Intuitive Astrology: Chiron and the North Node February- April 2024

chiron north node astrology 2024

One of the most profound and significant events of 2024 is the meeting of Chiron and the North Node in the sign of Aries.

On its highest level, this fusion of energy brings powerful healing, helping to instigate miracles and bring peace. This is an energy that has the potential to soften even the hardest of hearts, and remind us that we truly are all One.

As Chiron and the North Node are meeting in Aries, there will be a passionate, fiery quality to the way we experience the energies. As Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac, there could be a theme of new beginnings or perhaps healings that help us to forge a new path forward.

While there are so many beautiful qualities to the fusion of Chiron and the North Node, there are other layers too, indicating that perhaps a wounding or trauma needs to be recognized first for us to realize this peaceful healing energy. Perhaps we need to reach a tipping point to realize that we cannot continue or go on the way we have been.

In order to really understand this energy dynamic, we first need to take a look into the symbolism and vibration behind Chiron and the North Node individually.


Chiron is known as the wounded healer, for he was abandoned at birth. Chiron lived his early childhood years unloved and unwanted. This deep wound of being abandoned eventually called Chiron to rise up as a powerful healer, teacher, and psychic.

We can see elements of the wounded healer in our own lives, too. Our own wounds often pave the way for us to become more compassionate and understanding to those who have also experienced suffering.

Chiron is our reminder that even though we have wounds and traumas, we can channel them into powerful portals of healing and teaching for ourselves and others.

In our own natal charts, Chiron represents our inherited wounds either from our early childhood upbringing or past lives, and what we have come here to heal.

The North Node

The North Node is a mathematical point that is calculated between the Sun and Moon. The North Node represents where we are heading. It can be our “future” and what lessons or themes are destined to lay ahead for us.

In our own personal charts, the North Node can represent the direction of our soul path and what lessons or themes we have come here to master.

Chiron and the North Node Together

Now, if we take the fusion of Chiron and the North Node and look at it on a collective level, we can see this calling to heal our wounds on a societal level, or on a level that affects all of humanity. It comes back to the spiritual ideology that we are all connected and all One, therefore when someone else suffers, so do we. And, when we recognize this, we can begin advocating, protecting, and supporting all of life, to make this planet a better place for everyone.

As Chiron and the North Node come together, we may see a greater call for humanitarian efforts and to end suffering. Hopefully, we can see a rise that brings peace to countries and communities that need it the most.

On a personal level, the meeting of Chiron and the North Node can help to activate our own healing. It can inspire us to heal our own wounds, not through “fixing” but rather through accepting. That is the key when it comes to Chiron’s energy. It wants us to view our wounds as a portals of power and to own the knowledge, wisdom and intuition they bring. We don’t want to cover them up and pretend they never happened, we want to wear them proudly and allow the acceptance of them to align us with our higher calling.

Chiron and the North Node coming together can help us to achieve this. There could also be an awakening or activation of healers, helping more people to get in touch with their healing gifts.

Dates to Note

All of this energy is on offer from January till April. We will be working and feeling it move through our beings and the cosmic skies.

February 11- Chiron and the North Node in Exact Conjunction in Aries

This is when we experience the peak of this energy. We may experience miracle healings in our own lives, or begin to see a path to peace being forged on the world stage. As this alignment is happening in Aries, there is likely to be a strong, passionate, and fiery power behind all of this energy. As Aries is the sign of new beginnings, it’s very possible that we could see healings that then lead the way to a new chapter.

February 13- The Moon Joins Chiron and the North Node

The Moon adding its energy to the mix makes this a highly emotional and changed time. This energy will be short-lived but it seems we could experience healing breakthroughs at this time or find new ways to feel about our traumas.

April 8th- Aries Solar Eclipse

This is going to be an incredibly powerful time in our cosmic skies. The Solar Eclipse will amplify the Chiron and North Node energies and infuse its healing vibration into whatever the Eclipse brings. Solar Eclipses are road openers and can sometimes lead us down paths we never dreamed we would travel.

Predictions for Chiron and the North Node

  • Uncomfortable situations that are up for healing and transformation
  • World tragedies that lead to greater laws and protection
  • A greater push for humanitarian efforts
  • The end of suffering for a particular community/country
  • A greater push toward independence and individuality
  • Spiritual awakenings, especially for healers
  • Greater acceptance of spiritual healing modalities
  • A pathway open to a higher destiny/higher states of consciousness
  • Deep healing and acceptance of traumas and wounds
  • A psychic cleansing
  • Odd weather patterns (especially around the time of the April 6 Eclipse)
  • A rebuilding or a new chapter unfolding
  • A powerful healing teacher makes its way into the spotlight

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