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2022 astrology

There is no doubt that the last two years have brought major change and upheaval into all of our lives. The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 was what kicked most of what we have been experiencing into gear, but now things are softening – well a little!

2022 is a number 6 year in numerology which is all about healing, getting organized, and finding ways to be at ease. There is a lot of energy flowing through 2022 that supports a slower, calmer, and more balanced way of living. We have to make peace with where we are at, and that is what 2022 will be helping us to do.

The year also kicks off with Venus in Retrograde where we are delving deep into our hearts and clearing the way for more meaningful relationships with ourselves, others, and money.

Retrogrades are always a time of reflection and in 2022, we are going to have plenty of opportunities for reflection! Mercury will retrograde a total of four times plus come October, we will also experience a Mars Retrograde.

Both Mars and Venus retrograde the least out of all the planets so having both in one year creates a theme that it’s time to go within, move slow, and think before proceeding ahead.

If 2022’s theme is healing, having these points of reflection may be a welcomed thing, and allow us the breathing space that is needed to create more ease in our lives.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion will be moving through Pisces for most of this year too, which creates a soothing, peaceful, and compassionate energy. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Pisces is the zodiac related to spirituality, so 2022 is not just a year for healing but also for spiritual awakening.

While Jupiter tours through Pisces it will also be making alignments with the planet Neptune. This is an extremely rare dynamic to have in our cosmic skies and is a positive omen for any creative and spiritual projects we are working on.

Under this Jupiter Neptune energy however, we may have to be extra mindful of keeping ourselves grounded and rooted in our earthly reality. Jupiter and Neptune combined in Pisces could be a recipe that makes it all too easy to “escape” from reality.

On a collective level, this cosmic dynamic of Jupiter and Neptune can cast a veil, shielding us from seeing the truth of how things really are. We may have moments in 2022 where this veil is lifted, but for the most part, we have to be mindful of listening to our own intuition and not believing everything we hear.

The Lunar Nodes, which are considered the points of destiny are also changing signs in 2022, setting us up on a brand new cycle. The Lunar Nodes will shift into Taurus and Scorpio in January, and these will also be the zodiacs we will experience the Eclipses in.

Eclipses are always viewed as fated events and moments in the year where we can accelerate our life path and our spiritual growth. Eclipses tend to put us where we need to be and help to shape the direction of our lives.

With the Eclipses moving into Taurus and Scorpio this year, we are going to have a new energy to work with. The Taurus Eclipses may stir where we need to slow down, savor the sweet stuff, and think about establishing a solid foundation. The Scorpio Eclipses may stir where we need to revolutionize things in our lives and to transform what is old so the new can emerge.

While we experience this new set of Eclipses, the Lunar Nodes are also aligning with the planet Uranus in July. The second half of the year may definitely feel more electric and scattered due to this energy. This will be a time where we will feel called to shake away any self-limiting beliefs or attitudes and step into a greater freedom and independence.

In 2022, the USA will also experience its first Pluto Return. This is a pivotal moment in the country’s history so expect new revelations and transformations taking place. Pluto Returns carry the theme of death and rebirth, so whatever manifests, know that this is what is unfolding at the core.

Below we will take a further look into the cosmic energies we will be working with throughout the year, but overall 2022 is a year where our focus should shift to healing, spiritual awakening, and bringing acceptance or at least ease to whatever has manifested for us over the last two years. The past cannot be reversed, a new way forward is now here and 2022 is our time to make peace and begin moving ahead.

Key Astrological Transits and Cosmic Energies for 2022-

Numerology: Moving into a Number 6 Year

2022 is a number 6 year in numerology. 6 relates to clearing and healing past life or ancestral wounds. It represents breaking free of karmic cycles that can sometimes perpetuate through the bloodline. It will be our lesson in 2022 to not get sucked into repetitive patterns that are harming or limiting us. We will have to work extra hard to stay out of those loops and to break free to a better and higher state of being. Think about what limitations you put on yourself and then work to release them in small ways throughout the year. Break free from any cages or boxes you have put yourself in. Number 6 is also connected to organization and laying a solid foundation.

January – March: Venus Retrograde and Venus Star Point

As the calendar flips over into 2022, Venus will be in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This is a time to work on our relationships with others, with love, and with money. On January 8, Venus will also align with the Sun signifying a rebirth of her energy and a rebirth of our heart energy. This is known as the Venus Star point. Venus will leave retrograde on January 29, but will remain touring Capricorn until March 8th. You can read more on this here.

January – Lunar Nodes Changing Signs

The Lunar Nodes shift from Gemini and Sagittarius to Taurus and Scorpio on January 19, signifying a shift when it comes to our collective destiny. The North Node represents where we are heading and the South Node represents where we have been. With the North Node in Taurus, our focus needs to shift to sustainability, healing the planet, and creating a solid foundation for generations to come.

February – Pluto Return for the USA

This is a long-running energy that we have already been experiencing, but in February things begin heightening as the US moves to one of its peak moments on its Pluto Return journey. This is a time associated with death and rebirth for a country. You can read more on this here.

April- Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter and Neptune come together in the sign of Pisces, sending harmonious waves through our cosmic skies. This energy is wonderful for any creative projects and for spiritual awakening. This is a highly sensitive time, and one where we can really connect with higher realms, our intuition, and our psychic senses. If you are working in a creative field, this energy can bring big success! Under Neptune and Jupiter’s spell however, we have to be mindful of keeping ourselves grounded in reality and centered in our own beliefs.

May- October & December- Jupiter Moves into Aries

Jupiter moves into the fiery sign of Aries for a short stay through 2022. Jupiter in Aries indicates a need to rise up into our own independence and to become the leaders of our own lives.

October- January 2023- Mars Retrograde

We close the year with Mars entering retrograde. Mars retrograde is a time where we are called to balance our energy levels and to think about where our motivation is coming from. Under a Mars Retrograde, we can often feel sluggish and unmotivated, but this is only so we can rework and reconsider our actions.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will retrograde a total of four times through the year in mostly earth signs. This is our chance to align what we say with our actions.

The Mercury Retrograde dates for 2022 are:

  • January 14 to February 3, 2022
  • May 10 to June 3, 2022
  • September 9 to October 2, 2022
  • December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023

The Eclipses

This year brings four Eclipses including two Blood Moon Eclipses. Blood Moons are extra potent and signify a need to cut ties with things that are no longer serving our highest interests. All Eclipses are considered turning points in the year and can help us make quantum jumps in consciousness.

  • April 30, 2022 (New Moon Solar Eclipse)
  • May 15/16, 2022 (Blood Moon Eclipse)
  • October 25, 2022 (New Moon Solar Eclipse)
  • November 7/8, 2022 (Blood Moon Eclipse)

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