Intuitive Astrology Forecast April 2023

april astrology forecast 2023

April 2023 brings the start of Eclipse Season with a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 19th.

Eclipses are always a highly transformative time, so you can expect April to bring some changes and shifts in your life. A new opportunity may present itself, or someone new may come into your life. Due to the energies surrounding this month’s Eclipse, it’s very likely that a new chapter will begin for us in some way.

April 2023 also brings the first retrograde planet since January, with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 21st.

Mercury can bring a slow down to the cosmic energies, guiding us to reflect. Since this is the first retrograde we have had in a few months, we may notice the shift more clearly. Things from the past may come back up to the surface, or we may find ourselves feeling the need to pause, especially when it comes to making decisions.

As we reach the month’s end, we are still deep in the transformative Eclipse energies as we head towards the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5th.

Here are the key dates to note throughout the month-

April 2023 Astrology Forecast

April 3- Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus where it will retrograde later in the month. Mercury moving from Aries into Taurus will help to slow things down a little. Our minds may become quieter and we may find it easier to move into a place of stillness. Clarity is more likely to dawn from stillness rather than action.

April 5- Sun Conjunct Chiron

A beautiful day of healing and appreciation for the wounds that have made us who we are today. Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. It is activated by the Sun on this day, guiding us to shine a light on how our wounds, although painful, have guided us to this point in our lives. Chiron teaches us that while some wounds may never leave us, they can still be the birthplace of something beautiful. You can read more on this here.

April 5/6- Libra Full Moon

There is strong healing energy connected to this Full Moon thanks to yesterday’s meeting of the Sun and Chiron. It is likely that this Full Moon will bring healing breakthroughs, allowing us to find the strength, compassion, and awareness that our wounds can bring us. The Full Moon in Libra may also shine a spotlight on our partnerships and how we show up in our relationships. We may find ourselves needing to let go or release attitudes, behaviors, or patterns that are no longer serving us in our relationships. It is hard to be aware of our unhelpful or even harmful behaviors, but this Full Moon can illuminate things for us, allowing us to step deeper into the work. We just have to be open and willing.

April 8- Mercury Enters its Pre-Retrograde Shadow

Mercury begins slowing down in preparation for its upcoming retrograde later in the month. We have had zero planets in retrograde since January, but that spell is now coming to an end. While we don’t feel the full effects of Mercury Retrograde just yet, we may start to get clues or glimmers as to what this retrograde may have in store for us. Remember, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, so whatever messages our higher self, angels, or spirit guides have for us that we have not yet looked at or ignored may quietly begin rising to the surface.

April 11- Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries

The Sun and Jupiter align for their annual conjunction! This once-a-year event shines abundant, prosperous, and expansive energy into our lives. Jupiter magnifies things in our lives, allowing us to see with greater clarity and to understand the bigger picture vision. Jupiter tends to shine a light on the positive, so we are more likely to notice those silver linings or to see a positive resolution to whatever has been magnified for us. The day Jupiter and the Sun align is also considered a positive time to set intentions. Especially as it falls in Aries, the energy of new beginnings will be strong.

April 11- Venus enters Gemini

After the presence of masculine, fiery Mars in Gemini since August 2022, Venus, now enters Gemini, helping to bring balance to our feminine side, especially when it comes to how we interact and socialize with others. Gemini also rules over the need to honor both our human side and our being sides. With Venus here, we may find it easier to acknowledge and work from our more intuitive “being” side.

April 19/20- Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

The Aries Total New Moon Solar Eclipse is one of the biggest events of the year! The Sun will be completely eclipsed, making it a special sight to see and extra potent! Solar Eclipse’s tend to signify a new beginning in the evolution of our soul journey. As it falls in Aries, the sign connected to new beginnings, this energy is magnified. This Eclipse will be powerful for setting intentions, visualizing outcomes, and seeking opportunities. As it falls in Aries, it also begins a brand new Eclipse cycle that we will be working with for the coming 18 months. Pay attention around Eclipse time as to what themes are unfolding in your life, as this may give you clues as to what is destined to unfold over the subsequent Aries Eclipses. There is so much “new beginning” energy under this Eclipse that it has the power to really shift our life path in a completely new direction. Eclipses usually bring some change, transformation, or upheaval, but this is in an effort to move us to a higher state of consciousness. As this is Total Solar Eclipse, and a very strong one, we can feel this Eclipse up to a month before it arrives and a month after it passes. Stay tuned for more on this incredible Eclipse!

April 20- Taurus Season Begins

The Sun moves out of fiery Aries into earthy, grounded Taurus. Aries season tends to move quickly and can give us a burst of motivation. Once the Sun settles in Taurus, things tend to slow down, giving us the opportunity to pause. It is not always easy being faced with moments of pause. Pausing can bring up things that are not working, but it can also create time for more pleasure too. At its highest vibration, Taurus Season allows us to find pleasure in the small things, aligning us with gratitude, appreciation, and abundance. On a practical level, Taurus Season is a great time to organize your finances.

April 20- Sun Square Pluto

This is the first time Pluto will square the Sun after moving into Aquarius a few weeks ago. The Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius will create a square configuration in our cosmic skies, helping to evolve the storyline of Pluto’s move into Aquarius. Pluto spends about 20+ years in each sign of the zodiac, so its move into Aquarius is something we will be getting very comfortable with over the coming years. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was over 200+ years ago, so this is a rare and once-in-a-lifetime energy to work with. Pluto is the planet of power and transformation, and Aquarius is the sign of revolution, technology, freedom, healing, and community. These are all areas that we could see transformed on both a collective and personal level. You can read more on Pluto in Aquarius here.

April 21- Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Our first retrograde planet since January! Mercury enters retrograde in the sign of Taurus until May 14-15th. Mercury Retrograde can sometimes cloud our thinking, causing us to overlook things or miss important details. For this reason, it is best to take it slow during Mercury Retrograde when it comes to making big or long-lasting decisions. However, Mercury Retrograde is a time when our intuition can speak to us with greater clarity. It can also unearth subconscious thought patterns that we need to address or look into. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus may bring up issues we need to address relating to our self-worth.

April 24- Sun Conjunct North Node

This is the last time the Sun will align with the North Node in Taurus for another 18 years. Later this year, the North Node will move into Aries, creating a new cycle. The North Node represents our highest destiny and where we are heading. As the North Node wraps up its journey in Taurus and aligns with the Sun for the last time, the lessons of its time here are concentrated. The North Node in Taurus has been guiding us to focus on our relationship with the material, abundance, and self-worth. Perhaps you have noticed these areas triggered over the last 1.5 years? Where have you felt called to adjust your relationship with material possessions, or even the material world? How have you felt challenged when it comes to giving and receiving abundance? How has your self-worth been challenged? Have you felt called to stand up for yourself or to advocate for yourself more than usual over the last year and a half? These are all fantastic questions to ponder as the Sun and the North Node come together. This meeting can also trigger fated or destined meetings or situations in our lives.

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