Intuitive Astrology: Cancer New Moon June 2022

cancer new moon june 2022

The Cancer New Moon peaks on June 28-29, 2022. The Moon loves to be in the sign of Cancer, it is where it feels most at home, so there is a harmony, a belonging to this New Moon that we will all get to feel.

New Moons represent the start of a new cycle and bring a burst of fresh new energy to work with. New Moons are actually most potent right after they peak, as in the days following we are really able to understand, unlock, and appreciate the new that has emerged.

New Moons draw energy toward us, which is why they are typically a good time for setting intentions and thinking about what we wish to attract into our lives.

Under any New Moon, use it as a portal to draw things to you, use it to meditate on how you wish to feel, how you want your mindset to be, and how you wish to move through your day.

Under this June 2022 Cancer New Moon, we may feel extra sensitive, but this sensitivity can be used to make us more intuitive, more compassionate, and more responsive to our environment.

By tuning into the subtle vibrations of the world around us they become a compass, letting us know which direction feels good and which direction feels out of balance. Using our sensitivity as an internal compass is how we can turn it into a superpower!

Black Moon Lilith is also close to the energy of the June 2022 New Moon. Black Moon Lilith represents the feminine, particularly the darker, raw, feminine instincts that are suppressed or shunned in our current society.

Black Moon Lilith also represents sexual empowerment and stepping into our full power as an awakened goddess! Feeling sexy, feeling desirable, and knowing our worth are all domains that Black Moon Lilith can touch upon.

If you have been hiding in the shadows, feeling small, shrinking back for the sake of others, or dimming your beauty, this Cancer New Moon with its heightened sensitivity, will help us to determine where these beliefs stem from and how we push past them. Set some intentions and trust the New Moon will carry your requests through the Universe.

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, illusion, and higher truth, is also highly active under this New Moon, stationing retrograde hours before the New Moon peaks.

Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces, plus the fact that Neptune is making a square or 90-degree alignment with the New Moon, sends strong waves of watery energy our way. The waves may get choppy, but this rarely lasts long. Eventually, the ocean will calm again.

As the waves settle we will be given the chance to see what has washed up upon the shore. We may receive new insights, new information, or new inspiration. There is a clarity that follows these waves of watery energy, helping us to see a new truth.

Watch in the days following this Cancer New Moon for deeper insights, higher truths, and greater clarity.

The June 2022 Cancer New Moon will heighten our sensitivity and magnify our emotions, but it also brings the promise of greater clarity and seeing a higher truth.

If you are already feeling sensitive and raw, definitely take extra steps in the days surrounding this New Moon to protect your energy, set your boundaries, and practice self-care.

Your Cancer New Moon Ritual is here

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