Dream Deep

You don’t need to fall asleep to dream deep.

Let go of any fears that you may hold on to, and truly allow yourself to sink into dreamland, while wide awake.

Where does that space take you? That space inside that aches to be free? How does it look like for you, and what does it leave behind?

Have you ever tried to daydream, and failed? What a sensation of self-pity. It devours the spirit- I can’t daydream? What happened to me? Did I grow up, forgetting completely who my inner child is?

All those questions flooding the perceptive human mind. And then we have those that daydream way too much, not allowing balance to take its rightful place in his/her world. Therefore not staying grounded, which in itself means hardship in the 3D surroundings.

If you can manage to strike the rainbow chord inside, it will allow you to dream deep and to stay balanced, easily. And to do that is such a healing thing, a journey blessed for the ones that have ears to hear and eyes to see. When all things fail, when nothing else seems to be working out for you, just take a seat and close your eyes. Allow your inner guide to take you on a journey. It might look dark and bleak at first, but have patience. After patience comes faith.

When faith introduces you to light, you will believe. And the light shines on all the prisms of the rainbow. So guide yourself into all the colors of life, no one can do it better than you.

So many of us have forgotten how to be dreamers. It is as if the world has raped us of our colors, and then, on top of that, it is chasing us down again, to rape us again. Could it be karma? Is it our turn to take that energetic beating, since we allow the Earth to be treated the same way…? Maybe. Maybe not.

Whatever the reason behind it, we need to still our minds and hearts and immerse into nothing but our dreams at times.

Dreamland creates infinite possibilities, and infinitum allows for us to explore future possibilities. You see, before anything took shape in physical reality, it definitely was a reality in some other sphere… a sphere that IMAGINATION touched upon. You must know this deep within, as you probably enjoy light, electricity, heaters, coolers, cars, airplanes, and etc. in this modern day and age.

I suggest you be a fool, get laughed at, and dream yourself into your own destiny and future.

Who knows who gets the last laugh?

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Hengi Hawk