Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022

jupiter in pisces

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, so when it moves into a new part of the zodiac, we tend to feel the ripples of this change at the depth of our being.

Since December 2020, Jupiter has been in the sign of Aquarius. It also created the fated Great Conjunction with Saturn on the December Solstice, creating a ripple that will define the next 20 years.

Since December, Jupiter has been racing through the sign of Aquarius helping to spark innovation, give birth to new technologies, and help us to create a deeper sense of community.

Jupiter’s time in Aquarius however, is now slowly coming to an end as it enters Pisces on May 13th 2021, for the first time since 2010.

Jupiter will remain in Pisces until July 28, 2021, when it will enter Aquarius one final time to wrap up any unfinished business and to deliver any unrewarded gifts. Jupiter will later return to Pisces on December 29, 2021, where it will stay for most of 2022.

Jupiter’s brief visit to Pisces from May to July 2021, will give us a taste of things to come in 2022, as Jupiter makes a more permanent home in Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022

Jupiter loves to be in Pisces. Before Neptune was discovered, the ruling planet of Pisces was Jupiter. As the ancient ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is able to express its fullest power but also link us with the forgotten wisdom of the past.

Perhaps during this period, some of the ancient wisdom that was intuited by our ancestors and ancient astrologers will be returned to us. Perhaps we will even find ourselves journeying through our own family lineage or even our past lives, to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the work we are here to do.

Jupiter in Pisces is a highly spiritual energy and we are likely to feel more tuned in, connected, and in touch with our psychic senses and our own soul.

Jupiter represents expansion and abundance, and Pisces rules over things like spirituality, religion, and our understanding of oneness and source energy, so there are opportunities here to reach a new and deeper level of awareness.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces also rules over completion and our understanding of the whole. With Jupiter expanding this vision for us, we may unlock a deeper appreciation of our journey and find it easier to see the bigger picture.

Jupiter in Pisces is also a dreamy energy and can heighten our creativity and imagination. This can be supportive energy if we are working on creative projects or projects that deal with fantasy, alternate realities, or mysticism.

Jupiter in Pisces can also bring abundance and expansion to our creative and intuitive projects, so if this is something you have been working hard to achieve, know that this energy is on your side and sending waves of support.

On a collective level, the teachings and gifts of Jupiter in Pisces are likely to come to fruition throughout 2022.

Some of the things we may seen manifesting during this time include:

  • New spiritual movements
  • New philosophies
  • Growing interest in spirituality or religion
  • Fascination with mysticism, the occult, and fantasy
  • Innovations in film, photography, and music
  • Shake-ups in the entertainment and music industries
  • New research and a deeper interest in mental health
  • Further research into mild-altering substances
  • Greater acceptance of spiritual and alternative healing modalities
  • Innovations when it comes to marine life and the state of our oceans

As Pisces is a water sign and Jupiter can bring expansion and abundance, we could also see increased rainfall, flooding, and even the chance of tsunamis.

What Jupiter in Pisces Means for You

To understand how Jupiter in Pisces will manifest for you on a personal level, look back to the themes that were prevalent in your life back in 2010.

This is not to say that the same events are going to unfold, but you may notice you are leveling up or progressing on the gifts and lessons you were working with at the time. You may also see similar patterns or a common thread between these two time periods.

You can also look to see where Pisces falls in your birth chart, as this area of your chart will be getting a healthy dose of abundant energy as Jupiter moves through it.

If you have any planets in Pisces, you can also expect that planet to be an important feature for the coming year.

If you have your natal Jupiter in Pisces, then this signifies your Jupiter Return! You can read more on this here.

If you are a Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising, having Jupiter in your sign is considered a positive omen and a time to really shine. It is a time of expansion and when all your gifts and rewards can come to fruition.

Either way, we can all tap in and connect with Jupiter’s lucky energy of expansion and abundance. So think about what you wish to expand in your life and put your attention in that direction as you are sure to receive abundant results!

Tracking Jupiter’s Cycle through Pisces:

May 13: Jupiter enters Pisces
June 20/21: Jupiter enters Retrograde
July 28: Jupiter is back in Aquarius
October 19: Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius
December 29: Jupiter enters Pisces

May 10: Jupiter enters Aries
July 27: Jupiter enters retrograde
October 28: Jupiter returns to Pisces
November 22: Jupiter direct in Pisces
December 20: Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries, not to return again to Pisces until 2033

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