Intuitive Astrology Forecast December 2023

december astrology 2023

Well, we have made it. It’s the last month of 2023 and it’s time to close the chapter on another year. No matter what has transpired for you this year, I hope you can be proud of the journey. I hope you can feel love, nourishment, and support holding you through all you have been through and all that is to come.

December is a nice balanced month with a few powerful cosmic alignments intertwined with some gentler ones.

Mercury will be retrograde from December 12 onwards, which means we may feel a little scattered, forgetful, and indecisive, but this energy also supports a strong intuition and may even bring a boost to our psychic gifts.

Both Neptune and Jupiter will station direct throughout the month, helping to speed up the activity of the cosmic skies. By the time we move into January, we will have only one major planet in retrograde, so lots of forward momentum is coming.

December also brings the Solstice, a time of celebrating the light, and the month comes to an end with a sensitive and sweet Cancer Full Moon.

There is a lot to look forward to as we move through December 2023. Let’s take a look at the key astrological events taking place.

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December Astrology 2023

December 2-4: Antares Stargate Portal

Antares is known as one of the four Royal stars and during this time period, the Sun conjuncts with Antares, activating its energy and beaming it straight into our beings. Antares is known as the heart of the Scorpion, and this energy can open our own hearts. We may be feeling more abundant and creative. We may be feeling more compassionate and supportive towards ourselves and loved ones. In some cultures, Antares is considered the resting place for souls after they depart their bodies and make their way to the afterlife. It is under the energy of Antares that they can weigh up their regrets, triumphs, and memories. We don’t have to wait till we are on our way to the afterlife to do this. Take some time under this Star portal to reflect on the course of your life. Is there someone you need to forgive? Is there someone you need to call? How can you use this energy to bring yourself into a state of peace with all that has unfolded?

December 4: Venus enters Scorpio

Venus moves out of its ruling zodiac Libra, into deep, transformational Scorpio. Love runs deep. We may feel quick to fall in love or feel an intense surge of emotions for those we care about. This can be very romantic, steamy energy, so use it to your advantage! At the root of Venus in Scorpio is how we love ourselves and how safe and secure we feel in loving others. Opening our hearts, being vulnerable, and falling in love takes a lot of courage and often can come with a lot of pain. Falling in love still remains one of the greatest human experiences, but it certainly comes with its challenges. Honor all you have learned in love, and all that love has taught you.

December 6: Neptune Direct

Neptune stations direct after being retrograde since the end of June. Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams, and wishes. When its stations retrograde, we can often get a wake-up call and a harsh awakening to the reality that is currently unfolding. We may find that as Neptune emerges from its retrograde journey, we are called to do away with outdated dreams and wishes. Illusions may come tumbling down, allowing us to see a greater truth. If the wool has been pulled over our eyes, we may begin to get moments of clarity. Whenever Neptune is active in our cosmic skies, we also receive a surge of creative energy, so use this to your advantage if there is a problem that needs to be solved or a project that needs to be completed.

December 9: Venus Opposite Jupiter

What a fantastic combination of energy! Venus in Scorpio aligns opposite Jupiter in Taurus, making a bridge of abundant, romantic, and beautiful energy! Jupiter will help to expand the qualities of Venus, making this a wonderful day for inspiration, creativity, and romance. There are some sweet, supportive, and loving vibrations on offer today, so if you could use a boost, breathe it in. Align with the sparkles Venus and Jupiter are making on this day.

December 12: 1212

The sacred number code 1212 is unlocked on the 12th day of the 12th month. 1212 represents moving to a higher state of consciousness. 12 is also a number of completion and ending. We have 12 months in the year and 12 signs in the zodiac. When we have moved through all 12, we begin to form a clearer picture about the whole. Under the energy of 1212, something may come to a completion point, and we may find that all the pieces of the puzzle come into play. We may feel that we finally have the answers, or all that has been lost has now been found. It is also particularly auspicious that 1212 coincides with the Sagittarius New Moon.

