act on my gut feelings and intuitions. Lake Louise was a place where I felt very calm and at peace and at one with nature. It was a place where I could see myself spending a lot of time.

Two years later, I found myself employed at the grand hotel that is perched lakeside, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I do not know how or why I ended up there. I could have very well ended up in Whistler, along with half the Australian population. I lived in Lake Louise happily for ten months. I felt strongly connected with nature and believe whole-heartedly that Lake Louise is a very special place.

Lake Louise is not the only high-energy area in the world; these concentrated energy deposits are situated at various locations, including Sedona, Stonehenge, Easter Island and the Bermuda Triangle

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it conspires against us and we come to question what we have done to deserve a particular negative outcome. All we want is a logical conclusion that explains why our personal efforts and actions have been swept up into a big pile and tipped into the garbage. I am sure every one of us has felt this way at some point in life.

Sometimes this clarity reveals itself almost immediately and other times, it may take months or years to understand ‘why.’. I am a very positive person and see the good in everything. As bad as a negative event may seem at the time, I believe there is an underlying message beneath the surface, something that you are meant to learn from, something that the Universe wishes to teach you. What would life be without all these lessons that give us an opportunity to grow, anyway? But sometimes, it’s not a lesson you learn; sometimes it’s a reminder that someone is watching over you.

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