Don’t Stop Believing

One of the greatest gifts of living in America is our country’s message to dream. We’re so lucky to be able to dream and to follow our hearts.

As fortunate as we are, I feel like dreams often become an idea of the past as you get older. Having these creative ideas of how you want your life to be somehow turns into being childlike.

Are kids the only ones who should paint their future, even if the ideas seem too complicated to achieve?

Of course not!

I fall victim to this myself sometimes. I am very much a Virgo at times, and let my common sense and head get in the way of enjoying a thought that could actually become a reality, if I let myself believe it.

That’s the thing though. You must believe. As we get older, we become wiser from experience. It’s a good thing but at the same time it can hurt us. It can stop us because we may had experienced failure previously. We can’t let that happen though.

Who gets everything they want by the time they’re out of college? Who gets what they want during their quarter life and middle life crisis? Who even wins it all by the time they’re 80 years old?

No one.

When you stop believing and quit dreaming, you’re no longer living.

My favorite feeling in the world is that excitement of knowing there’s something amazing out there that I’m yearning to get to. The universe has something bigger and better waiting for me. It keeps me up at night and wakes me up early in the morning. It’s that beat that I need to follow and listen to.

Dreams shouldn’t only be associated with children. They should only become bigger and stronger as you get older. There’s nothing wrong with letting it grow.

For me, my goals in life revolved only around myself and nothing else. It’s not a bad thing. I want to succeed on my own and do my best working towards my dream job. That’s always been it.

As we turn a year older each birthday, our ideas expand and open up. They’re no longer only focused around ourselves.

I’m starting to see things shift a little on my list of goals. I still want to move up in my line of work, but it’s no longer my only priority I like imagining for the future.  I’m starting to see the bigger picture and meaning of life. I want things like a home, a family and settling down in the next few years or so. I’m not necessarily ready for these yet, but I had never given it much thought before. Now there’s an imagine in the back of my mind I carry around everyday and it makes me happy thinking about what’s to come.

You should never settle, even if you’re happy. You should appreciate what you have in your life, but don’t end there. Reach for more. Live more.

Life is too short to stop creating. Never stop believing there’s nothing else out there. Live your life to the fullest!

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