December 12: Sagittarius New Moon + Mercury Retrograde

It’s the last New Moon of 2023, and it falls in the fiery and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. This New Moon holds some fiery, passionate energy thanks to the addition of the planet Mars. While Mars can cause tense emotions to bubble up and can sometimes also bring out hostilities and aggression, under the Sagittarius New Moon, its energy shifts in a different direction. Under this New Moon, we can more easily channel the motivating, confidence-boosting, energizing qualities of Mars. There is also strong healing energy under this New Moon, and it seems like the boost from Mars can help us to recover quicker, find our strength faster, and make more progress on our healing journey. In fact, the Sagittarius New Moon is a great time to focus on healing and bringing yourself into a state of balance. The holiday season is fast approaching, which can often be stressful for many. Use this New Moon to plant seeds of calm balance and think about what you want to manifest for the weeks ahead.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will also station retrograde on this day, amplifying its effects. Mercury Retrograde can muddy our thoughts, jumble our thinking, and make it difficult to appreciate all the facts. Mercury Retrograde cautions us to move slowly and to get organized! If we have upcoming travel plans, Mercury Retrograde reminds us to double-check things and to be extra patient with travel delays. While Mercury Retrograde can bring trickster energy, there is a higher vibration to all of this. In mythology, Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, and during its retrograde cycle, it can more quickly and easily bring these messages to us, not through thought but through our intuition. Mercury Retrograde is, therefore, a fantastic time to focus on your intuitive and psychic gifts. Pay close attention to your intuition and other subtler forms of communication like dreams, synchronicities, and angel numbers under Mercury Retrograde, as they are likely to be very strong.

December 16: Sun Square Neptune

The Sun will move into a square alignment with Neptune on this day. Whatever was brewing for you earlier in the month under the Neptune direct energies will likely come back around for a completion point. More information will be revealed, or you may find that more of the story needs your attention. Whenever Neptune is involved, it’s always a good idea to trust your instincts and not believe everything you see, think, or hear. Your intuition is really going to be on your side.

December 21: Solstice and Sun in Capricorn

The December Solstice is the celebration of the light and brings us into Capricorn Season! In the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate a return to the light, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate the light’s peak. No matter where in the world you live, use the Solstice to honor the light that radiates within. Your inner light is the unique energy that you bring to this world. Get to know your inner light, cultivate it, nurture it, and then shine it out for the world to see! The energy of the Solstice can be quite energizing and healing. It is said that the energy grid moves into higher harmony under the Solstice, so spend some time in nature and soak up those powerful vibrations.

December 21: Venus Opposite Uranus

Venus in Scorpio aligns opposite Uranus in Taurus. This bridge of energy will make love feel eclectic and out of the box. This is some fabulous creative energy that we can use for innovation and to drive our entrepreneurial projects. If you are winding down for the year, this combination of energy can be powerful in helping us to problem solve, think bigger, and allow our authentic selves to shine.

December 22: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Retrograde

The Sun aligns with Mercury on this day, bringing new insights and wisdom into our world. Also known as Mercury Cazimi, this is a power day in the Mercury Retrograde cycle. It is at this time that we begin understanding or unlocking what messages Mercury has for us. We may receive some clarity at this time or some progress to whatever has been held up or lost in translation.

December 23: Mercury Retrograde Enters Sagittarius

Mercury began its retrograde in Capricorn, but it now backtracks into Sagittarius, where it will remain for the rest of the retrograde. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius helps to bring some fiery energy to our thought processes, which may feel welcomed if we have been dragging our feet or confused about what choices we need to make. The path may not be crystal clear, but we may feel closer to having the answer.

December 26: Cancer Full Moon + Chiron Stations Direct

It is the last Full Moon of the year, and it falls in sweet, nurturing, and sensitive Cancer. This Full Moon will be making us feel all the feels. We may feel more connected to our loved ones, or we may find that we are missing them more than usual. If there is a loved one passed in your life, you may feel extra close to them on this day. This Full Moon will thin the veil, heightening our senses and making us extra sensitive to the energies of the world around us. It will be important to protect our energetic bodies and to make time to recharge. As this is Cancer Full Moon, recharging near the water can be particularly healing. Saturn, the planet of karma and our master teacher, is also active under this Full Moon, but it seems it is here to help rather than hinder. Saturn’s presence can help us to feel grounded and will encourage us to appreciate the beauty in the lessons that have come our way.

Chiron stationing direct on this day adds a powerful healing energy to this time of year, reminding us that our wounds are really portals to higher consciousness.

December 27: Mercury Conjunct Mars

Mercury and Mars come together in a rare alignment in Sagittarius! Mercury will still be in retrograde, but having these two planets together will give us a fantastic boost to our intuition, creativity, and our feelings of motivation. Communicating our thoughts and feelings may also feel easier and more fluid.

December 29: Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus moves out of deep and reflective Scorpio, into lighter territory in Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius loves to feel wild and free. Travel may be on your mind, and it can be incredibly restorative under this alignment. Plan a fun outing or getaway to make the most of this energy.

December 30: Jupiter Direct

Jupiter stations direct after being retrograde since September. When Jupiter stations direct we receive a burst of abundant energy! Be on the lookout for all the ways you are loved, cared for, and provided for. The Universe is on your side! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so something in our awareness may be expanded on this day so we can review and assess. Our financial situation may also be on our mind, and this would be good energy to use to get organized and to think about ways to improve the health of your finances. As Jupiter is in Taurus at this time, this is even doubly true! We may also receive some news on the world stage in regard to global financial markets.

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