Discover Your Karmic Debt Number Using Numerology

What is your Karmic Debt Number?

May believe that karmic debt is a accumulation of all the ‘bad’ things that you have done in previous lifetimes and that you have been sent to earth in this lifetime to clear or restore your karmic balance.

Karmic debt however really does not work like that. Karma is simply ’cause and effect’ and dictates the energy you set in forward motion every time you have a thought or take an action.

Your karmic debt is more about your life lessons and what your soul needs to do in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

While your karmic debt is inherited from past lives and exists on a soul level, it is not really about all the ‘bad’ things you have done. It is more about the actions you have taken and where those actions have led you.

In the spirit world there is no such thing as good or bad, it is all relative and up to you on how you choose to live your life and perceive certain events.

In Numerology, everyone is given a Karmic Debt Number which can reveal what lessons or karma your soul has come here to realize. This number is determined by the name that was given to you at birth.

To discover your Karmic Debt Number all you need to do is add up the letters of your full, birth name using the table below.

karmic debt number

So for example, say if your full birth name is PAUL LEE SMITH, you would add:


You would then reduce this down to a single digit number, so-



Note: the only time you would not reduce the numbers to single digits is if you got an 11 or 22 as these are known as Master Numbers.

In the above example, Paul would have a Karmic Debt number of 6.

Discover What Your Karmic Debt Number Means:

Number 1

In previous lifetimes the calling of your soul was never nurtured. You always put others before yourself and spent most of your time worried or concerned about others. You perhaps neglected to really love yourself and had low self-esteem or a poor sense of self-worth. In this lifetime you have come back to really learn that you are important and that being happy, nurtured and loved within yourself is the true way to give and serve others. Perhaps life will present to you many challenges that will force you to stand up for yourself and discover who you truly are.

Number 2

In previous lifetimes you valued material items and the world of the physical more than your own intuition or emotions. You fell into the trap of following your ego and neglected your spiritual or the creative calling of your soul. In this lifetime you have come back to enjoy the other side of life- joy, creativity and pleasure. You have come back to release the burdens of the material world and instead look for satisfaction and purpose in what you do. Perhaps life will present many situations for you where you are forced to look beyond the external and into the internal. Perhaps you will feel guided to really follow your passions and trust that small voice within.

Number 3

In previous lifetimes you never felt comfortable or secure in being able to express yourself or stand up for what it is that your truly believe. You may have felt oppressed or that you were not able to authentically live your truth. Perhaps you were also stopped from communicating a message or a truth. In this lifetime you have come back to learn how to raise your voice and your confidence in expressing yourself. You have also been sent back to communicate an important message to the world that your soul has been holding on to.

Number 4 

In previous lifetimes your home and family life was not a place where you felt comfortable or secure. Being able to experience the peace and comfort that comes from being in a nice home and surrounded with a nice family is something that you never got to experience or that you took for granted. In this lifetime, you have been sent to learn the value of family and home and how important it is to create a secure and peaceful environment to flourish in. You have also come to learn the importance of supporting and loving those around you. Perhaps in this lifetime, you may be presented with many opportunities to mend family relationships and provide a stable and secure environment for your loved ones.

Number 5

In previous lifetimes you craved physical and emotional attention to the point where you became attached, needy and greedy. It is likely that you used your charm to get your way, even if it wasn’t in the best interest of those around you. Perhaps you also had an affair or manipulated others to get your way. In this lifetime you have come back to learn how to respect others and treat them fairly, as well as how to create and respect healthy boundaries in relationships. You have also come to learn how to express your truth without the need for manipulation or artificial sentiments.

Number 6

In previous lifetimes you neglected your health or perhaps suffered from a debilitating disease. Perhaps you also found it difficult to manage your time between work, rest and play. This was likely due to the fact that you were not able to express your emotions or you had a poor grasp on your emotional wellbeing. In this lifetime you have been sent to help nurture and heal your emotions and to understand that your emotions play an important role in your physical health. Life may send you many challenges and opportunities to make your health a priority so you can begin nurturing and providing your body with the right care. Healthy eating, exercise and mediation is definitely necessary for this karmic number.

Number 7

In previous lifetimes you made many decisions based on your own needs and struggled to have compassion and empathy for how those decisions effected others. Perhaps you were unable to sympathise with others and felt very strongly that life was a struggle or competition. In this lifetime you have come to experience the joy and the flow of life, and you may even feel called to be of service to other people. Your lessons in this life are really about learning to walk in other people’s shoes and to be compassionate towards those around you. It is also to learn how to make decisions that are in your highest good, rather than from a place of competition or the need to get ahead.

Number 8

In previous lifetimes you failed to live life to it’s fullest and struggled with taking responsibility for your actions. Perhaps you were always finding ways to avoid looking at the truth or the reality of your life and instead your relied on others to pick up the pieces of your life. You may have also has issues with addiction or you failed to get your life moving in a direction that really supported the growth of your soul. In this lifetime you have returned to learn how to take full responsibility for your life and the direction of your soul. You are also here to learn how to look at the truth of your life and to get to the core of your soul purpose and mission. Instead of being lost in addictions and trying to escape reality, in this life you will be guided to face everything head on.

Number 9

In previous lifetimes you viewed the world as a hateful place that was full of disharmony, distrust and greed. You were not able to see past the shadows of life and you found it difficult to stay positive about your life and the condition of the planet. This was perhaps largely due to the fact that you had a deep spiritual awakening that made life in the physical world feel empty. In this lifetime you have returned to find all the joys and pleasures on Earth and to find happiness in physical form. You have also returned to move your awareness away from the negative and to start making positive changes, either personally or through humanitarian work.

Number 11

In previous lifetimes you played by the rules, did what society expected of you and lived a fairly positive and comfortable life. But, what you failed to do is listen to the calling of your soul and to take the adventurous opportunities that were often presented to you. You allowed fear of the unknown to stop your soul from moving forward and to block you from experiencing a different side of life. In this lifetime you have returned to take more chances, make more bold decisions and to learn how to follow your intuition. Fear will no longer hold you back this time around and you will be able to relax and explore the many opportunities before you.

Number 22

In previous lifetimes you preferred to stay in the shadows and never really let on to the world your many talents or abilities. You shyed away from attention and preferred to downplay your skills and abilities. In this lifetime you have returned to finally take center stage. You have returned to show the world your talents and to take up a leadership role of some kind. You have been sent to step into your full power and potential in order to make your mark on the world. This time around, life may present to you many opportunities to step up and share with the world your highest self and truth. You are destined to leave a big impact on the world.


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