How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

As humans, we have the tendency to take on other people’s emotions, although some people are more sensitive and susceptible than others.

Everyday we encounter an array of energies, both positive and negative. Have you noticed that laughter is contagious? It’s sometimes difficult to resist taking on a good mood when you’re in the presence of positive energy. Negative emotions such as fear, anger and frustration can drain your energy and wear down your defences.

It’s important to learn how to deflect negative energies that present themselves in your life. Here’s how:

Determine the source of the emotion: Has your anger and frustration been caused by something that happened to you or somebody else? Are you feeling down after watching a sad film? Some people consciously avoid crowded places due to their overwhelming and negative energy. Seek to pin point the source of the emotion.

Distance yourself from the source when possible: If you feel uncomfortable in a public place, don’t hesitate to change seats. Choose your friends wisely. If someone is constantly complaining and focusing on the negatives of life, then perhaps you should think twice about having them in your life. Nobody wants to be around sooky-la-la’s!

Align your energy by concentrating on your breathing: Focus on the ritual of deeply inhaling and exhaling. Allowing the earth’s energy to infuse your body and stabilize you through meditation will help ground yourself and remove negative energy.

Flush out negativity through the Solar Plexus: The Solar Plexus is a complex network of nerves and constitutes our emotional centre. According to Hindu texts, this third Chakra radiates from the centre of the body. You can create a sense of safety and optimism by placing your palm on the Solar Plexus area located in abdomen to flush out stress from that area.

Shield yourself by visualization: Visualize your entire body enveloped in white or golden light and consider it a defense mechanism that blocks negative energy and physical discomfort and filters in positive energy.

Control emotional overload: Recognize and avoid interaction with people that you know will bring you down. Actively removing yourself from their presence will help rid yourself of negative energy. Surround yourself with positive people that lift your mood. Those are the kinds of people you want in your life.

It’s not you, its them: in life we are sometimes going to have to deal with all sorts of people, so learning how to disassociate yourself energetically is key. The only way to do this is to remember its not personal! Their emotions have nothing to do with you and everything to do with where they are on their journey. It’s not your responsibility to take on or deal with the emotions of others, all you can do is control your own.

“Refuse to eat emotional poison…Taking things personally makes you prey for predators. They can hook your attention with one little opinion and feed you whatever poison they want. Refuse to eat the poison”- Don Miguel Ruiz

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