Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual June 2021

gemini solar eclipse ritual june 2021

The Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse falls on June 10th and is connected to the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse we had back on May 26th.

If the Blood Moon Eclipse was about clearing, completion, and endings, this Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings. It opens a portal to a new pathway and offers new territory to explore. We may feel ourselves shifting, changing, or embracing a fresh new start in our lives in some way.

This energy of new beginnings is deep in its work and magic, which means we need to move slowly and allow ourselves to be guided. We need to surrender, trust our intuition every step of the way, and give ourselves time to adjust to the new frequencies and energies that are on offer to us.

The new beginnings on offer may not make sense to us straight away, but whatever actions or themes are prevalent in our lives right now are likely to give rise to a new cycle that unfolds in the months and even years to come.

You can read your full Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse forecast here.

In order to embrace this magical Solar Eclipse energy, here is a ritual to guide you. As always, feel free to adapt the ritual to suit your needs.

Gemini Solar Eclipse Ritual 2021

This ritual is best done from June 10-19, 2021

You will need:

  • Energy Cleansing tool of choice (Eg. dried herb sticks, incense, bells, etc.)
  • Energy Recharging Guided Meditation
  • Pen and paper
  • 1 candle
  • Crystal of choice (choose whatever you feel drawn to)


1.) Have all your ritual ingredients out in front of you and begin with cleansing your aura using the following method-

Take your cleansing tool of choice and start at the top of your head. As you cleanse the top of your body, recite the following-

“I seal in the good thoughts. I seal in the peace and calm that floods me now.”

As you cleanse the midsection of your body, recite the following-

“I seal in the love and creativity that is around me now. I activate my feelings of purpose.”

As you cleanse the lower part of your body and feet, recite the following-

“I am cleansed; all dense energy has now left my body. I am aligned. I am restored. I am energized.”

Now cleanse your surroundings and ritual ingredients as well. Allow yourself to do this in silence, just connecting with the natural magic of the process.

2.) Light your candle and sit before it, gently gazing on the flame. Take 5 deep breaths in and out just to calm yourself and settle your mind.

3.) On your next 7 breaths, recite the following mantras. The best way to do it is to read the mantra aloud and then take a deep breath in and out. If you like, you can also place your right hand over your heart as you do this –

  • I honor and love myself for making the time to do this ritual. (breathe in and out)
  • I feel calm and centered in my body, mind, and soul. (breathe in and out)
  • I open myself to the wisdom of the current cosmic energies, knowing I will always be protected. (breathe in and out)
  •  I welcome the new beginnings this Solar Eclipse brings. (breathe in and out)
  • I am ready to welcome any changes or shifts I need to make so I can live a life more aligned with my purpose. (breathe in and out)
  • I trust the Universe will guide me and will reveal in perfect timing any steps I need to take. (breathe in and out)
  • I am peace, I am calm, I am love and I wish the same for all. (breathe in and out)

4.) Now, get nice and comfortable, and start your Energy Recharging Guided Meditation. This meditation is perfect for recharging your energy field and getting you into the right energetic space for the rest of the ritual.

5.) Once the meditation is complete, take your pen and paper, and at the top of the page, write down – “7 things I wish for my life right now”. Begin making your list, thinking of the 7 things you would want in your life right now. You can be as detailed as you like.

6.) Once done, look back over your list and just observe any thoughts or feelings that have come up for you. Is there a theme running through what you have wished for? Are there actions you can take today to help your wishes come true?

7.) Take your piece of paper and fold it up. Holding it in both hands, recite the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“Dear Universe, receive my wishes and help me to make them come true. Guide me to the best and most appropriate actions so I may receive the wishes that are only in my best and highest interest. Mold my wishes so they bring me to my soul path. Allow them to bring only joy, prosperity, and happiness to all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Take your folded paper and place it under your crystal of choice. 

8.) To close out the Solar Eclipse Ritual, place your paper and crystal by your bedside or on your altar for the next 3 days. After 3 days, discard your papers as a symbol of non-attachment and trust that the Universe has heard your requests.

Snuff out your candle to complete the ritual.

Happy Solar Eclipse!

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