Gemini New Moon Ritual June 2018

gemini new moon ritual

The Gemini New Moon falls on June 13th and is a Supermoon. This means that lunar energy is going to be stronger than usual making it the perfect time to do a ritual.

New Moons always represent the start of a new cycle, and this Gemini New Moon is going to set us on the last lunar cycle before a new Eclipse season begins. In this last cycle we are going to be wrapping up and putting end to major themes we have been working with since the start of the year.

Gemini is the sign of the twins. It represents duality and adaptability, it signifies the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Under the Gemini New Moon we are going to be encouraged to become more aware of our thinking, and to move blockages from our subconscious into our conscious mind so we can clear them and start fresh.

We don’t have to believe everything we think. At any time we have the power to rewrite our story and to choose what thoughts we are going to focus on.

This ritual is going to guide you to clear let go of the past and set an intention for a new beginning.

Gemini New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

This ritual is best done from June 8-20, 2018

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • Candle
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Your favorite crystal


1.) Start by smudging your surroundings and aura. For more instructions on how to do this, please read this. When cleansing your aura be sure to move the smudging tool around your entire body including the bottom of your feet, concentrate on areas that feel blocked or that need extra support. As you cleanse, recite the following mantra or write your own-

“I cleanse my space, I feel myself expand. I cleanse my heart, I feel myself radiate and glow. I cleanse my mind, I feel light and free. I cleanse all of me, so I can begin again.”

2.) Find a comfortable space and set out your candle and pen and paper in front of you. Light your candle and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths here to settle yourself.

3.) Rub your hands together and imagine you are generating a positive, light, healing energy. Once you feel heat between your palms, place both your hands on your belly and take 3-4 deep breaths in and out. As you breathe, visualize your hands healing and recharging your body. Move your hands up to your heart center and repeat another 3-4 breaths. Then move your hands up to your third eye area and repeat another 3-4 breaths. Finally, place both your hands on the top of your head and repeat another 3-4 breaths.

4.) Shake off your hands and then pick up your pen. Choose one of the following journal prompts to work with, use your intuition to guide you as to the best one for you. Once you have chosen your prompt, write it at the top of y our page-

  •  “The things that are blocking me the most right now…”
  • “Things I need to let go of ….”
  • “Things that are no longer working out for me…”
  • “The story I keep telling myself is….”
  • “Things that drain my light…”

Then begin writing down whatever comes to your mind. Allow yourself to just dump out anything and everything that needs to be released. Just give yourself permission to go for it. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Surrender to your mind and allow it to flow.

Go deeper.

Let it flow.

You can also draw or write poetry if you prefer. For best results, aim to write for at least 20 minutes or until you have filled 3-4 pages.

5.) Once you have dumped everything out onto paper. Rub your hands together again, imagining you are generating healing, positive energy and then touch anywhere on your body that you feel you need some healing or supportive energy. Breathe into these spots again for another 3-4 breaths.

6.) Now, look back over what you have written and see if you can narrow down what you need to let go of or the main lessons/issues. Perhaps condense it into a list, or highlight key words that keep coming up for you. Once you have an idea, you are going to set an intention to help you let go and make positive changes.

7.) Your intention can be anything, but try to phrase it in a positive way. For example if you need to let go of guilt set your intention to be- “I am going to work on forgiving myself and being gentle with myself as I navigate through life. I remember that I am just here to learn and grow.”

Or if you want to let go of an ex-lover for example, your intention may be- “From this point forward I am going to honor and respect myself. I know I deserve only the best and I set the intention to meet a partner that is going to align with my soul.”

8.) Once you have your intention written down, pick up your crystal and while holding it in both your hands, read your intention to it. As you say the words, imagine the crystal absorbing your energy and your intention. The stronger you feel the intention in your heart, the more powerful the effects.

9.) Take your intention, fold it up and place it under your chosen crystal to charge it up overnight. The crystal will retain your intention and you can use it whenever you need help or support remembering it. For the next few days, carry the crystal around with you in your pocket, or sleep with it near your bedside.

10.) To close out the ritual, snuff out your candle. You can choose to keep your journaling to reflect back on, or you can rip it up and discard in in the recycling.

Happy New Moon!

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