Intuitive Astrology: January Solar Eclipse 2019

solar eclipse january 2019

The January 5-6th Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn lights up a new pathway and will be helping to unfold a new storyline in our lives.

This is a powerful time for new beginnings, however we have to stay open to see exactly what new beginnings the Universe has in store for us. The path ahead may not be what it seems, so we have to keep listening and stay plugged in to the guidance of the Universe.

Think of your life path like a tree with many branches. They all reach to the sky, but there are numerous ways to get there.

Some branches are strong and straight, and others are crooked and bent. There is no right or wrong, there is only adventure, travel, and exploration for this short journey we call life.

On this Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, a new branch of your tree will become clearer and you will have the option to see where it may lead you. This branch may take you in a totally new direction, or it may simply give you a helping hand on the path you are already on.

This is powerful energy and indicates the start of a new cycle. We have several Capricorn Eclipses on the way this year, so this Solar Eclipse in January will help to set the tone and pave the way for the journey to come.

It is not going to be possible to understand the entire pathway when it first emerges, it will take time, and we will need to trust the timing of the events that unfold.

While we may not have the full story, if we open ourselves, if we open our hearts and trust our intuition, we may feel ourselves being called in a particular direction.

The year ahead lays before us with so much opportunity and potential, and if we listen, and if we take a moment to pause, we will hear which way we are being guided to travel.

Following this Eclipse, we enter into the Eclipse Gateway or Portal, which is the time between Eclipses.

The next Eclipse comes on January 20th and this will be a Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo. This Eclipse is extremely potent, which is why it would be wise to use the gentler energy of the Solar Eclipse to recharge, dream big, aim high, and to think about your future.

Whatever wishes you make during the Solar Eclipse at the start of the month will help the Universe to know what to clear and move away for you during the Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month.

By making space, the Universe will be able to deliver you to more of the opportunities and potentials that are on offer for you.

Overall, the Partial Solar Eclipse is going to be setting the stage. While we may not have the whole picture, we will start to feel and see new opportunities and new pathways opening up for us.

We may feel pulled in a new direction or we may feel possibilities and pathways where we once saw barriers and walls. We may also feel the desire to make some much needed changes in our lives, and to set course on a new mission.

Change is definitely a theme around this Solar Eclipse, so stay open and see what changes the Universe brings your way, or feel into the changes you are being guided to make.

The time to open your heart, mind, and soul is now. Open up and see the new potential that is before you. The energy will be strong as the Sun and Moon meet, so use it to start over, to rebirth yourself, and to immerse yourself into the new energies that 2019 will bring.

Stay hopeful about the future and know that there is a new and glowing pathway opening up for you.

Don’t worry too much about which direction to go in or what steps to take, just let yourself be called to action; know that you can dream big and aim high.

There are infinite possibilities in this realm, all you need to do is open yourself to see them. Once you do, you will see that anything is possible and that you are capable of anything.

We all spend so much time worrying about what our purpose is, but our true purpose is to just be ourselves and to follow what is true in our hearts.

You don’t find your purpose, you are your purpose. Everything you do is your purpose, and the more you can align with that and know your purpose is within, the more you will begin to feel with purpose in your life.

Get out of your comfort zone, change up your routine, and see how this Solar Eclipse helps to bring new sparkle and opportunity into your life.

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