Intuitive Astrology: April Super New Moon 2016

april super new moon astrology

The Super New Moon on April 7, 2016 officially moves us out of the dreamy, introspective phase of Pisces and the breaking down phase of the Eclipse cycles, and into a place of action and energy.

The March Eclipse’s put us where we needed to be, and now no matter where we have landed, it is time to get to work.

Super Moon’s allow us to feel the energetic potential of the Moon in a much more influential way. It also allows us to receive more clarity about our purpose and potential moving forward.

Super Moon’s are determined by the Moon’s proximity to the Earth, and April brings us the second strongest Super Moon of the year, the most strongest being in November.

Falling in the fire sign of Aries, this New Moon is really helping us to start taking action along the path we desire.

This Aries New Moon will give us the energy and motivation to start paving the way forward, and to make some serious tracks in achieving our goals.

No matter where you are in your life, this New Moon is going to give you the action and motivation to start cleaning things up and getting sorted.

If things have shifted for you during the Eclipses, it is now time to start taking responsibility for your life and your energy.

In many ways, it is like we will all be able to tend to life with new vigour and zest. The flowers will be blooming and there will be plenty of work to do.

In fact, if there is something you want to plant, or some weeds you want to pull, now will definitely be the time to do it, because just a few days after this New Moon, the energy will be slowing and things may start to feel sluggish.

This is due to Mars, the planet of action, energy and motivation, who is preparing to take a long winters nap. He is preparing to go retrograde on the 19th of April, and some might have already started to feel his energy slowing down.

The energy of this New Moon is really going to be our last opportunity to get things sorted for some time. Once Mars goes retrograde, our motivation will be lost and the energy will shift from a “doing” phase, to a “resting” phase.

This resting phase is definitely something we all need. Since September 2015 of last year, we have all been feeling a lot of movement, growth and change, and now things will be slowing down and we will all have time to stop and catch our breath.

To really use the energy of this Super New Moon, it may be beneficial to start thinking about what needs to be done and what needs to be tended to in your life right now.

After Mars turns retrograde, the motivation, inspiration and flow to get things done will be harder and more of a struggle, so use this energy while you have it.

If you need to express yourself or communicate something important to others, be very careful around this New Moon.

Being in a fire sign, the New Moon will also be very emotionally charged and you may not like where your conversation takes you.

This is definitely a time to think before you speak and to be mindful over what you say.

Emotions may be running hot on this New Moon, so perhaps finding some ways to release and express yourself in a creative and healthy way would be beneficial.

Releasing is very important on this New Moon as well. In many ways, it is like the lid is going to be lifted and we will finally be able to let go and release all those pent up emotional stresses and strains of the last few months.

If you need an outlet for this energy, consider breath work, exercise, spring cleaning or painting.

This Super New Moon will also be helping us to lay some powerful seeds of potential.

Aries energy is powerful and fiery, and when we plant seeds of intention on an Aries New Moon, they have the kick and the punch to manifest and take flight.

Use this New Moon to set your intentions and desires, and perhaps even start clearing some room to turn them into realities.

Be mindful however, that with the upcoming retrograde, we may have to be patient in order to see the results occurring in our lives.

In fact, patience really is the key for the coming months and we should all take this time to rest and recuperate after all the changes that have been occurring.

April’s New Moon is a mixed bag of energy, however if you can work on staying balanced and grounded, you will be able to use this energy to really make some powerful headway in all areas of your life.

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