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Andi Scarbrough is a hair stylist in Santa Monica, California who offers Crown Chakra haircuts and treatments. Naturally, upon learning that such a thing existed, I had to check it out and I am so excited to share with you my experience….

When I heard that there was such a thing as a Crown Chakra haircut I did a little happy dance inside and booked myself an appointment to see what it was all about.

Growing up with Persian and Indian background, I have very thick, hard to tame hair, so putting my trust in a stylist is not something that I easily do. Seeing that this was a Crown Chakra haircut however, the name itself was enough to wipe all my fears away.

I rocked up to the salon and was greeted by the very friendly Andi Scarbrough, who has been working as a hair stylist for many years. It was only recently however, when she came into her mystical and intuitive powers that she realized she was working with people’s crown chakra energy day in and day out.

When she became conscious of this, she realized that by utilizing the power of the highest chakra, she could provide healing haircuts that not only looked good, but also felt good on a soul level.

Before I sat in the chair, it was clear that Andi was already starting to tap in to the messages of my crown chakra.“There is a lot going on in here”, she said and I just had to giggle as to the truth of that!

The first part of the session included a brief consult where we talked about my hair, how I was feeling and the intuitive messages Andi was receiving. I loved every minute of it and it was very clear to me that Andi was extremely gifted.

“A consultation is a time for me to sort of plug into someone energetically and talk to their highest self,” shared Andi. “Body language, and how a client comes in wearing their hair usually tells me a lot. If they come in with it down, or done, there are are often approval stories in play. They want to show me (prove) they care. If a client comes in with a top knot or pony tail, and tells me they wear it that way often, I may ask what’s been showing up for them lately. Perhaps they feel constricted in their relationship or job or obligations.  Then I may ask how this is showing up for them in their hair. Perhaps it’s a desire for more freedom and movement–a wash-and-go style– or letting go of length they’ve felt obligated to maintain in favor of a lighter more airy style. It’s all related! Our hair is the one accessory we never take off, and just like a purse or watch, it says a lot about our lifestyle and the way we get (or don’t get) our needs met.”

Once we had discussed my new hair style and how it fit perfectly with my energy, the next step was to choose a crystal.

Andi opened up a treasure chest of crystals and while I sat there and deliberated over which one to choose, Andi started preparing some special oils.

I decided to go with pyrite, which is a grounding, earthy crystal that is excellent for manifestation and productivity. Which coincidentally, all tied in nicely as to the message of my crown chakra as well.

Instead of just a regular shampoo and conditioning treatment, Andi began using delicious smelling essential oils and massaged my scalp and crown chakra for a blissful 10 minutes.

Andi shared, “I use DoTerra’s Purify blend in your wash to help remove residue from not only the hair, but to ease open any blocks in the crown chakra as well. I used Melissa Oil and Lavender, and Pureology’s Precious Oil in your treatment.”

As she was massaging my scalp and cleaning my hair and crown chakra, I felt incredibly light and peaceful. I just had to close my eyes and take it all in.

After the cleansing, I could feel a wave of emotions bubbling within me. I realized just how much old energy I was carrying around in my crown chakra and how I needed to create more space.

As we were chatting, Andi even shared with me incredible wisdom about hair that very few of us realize-

“Hair is a literal time capsule. Each little strand is like a record of what has been going on in your life nutritionally, hormonally and emotionally. I can lift a section and measure by growth lengths the last time you were very sick, in trauma, or had a hormone shift. At an average of 1/2 an inch of growth a month, most women who wear their hair past their shoulders are carrying the complete minutes of the last 3-6 years of their lives. Their loves, their losses, all of it. And as hair also acts as an antenna to the higher realms, this has the potential to cause a lot of interference. Not to say say that it all has been be cut off, but to clear it– like you would sage a home (either when something happens, or just as routine maintenance), is imperative to keeping that connection clear and the load of stories we’re carrying with us light.  Sometimes clearing isn’t enough, and it can be best of service to really “cut cords” with the past by physically letting go of all those tiny diaries we’re carrying on our head. Our hair stores a lot of energy, which is why getting a hair cut can feel so freeing and life-changing.”

This may also explain why following a breakup or huge life change, many of us feel the need to radically transform or change our hair.

After Andi finished cutting my hair she began blow drying it and styling it to perfection. Needless to say I was thrilled with my new hairdo and super excited to share this amazing experience with the world!

Sometimes its easy to forget just how much energy and emotions we are all walking around with and having my haircut with Andi made me realize that personally, I store a lot of energy in my hair. This makes sense to me, as my hair is often wild, all over the place and hard to manage at times- just like my thoughts!!

Getting a haircut is always a great feeling for me, but with the added magical touch of the crown chakra work, this haircut felt good on a much deeper soul level. As Andi shares-

“For many people, a hair appointment is a really rare time of sitting still. It’s is one of the only small, semi-mandatory self- care experiences in which most of us indulge, whether we do this in any other capacity or not. Stylists have a huge opportunity with our clients–not just as beauty service providers, but really a chance to be of service to another human. We offer a safe space for them to be heard and an audience with whom to test-drive ideas; a person who won’t judge them or hold them accountable to action, and therefore provides a place for candid honesty, a certain rawness, and healing. Bringing intentionality, energy awareness to the chair-side conversation and openly sharing my intuitive gifts seemed like a natural fusion.  My goal has always been simply to give people encouragement and a permission to feel good that lasts longer than the blow-dry.”

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