Capricorn Solar Eclipse Ritual January 2019

solar eclipse ritual

The Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 5-6th is going to be opening up a new pathway for us all. This pathway is going to offer us a different course and will open our eyes to new possibilities.

This is a very pivotal time in the year where we are being guided to begin making changes in our lives. These changes are ones that we will be working with over the coming months, so while we may not understand exactly where they are leading us just yet, we can trust that they are opening us up to a new potential.

This ritual is designed to help you welcome in this new energy and this new pathway that is opening up for you. This ritual will also help you to manifest your own dreams and aspirations for the year ahead.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse Ritual for New Beginnings 

This ritual is best done from January 4th- 17th, 2019

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • 1 Candle (preferably white)
  • 3 pennies or other small coins
  • 3 leaves (you can use garden leaves, bay leaves, or mint leaves)
  • 3 pieces of small paper
  • Pen or pencil


1.) Begin by smudging your aura and surroundings. For more specific information on how to do this, please read this.

As you smudge your aura recite the following mantra or feel free to write your own-

“I cleanse myself front and back, I cleanse myself front and back. I release the energy of the year gone by. I release the energy of the year gone by. I open myself to receive. I open myself to receive. Many blessings are now coming my way. Many blessings are now coming my way. I am one with myself. I am one with the Universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you smudge your surroundings, recite the following mantra, or feel free to write your own-

“I cleanse this space. I cleanse my home. I fill it with lots of love, joy, and happiness. My home is safe. My home is protected. My home is cleansed. Light fills the room. Light fills this space. Only love resides here.”¬†

2.) Set up your ritual by lighting the candle and placing the coins, paper, and leaves in front of it in rows. Keep your pen off to the side.

3.) Close your eyes and take 10 deep belly breaths in and out. As you inhale feel your stomach expanding. As you exhale, feel your stomach contracting.

4.) Once relaxed, take your pen and write down one thing you would like to manifest for yourself for the year ahead. There are no limits as to what you can write- go big! Fold up the paper and place it on top of one of the leaves.

5.) Now take your next piece of paper and write down how you want to feel for the year ahead. You can choose any emotion or state of being that you wish, like relaxed, joyful, energized, and so on. Once you have written that down, fold up the paper and place it on top of the second leaf.

6.) With your third piece of paper, write down a wish or something you desire for the future. It can also be something bigger than just for yourself such as peace for all beings, or good health for your loved ones. There are no limits on what you can write here. Fold this paper and up and place it on top of the final leaf.

7.) Take the first leaf with the piece of paper of what you want to manifest and place a coin on top. You should have a little stack with your leaf at the bottom, the paper in the middle, and the coin resting on top. Fold the leaf over so it covers as much of the paper and coin as possible. Hold it in both your hands and recite the following-

“I have the power to manifest, I have the power to bring only the best. My request to manifest (insert here) has been heard and I am ready to accept. I open to receive. What’s mine is already here, I am just moving closer and closer towards it. Thank you to the Moon, thank you to the Sun, I know my request has already begun.”

After reciting this mantra, take a deep breath and exhale into the leaf bundle. Imagine you are charging up your leaf bundle with energy so what you have asked for can manifest in your life. Once done, place the bundle off to the side.

8.) Now take your next leaf bundle that you wrote the feeling on. Repeat the same process by folding the leaf over as much as possible. Holding the bundle in your hands, repeat the following-

“I have the power to choose how I feel. I have the power to feel (insert here). I invite only (insert here) into my life. I invite it in now. May my life in 2019 be a reflection of (insert here), may the Universe conspire to bring me only which evokes this feeling. And in times of need, may the feeling of (insert here) come to me with ease. May feeling (insert here) be easy for me no matter what I am going through. Thank you.”

After reciting this mantra, take a deep breath and exhale into the leaf bundle once again. Place it off to the side.

9.) Take the final leaf bundle and repeat the process-

“As the Sun and Moon align, I make the wish for (insert here). Hear my wish, receive it well, for I know only time will tell. I have all I need, I have all I asked, and I know this wish will soon come to pass. Thank you. Thank you.”

Blow into the leaf bundle once again and place it off to the side.

10.) Take 3 deep breaths here to still your mind and to re-center yourself. Place your hands together in prayer position and give thanks for all the blessings you received this year and to the Universe for hearing and granting your requests. Once done, snuff out the candle.

11.) Take your leaf bundles and bury them in the earth. Try to do this within 48 hours of completing the above steps.

Happy Eclipse and Happy 2019!

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