Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius New Moon 2022

aquarius new moon 2022

The Aquarius New Moon 2022 falls on January 31st or February 1st, depending on your timezone. New Moons represent the start of a new lunar cycle, and this New Moon is even more powerful as it brings the start of the Lunar New Year.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by many cultures around the world and is a time of new beginnings. Right before the Lunar Year begins, many take the time to clear out the house, reduce the clutter, and bring fresh energy into their homes. The past is forgiven, and a new, inspired mindset is also encouraged.

Leading up to this New Moon, you may feel inspired to clear away the old and to fill your home with fresh energy. As this is an Aquarius New Moon and holds strong air energy, any actions we take to bring new energy into our lives is likely to inspire new ways of thinking, bright ideas, and a clearer mind.

Use the energies of the Aquarius New Moon to clear your mind. You can do this through clearing the clutter and creating space in your environment or by taking a “thinking detox,” where you focus on stillness rather than allowing your mind to endlessly chatter.

While there are some wonderful, fresh energies on offer under this New Moon, there are a few things to keep in mind. Mercury will still be in retrograde under this New Moon, which means we have to be a little patient when it comes to fully leaping forward.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of reflection and revisiting the past. It is a time when our subconscious thought patterns may come up to the surface for reviewing and revising. When Mercury is in Retrograde, we may feel like we are taking steps backward rather than forward.

Know that this retrograde energy will be short-lived, as just a few days following this New Moon on February 3rd, Mercury will station direct. It is after this date that we may start feeling the full effects of any fresh energies this New Moon has brought our way.

As the weeks continue following this New Moon, we may also find it easier to move forward and to get to work on some of the goals and intentions we have set for the year ahead.

The other important factor under this New Moon is the influence of Saturn. Saturn will be hovering close to the Aquarius New Moon, exerting its influence.

Saturn can sometimes be a harsh energy, but this is only because it wants us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Saturn requires us to ask the hard questions and to ensure that what we say we want and our behavior is in alignment.

Saturn may deliver to us some real-world lessons, giving us a much-needed reality check. We may be forced to confront something we have not been taking responsibility for in our lives, or we may find we are confronted with a challenge that is necessary in order to achieve our goals.

Know that whenever Saturn is involved, there is an opportunity for growth and success. Saturn gives us the hard lessons because it knows we can handle them. It gives us the hard lessons so we can keep growing, keep leveling up, and lead the life we are destined to lead.

If you do notice any challenges or hard obstacles arriving with this New Moon, know that you are being given the stamina to move through it, and on the other side of it, you will be rewarded! Saturn always leaves rewards whenever it stirs lessons in our lives.

We can also take charge of this energy and use it to persevere on issues that have been troubling us. If you have been navigating something challenging, set some intentions around this New Moon and know that the influence of Saturn will shine down some support, helping you to find your way through.

Saturn’s influence is also a strong cosmic support of longevity, so this will be the perfect New Moon to create long-term goals. Saturn can give us the perseverance needed to stand the test of time, so know this is on your side too.

If you want to make some long-term commitments in your life, this New Moon would be the perfect time to set some intentions. Then after Mercury stations direct, that would be the perfect time to take action on them.

So, even though we do have some challenges here, know there is a lot of cosmic support and rewards too!

It is also worth noting that whenever Saturn has been a strong influence in our cosmic skies, we often see further developments when it comes to the pandemic. We may receive some news in regards to the pandemic around the time of this New Moon.

Know that it may take Saturn moving out of Aquarius, which happens in March 2023, for the pandemic to be behind us! (That’s my prediction anyway!)

Another cosmic force worth mentioning around the time of this New Moon is the harmonious alignment between Jupiter and Uranus.

Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius, so it is always worthwhile to see what a planetary ruler is up to under its corresponding New Moon.

Uranus being in harmonious alignment with Jupiter is definitely a positive omen that will help to shift us out of limiting thoughts and into a more hopeful and abundant mindset.

Under this Aquarius New Moon, ask yourself- How can I expand my mind to see things in a new way? How can I clear away self-limiting beliefs and self-doubts in order to make way for new opportunities?

Uranus is the planet of awakening, and as it teams up with expansive Jupiter, there is also the opportunity for some serious ah-ha moments and illumination. While this can definitely be triggered by the New Moon, know we are working with this energy all through the month of February.

Overall the Aquarius New Moon is about clearing our mind so we can expand it to bigger and brighter horizons. With a clear mind, we can also start seeing new opportunities and welcoming in fresh new perspectives.

There is so much to enjoy with this New Moon, so take the time to soak in its vibrations and allow them to move and shake you in the best of ways.

Your Aquarius New Moon Ritual is here

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