Chinese Astrology: Year of the Water Tiger 2022

year of the tiger astrology 2022

Many cultures around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year, which is marked by the second New Moon after the December Solstice. In Chinese Astrology, the start of the Lunar Year also represents a shift to a new ruling sign of the zodiac.

Chinese Astrology involves 12 zodiac signs, each ruled by a different animal, and the five elements- wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. Starting on the Lunar New Year of 2022, which falls either on January 31st or February 1st, depending on your timezone, the ruler of the Chinese zodiac will become the Water Tiger.

The Tiger is a fierce, brave, and courageous animal, signaling that this Lunar year ahead is one where we can conquer our fears and go for our goals. There is no dream too big or ambition too great in the year of the Tiger!

The year of the Tiger allows us to tap into our own inner power and know that there is nothing we can’t achieve when we put our mind to something. In fact, the year of the Tiger is often a positive omen when it comes to career advancement.

If you have big dreams, a daring goal, or a project you would like to get off the ground, the year of the Tiger offers the confidence and support you need to make it happen.

Keep in mind however, that the Tiger is a patient creature that takes time to stalk its prey and make its move. While we can absolutely leap and make daring strides, we also have to be patient and trust that things will align in perfect timing. Just like the tiger hunts for its prey, we can make calculated moves but also be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

In Chinese Astrology, the year of the Tiger is said to bring sudden change and can shift the balance of power and money. We may see this manifesting in the world around us as we collectively begin to review what we truly value.

Western Astrology also supports this idea in 2022, as there is energy floating through the cosmos this year that is likely to change the things we value and the things that we deem as worthy on both a personal and societal level.

Our values are up for review, and with this review, we may find that we begin prioritizing new things and ways of being in our own lives.

The Tiger is not just a powerful, courageous creature but also a very intuitive one too. It has a keen sixth sense and is able to perceive things in its environment that we cannot.

In the year of the Tiger, we can take on some of these intuitive skills and use them to help guide our decisions forward. By trusting our inner voice, and paying attention to the subtle cues of our environment, we may notice the signs and clues the Universe is sending to guide us.

The element of water also enhances the intuitive energies of the 2022 Lunar New Year. The element of water can also heighten our emotions and make us more sensitive to the energies of the world around us.

Feeling extra sensitive can be a superpower and help us connect to the frequencies of the Universe, allowing us to feel at one with it all. But, feeling extra sensitive can also be draining and depleting if we don’t protect ourselves or take effort to care for our energy.

Taking extra steps to protect your energetic body is going to be important this year, and we can do so by working with the healing powers of water.

Water holds vibration, so charging up a glass of water before we drink it, setting an intention before getting into the bath or shower, or spending time in the ocean are all ways we can connect with the healing powers of water.

The element of water also indicates we have to be willing and ready to go with the flow this year. We may find it hard to feel stable or secure in our footing, but if we join the rhythm of the waves we will have a much easier time than trying to fight against them.

In Western Astrology, there is a strong pull to creating security and a building solid foundation in 2022. Perhaps the Water Tiger energy reminds us that while we can build our foundations and take steps to create a feeling of security, we can’t get too attached. Perhaps there is a certain element of surrender still needed as we progress through the year.

Water is also a highly creative energy, indicating that this Lunar New Year can be particularly favorable for creative projects.

Western Astrology also supports this idea with Jupiter spending most of the year in the water sign of Pisces. While in Pisces, Jupiter will also join Neptune, the God of the Sea, enhancing the creative and intuitive force of the element of water.

In the year of the Water Tiger, and with Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces, the element of water will be extra strong. We may also see this reflected in mother nature with an increase in rainfall or even flooding or tidal waves.

Our attention may also be drawn to ways we can create more sustainability around our water supply and the treatment and management of water.

The year of the Water Tiger is one of ambition, courage, intuition, and creativity. Here are some actionable steps you can take to embody this energy:

  • Push past a fear or limiting belief that is holding you back
  • Catch yourself in any thinking that starts with “I am not good enough…” and see if you can switch it to “What if I can…”
  • Take a courageous leap to try something new
  • Find ways to boost your career satisfaction
  • Reconsider your values and what is truly important to you
  • Be patient, wait for the right moment to take action
  • Connect with your inner feline energy- explore what this means for you
  • Use water for healing- charge up a glass of water with an intention before drinking, take baths, spend time near the sea, etc.

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