Intuitive Astrology: 222 and Venus Conjunct Pluto

venus and pluto

On February 22nd, Venus and Pluto come together at 22 degrees of Capricorn, setting off sparks across the cosmos that will be felt till the end of the month.

Venus is the planet of love and relationships. She is the goddess planet, ruled by the Divine Feminine. She is powerful but also soft and nurturing when she needs to be.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. He is responsible for the dark night of the soul, the cycles of death and rebirth and the transformation that take place because of it.

Pluto is always challenging us to work through the darker, deeper stuff. It is always pushing us to get comfortable in the shadows and to make peace with what we find there so we can elevate ourselves to higher levels of consciousness.

Venus and Pluto align typically once every year, and when they do, their energy shakes up our relationships, the power dynamics in our lives, and how we view love.

Unhealthy relationship dynamics or obsessions can be highlighted, and we may find ourselves challenging our viewpoint and beliefs on what love and being in love really means to us.

Venus and Pluto aligning can also bring opportunities to transform and ascend to higher levels of consciousness through the power of love. We can be reminded that we are truly all one and the same, and that separation is indeed an illusion.

While Pluto does tend to get a bad wrap in astrology due to its intense energy, on a higher level, he is also the planet associated with unconditional love, the universal love that flows through everything and everyone.

It is only through experiencing the death and rebirth cycles of Pluto that we can truly ascend to understand our purpose, our soul, and our journey here on this earthly plane.

It is only when we have experienced the dark night of the soul, often brought about by Pluto’s magic, that we can begin to elevate and ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

On the surface, Pluto and Venus aligning has a dark, sexy energy to it but on the deepest levels, it is there to remind us of the power of love, and what love has the capability of building.

What makes this year’s alignment of Venus and Pluto extra special is that it falls on the 2nd month of the year on the 22nd at 22 degrees of Capricorn.

This 22 energy is hard to ignore and perhaps paints a deeper picture as to what the cosmos is trying to get us to understand.

In numerology, the number 22 is about creating in the material world. It is about taking what is in our minds and in our hearts, and putting it out into the world for others to see and experience.

22 is known as a master builder number, as when we tap into this vibration we have the heightened ability to lay the bricks for our dreams and desires in the 3-D world.

To have Venus and Pluto align on a 222 day, at 22 degrees sends a message for us to decode.

Perhaps this is the Universe reminding us of the powerful love we have inside, the love that brought us here, the love that strengthens us, and the love that carries us through the dark.

A lot of us turn to others for love and to validate what love is, but the true power, the true transformation is in learning to love ourselves and to tap into the reservoir of love that resides within us.

Venus, the planet of love, and Pluto, the planet of transformation come together on this 222 day to remind us that we can transform our lives, the world, and the Universe through love, but first and foremost, we have to learn to transform ourselves through love.

We have to remind ourselves that love comes from within us, love is us, and it is through the recognition of this that we are able to truly build and create the life and the world that we all desire.

Love is the soul of the Universe, love is what has brought us here and love is what will return us home. Love is all there is.

On this 222 day, take a moment to tune into the love that is inside you. Thank the transformational journeys you have been on that have brought you closer to this love, and feel the power and strength that this love can offer.

Love, true love, universal love is all that is real, and when we tap into this, when we realize that it flows through us, around us, and is us, we can all become master builders of our dreams.

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