Have You Walked this Earth Before? 6 Signs of Reincarnation

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We may appear to have only entered this physical world for the first time, but deep down are we harboring memories and pains from previous life times?

The concept of reincarnation has existed for over 3,000 years and be traced back to both Western and Eastern philosophies.

The theory is that the soul will return or reincarnate into numerous physical bodies, in numerous physical dimensions, in order to gain some understanding or reach a certain level of consciousness.

This goes back to Einstein’s theory of energy- it cannot be created or destroyed, it merely shifts into another form. If the energy of our soul cannot be created or destroyed then reincarnation could make sense. Perhaps the energy of our being simply shifts into another physical form after death…?

Do you feel like an old soul? Do you feel that you have walked this earth many times before? Here are 6 common signs associated with reincarnation and past lives:

1.) Déjà Vu

Most of us have experienced Déjà Vu at some point. While many scientists and psychologists believe that there is a neurological explanation for it, some are not convinced and believe that déjà vu is a sign from a past life.

When you feel a sense of familiarity, whether it is with a person or in a particular place, you could be experiencing some memory deep within your subconscious that perhaps stems from a past life.

Dr. Brian Weiss, one of the most well known past life regression healers, has stated that numerous patients have felt unexplainable emotions while visiting certain countries or seeing certain people. Not only do they feel a sense of ‘having been there before’ they also feel very familiar with the surroundings. More often than not, Weiss has been able to trace back to their past lives using hypnotherapy and has found some connection to their feeling of déjà vu.

2.) Recurring Dreams or Nightmares

Recurring dreams or nightmares have also commonly been linked back to past lives, especially if the dreams are vivd.

Dreams can be symbolic, so it is likely that they don’t fully represent a past life but perhaps they hold clues or messages for you to interpret.

One example of this would be a woman who kept having a dream about finding bones in her closet. When she saw the bones she would feel a sense of guilt and sadness. She kept having this dream again and again until she decided to do a past life regression. Through the regression she discovered that she had drowned her baby in the bathtub and her dream about the bones was a manifestation of her guilt and pain from her past life experience.

3.) Natural Talents

Children or even adults who appear to have amazing talents without even learning or studying them can also be a clue to a past life. Some children have even been able to speak other languages fluently without ever have being exposed to it.

While certain talents can be genetic and ‘run in the family’, there have been cases of people displaying extraordinary talents that are not linked to their current lives in any way.

This may also manifest as having a strong interest in certain topics or an affinity or distaste for certain periods in history.

4.) Phobias

Most phobias appear to be completely irrational, however perhaps they make sense when you trace them back to a past life?

Whether it is a fear of spiders, heights or small spaces, phobias are built into the human psyche as part of our survival instinct. But how do we explain a fear of something that has never really actually threatened us?

Past life regression therapist are often able to trace phobias back to certain events in past lives. For example, if you had a fear of water you could of been drowned in a past life.

5.) Birthmarks 

Many believe that birthmarks are evidence of reincarnation. There is one particular story of a young boy who was able to recount memories of a particular man. The parents decided to research the man that their child spoke of and found that he had been shot in the chest numerous times. When they looked at their son, they noticed that he had birthmarks on his chest in the exact same configuration as the man that had been shot.

It is commonly believed that birthmarks appear as a reminder to heal and release certain past life emotions or traumas. Many also find that their birthmarks change in color or shape depending on their thoughts and emotions.

6.) Soulmates

Many of us feel certain connections to people in our lives and this could be evidence of having met and known each other in past lives.

Edgar Cayce, the famous American mystic stated that souls like to travel in groups and these groupings are known as soul mates or soul families. Cayce believed that each group learn their karmic souls or lessons together. He stated that while the relationships may change from life to life, the souls are always the same. This means that your grandmother in one life may return as your best friend in another life and so on.

This theory may support why we feel certain bonds and connections with people almost instantly.

Understanding your past lives can sometimes help bring clarity and understanding to your current life, especially if you feel a certain pull or memory to something that you can’t really explain.

Releasing past life pains and habits can also bring about healing and can help you crush phobias, pains and negative patterns in your life.

In order to tap into your past lives, try hypnosis or speaking to past life regression therapist. Alternatively you can try this meditation at home:

1.) Retreat to a comfortable and dark place where you can absolutely not be disturbed. Turn off all electronics and cell phones. You can have some light, relaxing background music if you wish.

2.) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Begin to inhale and exhale deeply in order to relax and quiet your mind. As you inhale, imagine a beautiful white light surrounding your body. This white light is going to help protect and heal you on your journey. As you exhale, imagine all your negative thought patterns, expectations and doubts releasing. Continue to do this until you can feel your white light radiating and your mind is free from doubts or repetitive thoughts.

3.) Then in your minds eye, imagine a staircase in front of you. As you make your way to the top of the stair case you are going to come face to face with the past life that is most relevant to you at this particular time of your life. Use your intuition to determine how many steps you need to climb. As you climb each step, count them and imagine yourself going deeper and deeper with each step.

4.) When you reach the top of the staircase, notice the door at the top. How detailed is it? What era is it from? When you are ready, open the door.

5.) Try to allow your mind to explore and wander without judgements and expectations. Accept whatever you see at the top of the staircase and try to relax into the process.

6.) When you are finished exploring your past life, close the same door that you entered in and then climb back down the staircase. With each step, try to return to the present moment more and more. At the bottom of the staircase, open your eyes.

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