Cancer Full Moon Ritual January 2023

cancer full moon ritual january 2023

The Cancer Full Moon on January 6th is the first Full Moon of 2023. The Moon feels most at home in the sign of Cancer, and this harmonious vibration will inspire us to find a sense of home within ourselves.

We may crave more comfort at this time or find ourselves leaning into all that is truly important to us. Cancer energy has the ability to expand our heart center, reminding us to love and nurture not just others, but also ourselves.

As we move into the new year, what can you do to love and nurture yourself? What can you do to fill yourself up, to make yourself feel like you are truly at home within your body?

Both Mars and Mercury will be traveling retrograde under this Full Moon, adding a layer of foggy and confusing energy. We may feel this the most within our own minds. We may find it hard to make sense of how we feel, or our minds may run on overdrive.

There is a strong forcefield of energy around this Full Moon that is beckoning us to pause, reflect, and take our time, so no matter what comes up for you, try to keep this in mind. Try to remind yourself that not everything needs an answer right now and that it is ok to be in a state of unknowing.

Mars and Mercury in retrograde together can also create this feeling of one step forward, two steps back, so don’t be in a hurry to rush forward and see if you can focus on aligning your inner world first. Then it will be easier to see the answers and forward motion you are looking for in your outer world.

You can learn more about the energies behind this January 2023 Full Moon here, and if you would like to work with these energies in a simple, yet effective way, here is a ritual to guide you –

Cancer Full Moon Ritual January 2023

Back to Basics Ritual

You will need:


1.) Begin by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. As you cleanse, feel free to recite the following affirmation-

“I honor where I have traveled and the roads that have led me here. I connect with the peace in my heart as I set the intention to clear. I clear away the past, all that is heavy, and all that is not mine. I feel the freedom that remains in my heart, in my spirit, in my soul. I am light. I am aligned. I am radiant in my being.”

Next, cleanse your surroundings along with your ritual ingredients. As you do, feel free to recite the following affirmation-

“All that is heavy, all that is dense, all that is sluggish, release it now from my space. Allow healing to take its place. Allow this space and these ritual ingredients to be cleansed to their purest state. Allow this space to radiate peace, love, and light. Thank you.”

2.) Take your pen and paper and begin writing down 10 things you wish to release, clear or let go of from your life.

3.) Take your paper(s) and light them with the matches/lighter. Please be careful when you do this. When the paper begins to burn, place it in the bowl of water. (You do not need to burn the papers completely, just a bit is fine.)

4.) Leave the papers in the bowl of water while you prepare for your meditation. Be sure there are no active flames.

5.) Take your warm heat pack and place it over your belly, back, chest, or anywhere else that could use some soothing. Lie down with your blanket and begin the Soul Soothing meditation. Allow this meditation to bring total ease and restoration to your body, mind, and soul.

6.) When the meditation is complete, go outside under the light of the Moon and pour the water and the papers into the earth. (If you can’t do this step where you are, it is fine to discard the water in the drain and the papers in the recycling.)

7.) Complete your Cosmic Oracle Reading for 2023. In this reading you will be guided to select a symbol. Each symbol holds a cosmic vibration that will be a guide for you throughout the year. While the Full Moon offers supportive energy for this reading, you can come back to it throughout the year. Contemplate the messages that come up for you.

Full Moon Blessings to you!

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