Intuitive Astrology: Chiron Meets the Sun

chiron meets the sun

In mythology, Chiron is a wounded centaur, but don’t mistake his wounds for weakness. Over the years, and through his life journey, Chiron has learned to turn his wounds into strengths.

He has learned that although he cannot change the past or change the wounds he has acquired, he can use his spiritual strength to turn them into powerful allies on his journey.

As the poet, Rumi once wrote- “the wound is where the light enters to you,” and that is precisely Chiron’s message too.

Despite his wounds, Chiron became a powerful healer because he had the empathy and understanding of what it meant to be broken, what it meant to suffer, and what it meant to rise above it.

It was his wounds that gave him the ability to heal and help others, and for this reason, Chiron is known as the “wounded healer.”

In Astrology, Chiron is an asteroid that represents the traumas and wounds in our lives that we cannot change.

These wounds may have happened to us as a child, they may be connected to the people around us, they may be things from our past, or they may simply be the wearing down of our soul after many life challenges.

No matter the wounds we have acquired on this life journey, Chiron reminds us that they are not to be considered weaknesses but rather things that make us stronger, more compassionate, and more connected to the Universe.

These wounds are a part of who we are. They don’t necessarily need to be healed and wrapped up in a pretty bow. Instead, they are the things we need to accept about ourselves; they are things we need to love about ourselves.

For it is only when we do this, it is only when we stop licking our wounds and own them that we can turn them into strengths and let the light in.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron is currently in Aries until 2027. Under this energy, he asks us to stop touching our wounds and fussing over them and instead to get on with things.

Under the guidance of this fiery Aries energy, Chiron encourages us to forge ahead into new territory. He encourages us to give birth to the warrior within and to remember the strength, wisdom, and compassion that our wounds have the potential to bring us.

Under this energy, Chiron wants to teach us that we can live our life to the fullest even if we are wounded. He wants us to know that wounds and all, we can do it all.

It can be tempting to feel sorry for ourselves or play the victim when certain circumstances come along, especially circumstances that we have no power to change.

We can’t change who our family is, we can’t change the past, and we can’t change the actions or behavior of others.

All we can do is take responsibility for ourselves; all we can do is learn to be grateful for what we have been given. All we can do is accept our circumstances and learn to be comfortable in whatever comes our way.

The Sun Chiron Conjunction 2024

On April 8, 2024, we have the meeting of the Sun and Chiron. This will be a pivotal day and one where we can really feel the full effects of this new Chiron cycle.

Pay attention to what unfolds for you around this day. Pay attention to how you are being challenged to rise up from your pain and suffering and to move forward with confidence and conviction.

Chiron’s journey through Aries reminds us that we are only as strong as we believe ourselves to be. It reminds us that our wounds don’t need to be constantly touched or poked at, and we don’t need to try and “fix” everything, instead we can learn to just get on with things, we can learn to keep moving forward without feeling restricted.

After Chiron finishes its journey in Aries, we will have all been given the opportunity to change our approach to healing and to look at our healing journey in a new light.

Perhaps we don’t have to keep digging deep; perhaps we don’t have to keep searching for that next thing that is going to take all our worries and suffering away.

Perhaps this new mode of healing is just learning to be as we are. Perhaps this new mode of healing is trusting that healing can come naturally when we learn to accept things just as they are.

Life is full of suffering. But it’s ok. It’s more than ok. It is part of our experience. Let us use it to make ourselves stronger, wiser, and more compassionate towards others.

Let us celebrate the wounds that have made us and know that we are always perfect, we are always whole, and we are always right where we need to be.

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