Intuitive Astrology: Blood Moon Eclipse Taurus 2022

blood moon eclipse astrology november 2022
If you would like guidance around this time, join me for a special Blood Moon Eclipse workshop on November 8 at 10am PT. In this workshop we will be discussing the bigger picture of this Eclipse cycle, plus we will do some ritual work and a group meditation. Sign up here.

The Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8 is a magical event. Falling in the sign of Taurus, this Blood Moon Eclipse brings waves of transformative energy that can shift us to higher states of consciousness and higher levels of our soul journey.

Earlier in May 2022, we had another Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Do you recall any significant events or transformations happening around that time in your life?

This November Blood Moon Eclipse will be working in synergy with that May Eclipse, so you very well may notice similar themes and patterns, or more to the story may be revealed. It’s not that the same events will necessarily repeat themselves, but you may notice you are working through a similar set of lessons.

These lessons are likely to be closely connected to your soul path and karmic destiny. In a way, you can think of Eclipses as accelerators that push us further along on our soul journey. For this reason, Eclipses tend to trigger fated or transformative events.

Transformation can always be challenging and often requires the painful work of peeling back layers, shedding skin, and birthing into the new. Each of these steps carries its struggles and magic, but under a Blood Moon Eclipse, the intensity level can be turned up.

A Blood Moon Eclipse is the most potent kind we can experience as it’s a Total Eclipse. It gets the name Blood Moon, as the otherwise luminous Full Moon turns a bloodish red color as it is completely eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth. This eclipsing of the Full Moon causes darkness, something that can influence our energy field, our pineal gland, and can also serve as an activator of our shadow side, bringing to the surface things that need to be cleared.

The eerie look of the Blood Moon has definitely given it a sinister reputation, and while there are plenty of superstitions around this cosmic event, we should not fear it. Even if our shadows rise, even if we are faced with its intensity, it is as a natural cycle of nature and part of Mother Earth’s rhythm. In many ways, the sight of a Blood Moon can be a beautiful reminder of the beauty and mystery that is always around us.

Under all the intensity and transformative energy of a Blood Moon, we can feel zapped, off-balance, or a little more irritable than usual. It is important to practice self-care, grounding exercises, and to get plenty of rest.

Blood Moon Eclipses can also have a purging effect, so it is extra important to stay hydrated as our body, mind, and soul release and do away with all that no longer serves.

Uranus, the planet of awakening and breaking boundaries is very active under this November Eclipse. We may feel inspired to cut the chains that have kept us bound and free ourselves from any boxes we have put ourselves in.

Where are you longing for greater freedom? What chains do you need to cut? What do you need to break free from? You may very well find the Blood Moon Eclipse energy lending a supporting hand.

Uranus can also bring awakening and surprise, so there is a chance that this Eclipse could bring some shocking news, or may inspire an action or decision that comes as a shock to those around you. Unexpected roads are opening, so if it feels right to veer off course, this Eclipse will provide the opportunity!

It is also worthwhile remembering that Eclipses always put us where we need to be for our highest growth, even if it doesn’t feel like it straight away. Bring some trust and faith to whatever manifests, even if it does seem difficult.

Venus, the planet of love, is also active under this Eclipse, and while we may find ourselves focusing on our relationships and romantic life, Venus is also the planet that rules over our values and our feelings of self-worth.

What do you truly value? Do you feel worthy enough to have what you value? This line of questioning may open up for you under this Eclipse.

Get real with yourself. Don’t be afraid to get honest and have a real conversation about what you truly value and where your beliefs lie around those values.

The November Blood Moon Eclipse is also a wonderful time to set intentions around releasing self-limiting beliefs that keep you small. Weed out any beliefs that are making you feel that you are not good enough or worthy enough and offer them to the Full Moon for release.

You may also find that things that you no longer value, or things that you have pretended to value, may fall away from your life. If this happens, honor any grief but also know this new space is an opportunity to fill it with things that are more aligned with where you want to be.

Saturn, the planet of Karma is also active under this Eclipse energy too. Saturn’s presence can definitely create some heaviness and can shine a spotlight on all the things that we need to deal with from our past.

We may find ourselves feeling extra overwhelmed, irritable, or frustrated, especially if we are holding on to past events or past stories.

If you are feeling consumed by any of this, consider writing a letter where you get out everything from the past that is troubling you. Write it all down, reflect on any wisdom that comes up, and then burn it as a signal of release. Then, when you feel ready, write a new story – create a new letter on how you want this next chapter to go.

While there are many manifestations and ways this Eclipse can show up, at its core, we are being called to let go so we can transform and create space for more of what we truly value.

We won’t have another Blood Moon Eclipse until 2025, so find gratitude for this rare celestial event. Honor yourself for moving through the work, and know when you find yourself on the other side of its energy, you will be facing a new chapter of your soul’s evolution.

If you would like guidance around this time, join me for a special Blood Moon Eclipse workshop on November 8 at 10am PT. In this workshop, we will be discussing the bigger picture of this Eclipse cycle, plus we will do some ritual work and a group meditation. Sign up here.

Your Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual and Reading will be available soon.

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