Charging and Cleansing Your Crystals on the New Moon

charging cleansing crystals new moon

We have a powerful Super New Moon in April, making it the perfect time to break out those crystals and clear or charge them up for the next few months.

New Moon’s are a great time to either-

  1. Clear and release built up energy in a crystal
  2. Charge the crystal up with positive vibes and manifestations

Clearing Crystals Using The New Moon

The New Moon is a time of releasing and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to clear your crystals of any old and stagnant energy.

Crystals absorb the energy that is around them, which is why it is always important to clear your crystal when you first receive it and after heavy use. This is especially true if you have been working with a crystal and have seen the manifestation occur in your physical life.

In fact, even if your crystal has just been sitting on your altar or shelf, it still has the potential to hold stagnant energy, so it must be cleansed every so often in order for it to do its best work.

Crystals that are not cleansed can be prone to breaking and can also be difficult to work with.

In order to cleanse your crystal on the night of the New Moon, all you need to do is leave it out near a window during the time of the New Moon. This allows the crystal to be cleansed by the energy of the New Moon.

You will have to look up the time of the New Moon in your area in order to know when it will peak, however you could always leave it out the day before as well.

For a New Moon cleansing, you can leave the crystal out up to 4 days after the New Moon has peaked, however 1-2 days is probably fine.

You may also want to rest your crystal on a piece of selenite or quartz in order for the cleansing to be more potent. These stones are great for clearing and can help your crystal to release all the built up energy.

Other techniques include smudging your crystal or running the crystal under water, however some crystals are sensitive to water and could be damaged.

Charging a Crystal on the New Moon

When you charge a crystal on the night of a New Moon, it helps it to lock in the vibration of the New Moon so you can work with the energy throughout the coming weeks or months.

New Moon’s are a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. They help us to release and purge built up energy, events and situations in order for us to release and let them go.

When you charge a crystal on the New Moon, it allows you to use the crystal to do releasing work and start fresh with things in your life.

If you know that you have a new cycle starting in your life, charging up your crystal on a New Moon can also help you to cope with the new changes.

Of course, the specific crystal you choose to charge will slightly change the vibration, however there is no limit to what you can choose. If you need help choosing a crystal, here are some suggestions.

To charge your crystal it has to be cleansed first. You can cleanse your crystal through smudging or resting it on a piece of selenite or quartz. You can also cleanse your crystal on the night of the New Moon, and then charge it up during the next few days.

New Moon’s are felt strongest four days after they peak, so try to charge and cleanse your crystal during this time frame.

Once you have cleansed your crystal, charge it up by holding it in your hands and setting your intention into the crystal. You want to put the “feeling” of your intention into your crystal in order for it to be most effective.

For the next few days, keep the crystal close to you and sleep with it beside your bed, this will help the crystal to be extra charged.

The crystal can then be used for the coming weeks to help you move through any of life’s ups and downs.

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