Intuitive Astrological Predictions for 2016

astrological predictions for 2016

2016 is a year for growth and change. It is the year to practice compassion towards others and the self and to accept others for who they really are.

In 2016, we are really going to be called to practice equality and show compassion towards different belief systems, cultures and values.

We are all going to feel pulled by the Universe to expand our global consciousness and to offer sympathy, love and respect to all beings on this planet.

As we leave the energy of 2015 behind and welcome in the new energy of 2016, we are going to feel a sense of rebirth, renewal and awakening.

The energy from the last Full Moon of 2015 will also carry us into the new year, offering us opportunities to love and accept ourselves and those around us.

Because the Full Moon falls in the nurturing water sign of Cancer, we are all going to be required to practice more self-love and self-nurturing in order to harmonise and vibrate along with the energy of 2016

During the next 12 months we are going to be guided to trust our intuition and to connect with our soul mission and highest path on a deeper level.

This is a theme that the Universe has been offering since 2012, so think back to what was happening in your life around this time to see how you have grown and shifted during these years.

In astrology, often the main events of the year are seen through the Eclipse cycles. These cycles represent huge change on both an individual and global level.

The first major shift that 2016 brings is the Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 8th.

This Eclipse is harmonious and is going to help all of us to awaken something new in our lives.

This awakening is most likely to be of a spiritual or emotional nature and will help us to understand which direction the year is going to move for us.

This Solar Eclipse is then followed by the Libra Luna Eclipse on March 23, which is really going to challenge us to rework some of the beliefs and ideas that we have been holding onto in our relationships.

Part of the energy of 2016 is really learning how to be more compassionate and understanding of others and this is likely to feel heightened around this Eclipse.

Your intimate relationships in particular are set to be the focus and if there has not been an equal exchange of giving and receiving you may feel forced to rework some of this during the Eclipse.

The message with this Eclipse is really learning to not only have compassion and acceptance towards others but also towards yourself and what you are giving and receiving, particularly in your relationships.

Through learning, growing and offering compassion for others we are all going to be able to understand and look at life through a different lens.

The next major event of the year will take place on September 1, when a Solar Eclipse will fall in the sign of Virgo.

If the first Solar Eclipse of the year was about awakening to what direction we should walk, the second eclipse is going to help us get real and look at the facts surrounding what we have chosen.

It is almost like the first Solar Eclipse is going to help us intuitively feel our direction whereas the second Solar Eclipse is going to help us put those feelings into action.

The last Eclipse of the year is a Lunar Eclipse on September 16, in the sign of Pisces.

This Eclipse is going to help us to break away from self limiting beliefs and thought patterns in order to gain clarity about our lives and about our selves.

If relationships were stirred during the March Lunar Eclipse in Libra, this Eclipse may help bring the focus away from the other and onto the self.

It is also going to allow us to feel and experience the deeper, darker and more hidden emotions that we have been carrying around so we can assess if they are really serving our higher purpose.

Another important astrological theme for 2016 is Saturn Square Neptune which will be felt most strongly in June and September.

This aspect will be helping all of us to get clearer about where we need to create or break down barriers and boundaries and where we need to bring more practicality or intuition into our decisions.

The Saturn Neptune Square will also be challenging us to rework some of our dreams and wishes to ensure that we are taking the appropriate actions to making them a reality.

If you feel set backs during 2016 in terms of pursuing your goals, it may be because you need to work on getting clearer about what you want or shift the direction of your focus.

This energy can also cause confusion surrounding certain events and decisions in your life, so the best advice to dealing with this energy is to be patient and wait for confirmation from the Universe as to how you should proceed forward.

Overall, 2016 is going to be a transformative year that is going to help all of us to deepen our connection with our selves, others and the world around us.

It is also going to give us more drive and determination to go towards our highest path and will challenge us to rethink some of the ways we have been going about achieving our highest dreams and wishes.

Are you ready to welcome on the energy of 2016?

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