Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018

chinese astrology dog 2018
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The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar and is celebrated on February 16th, 2018, which is the second New Moon of the year.

2017 was the year of the Yin Fire Rooster. It was a year of standing up for yourself, going after what you wanted and tuning into that feminine side. It had a fiery, fierce energy that really helped to create waves in our lives and around the world.

2018 brings more of a masculine energy with the year of the Yang Earth Dog. Yang energy is always external, rather than Yin energy which is more internal.

Even though we have this strong masculine energy in 2018, the element of Earth and the sign of the Dog is going to temper this and will help to create a gentle, fun-loving vibe throughout the year.

In Western Astrology it is also a very Earth-focused year, and it is interesting that this matches up in Chinese Astrology too.

Earth energy is all about getting grounded, creating security, and finding your balance as you move forward. Earth energy is slow to move, however the movements are always calculated and always help you to get further ahead.

Under so much Earth energy, we may feel like we are not moving forward at all, but actually 2018 is one of the most pivotal years to laying the foundation and taking some of the biggest steps of your life.

Even if it doesn’t feel like you are doing much, the work laid down in 2018 is really going to set you up for many years to come.

Dogs are truly one of the most special animals. They are a true expression of unconditional love and are always present in the moment. Dogs have an amazing healing ability and have a strong sixth sense and intuition.

These are all things that we can cultivate and embrace this year as part of our journey.

In Chinese Astrology, the year of the Dog is associated with finding balance and getting organized. On one hand, we may feel called to act, to change, and to make headway, but on the other hand we may feel a need to rest, reflect and go within.

Think of the energy of this year as being similar to how a dog behaves. You may be full of energy and raring to go, but then you also need your sleep!

This duality is part of the nature of the Earth Dog, and is why this year may feel stop and go for many. In fact, it almost seems like this year is paving the way for the success and abundance that is to follow in 2019, with the year of the Pig.

Even though Dogs are seen as innocent, fun-loving animals, there is also a darker side to the year of the Dog.

According to Chinese Astrology, the year of the Dog is also a time to tread carefully in business and when dealing with sensitive situations. This is because there could be a tendency to lash out, become overly attached or stubborn.

The Year of the Dog can also bring some reckless energy as well, and there may be havoc or chaos that you need to wade and sort through.

The good thing about the Yang energy present this year is that most issues and conflicts will be resolved quickly. With Yang energy, usually things are quick to rise and quick to fall when it comes to conflicts.

All of the energy of the Earth Dog is going to make it the perfect time to take a “grass roots” approach to your life.

Studying, strengthening relationships or your career, spending time with family and connecting to your inner self are all going to be great places to focus your attention.

On a global scale, things may also feel up and down and chaotic this year especially when it comes to government structures. Even though things may feel all over the place, there is also the potential for many positive changes to be put into action too.

Seeing as it is an Earth year in both Western and Chinese astrology, you can be sure that Mother Earth is also going to be speaking up and we are going to have no choice but to listen.

Overall, the year of the Yang Earth Dog is a positive and harmonious year. It is a year where we will have to really honor the cycles of action and rest, create stability, and find that fun-loving approach to life no matter where it is leading us.

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