Chakra Quiz: Are your Chakras out of Balance?

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Along with having muscles and bones we also have an invisible grid of energy that surrounds our body. This energy grid has significant points or centers, and these are known as Chakras.

There are numerous Chakras all through the body, but the main Chakras are located along the spine and give the most life force energy and support to the rest of the energy grid.  These 7 Chakras are often visualized as spinning wheels or disks that glow with a particular color.

All Chakras in the body are connected and work in harmony with one another however, when they are out of balance it can cause health issues on a physical, mental, or energetic level.

By working with the 7 main Chakras of the body, you can help to support your entire energy field and bring health and balance back into your life and into your soul.

If you are wondering whether one or more of your chakras are out of balance, this quiz will be your guide. Simply answer the questions below using a Yes or No response.

Ready? Let’s begin:

The Root Chakra

1.) Do you feel angry or frustrated all the time?
2.) Are you constantly tired or fatigued?
3.) Do you feel out of touch with reality?
4.) Do you struggle with commitment or being on time?
5.) Do you lack direction and a feeling of purpose?
6.) Do you constantly feel the need to travel or relocate?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color red?

Total YES responses:

The Sacral Chakra

1.) Do you suffer from painful menstrual cycles?
2.) Do you lack self-control or have addictive tendencies?
3.) Do you feel blocked creatively?
4.) Do you have a low or overly active sex drive?
5.) Do you feel stuck or emotionally numb?
6.) Do you find it hard to make decisions or to take on leadership roles?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color orange?

Total YES responses:

The Solar Plexus Chakra

1.) Do you experience poor digestion or a constant churning feeling in your stomach?
2.) Do you feel anxious or fearful, particularly about the future?
3.) Do you suffer from feelings of low self-esteem?
4.) Do you have a hard time getting yourself motivated?
5.) Do you feel powerless about the current direction of your life?
6.) Are you feeling bored with your day-to-day routine?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color yellow?

Total YES responses:

The Heart Chakra

1.) Do you suffer from heart disease or heart complications including high/low blood pressure?
2.) Do you feel that you are not good enough or that you have failed in some way?
3.) Do you find it difficult to feel or express empathy for others?
4.) Do you have a fear of intimacy or a fear of letting your guard down?
5.) Do you feel drained by others or do you feel overly depended on others?
6.) Do you find it hard to say ‘I love you’ to yourself or others?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color green or pink?

Total YES responses:

The Throat Chakra 

1.) Do you suffer with thyroid problems or thyroid issues?
2.) Are you prone to getting a sore, tight or dry throat?
3.) Do you have a hard time keeping secrets?
4.) Do you struggle to assert yourself during times of conflict?
5.) Do you feel anxious speaking to people you don’t know?
6.) Do you always feel the need to cover your neck with your hair/clothing/ jewelry?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color blue?

Total YES responses:

The Third Eye Chakra

1.) Do you suffer from headaches or frequent migraines?
2.) Are you overly sensitive to other people’s moods?
3.) Do you struggle to hear your intuition or to make sense of it?
4.) Do you over analyze or worry about things incessantly?
5.) Do you question the meaning of your life?
6.) Do you have frequent nightmares?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color purple?

Total YES responses:

The Crown Chakra

1.) Do you have poor sleeping habits or suffer from insomnia?
2.) Do you feel disconnected from yourself and your purpose?
3.) Do you struggle to turn off your mind and relax?
4.) Do you have a fear of death?
5.) Do you feel hopeless about the state of the world?
6.) Do you feel closed off from receiving divine guidance or signs?
7.) Do you have a strong attraction or dislike for the color gold or white?

Total YES responses:

If you had 2 or more YES responses for a particular chakra, it is likely that chakra is out of balance and needs some support.

It is important to remember that your Chakras may shift in and out of balance at different times in your life depending on your mood and what is currently unfolding in your life. It is important to be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to heal without pressure or expectations.

To start your healing journey with your chakras, try the following-

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