Intuitive Astrology Forecast for December 2019

december astrology 2019

Welcome to December, the last month of the year and the last month of the decade!

2020 has so many cosmic alignments that point to big change and a new way of doing things, and it seems that December brings the perfect balance of energies to prepare us for what’s to come.

The first significant event this month is Jupiter changing signs.

Jupiter will move into Capricorn on December 2nd for the first time in 12 years.

While Capricorn is not the ideal zodiac for expansive Jupiter, it will actually be protecting us over the coming months as we prepare to experience a line up of planets in Capricorn.

The two most notable planets in Capricorn at the moment are Saturn and Pluto. Their energy won’t peak until January 2020, but if we tune in, we may be able to feel this energy already brewing.

Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn will see the destruction of things that are no longer working in the areas of big corporations, the government, the economy, and banking.

This energy is going to be highlighted all through 2020, and if we don’t make the changes, if we don’t ride this new opening of energy, we may be making things more difficult for ourselves.

Saturn and Pluto are working on more of a global level, so we tend to see the effects on a global scale, however we may also feel the need in our own lives to set new boundaries or break away from anything that feels restricting or limiting.

Under this energy, we are all being asked to climb higher while keeping our balance. We are being asked to challenge ourselves by extending further and accelerating higher. We have to stretch our normal limits, for that’s the only way we will grow.

These endeavors are all going to be favored in 2020, so perhaps throughout the month, we can really start to set some intentions on what we desire to build in 2020, not just for ourselves but for all of humanity.

On December 11, we have a slightly tense Full Moon in Gemini.

This is a more challenging Full Moon and will be highlighting where we have not faced the truth, especially in our relationships and finances.

As the holidays approach, our relationships and finances are often highlighted anyway, so having extra emphasis here may not be something we really desire!

However, we have to keep in mind that this is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins, which means this our last opportunity to really own up to the truth of what we see and feel, and take responsibility for it.

What truth do we need to confront in our relationships? What truth do we need to confront in our finances?

The Full Moon will guide us to answer these questions and help support us as we take the necessary steps forward.

Saturn and Pluto, who will meet on January 12th, are also going to be very active on this Full Moon and may give us a taste of things to come.

Watch what happens on the world stage around this time as we may see the crumbling of things that are no longer going to support us in this new decade to come.

The meeting of Saturn and Pluto is big transformative energy that will shape the themes for the decade ahead.

Saturn and Pluto align every 35-38 years, however none of us alive today have experienced them together in Capricorn and none of us ever will again.

In the past, Saturn-Pluto alignments have been associated with ominous world events, however both of them are in the business of destruction so they can rebuild, and that rebuilding is what’s important.

December 21st then brings the Solstice and the start of Capricorn Season.

This is the official start of Winter or Summer, depending on where in the world you live.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this time of year is associated with the dark night of the soul. In the Southern Hemisphere, this is a time to celebrate the light.

No matter where we live, the Solstice will get us all thinking about what goals we want to set for the year ahead.

The start of Capricorn Season is a wonderful time for setting long-term goals and for thinking about those new year resolutions, so use this energy if you feel called.

Then on December 25-26, we have a Capricorn Solar Eclipse.

Talk about an action-packed holiday season!

This Eclipse is opening a portal to a new wave of consciousness and while it is intense, it does carry sweet, almost-lucky energy!

Even though December 25-26 can be a busy time for those celebrating the holidays, see if you can break away and light and candle. Meditate and visualize yourself aligning higher and raising your vibration.

If you are with your family at this time, see if you can use this energy to honor where you have grown, changed, or still struggle.

Our family can sometimes bring out the worst in us, but can also be valuable teachers. Being surrounded by family can be an amazing gift and lesson, so let’s try to use it!

And if you need support try my Cosmic Guided Meditation for December. It offers relaxation, stress-relief, and gives you a little wellness tool to use throughout the season at any time!

So, enjoy the energies as we wrap up the year. Use the Eclipse to jump through to a new consciousness. Use its energy to accelerate your spiritual growth and to set an intention for the year ahead.

December is a month for closure but also for welcoming in the new. No matter what comes, take the time to be kind and respectful of yourself and your journey.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you didn’t live up to the expectations of what you thought this year would be. It doesn’t matter if you had plans that never came to fruition. It doesn’t matter if you made mistakes along the way, for the time has come to forgive and release them all.

December is a month to celebrate where you are. To honor where you are.

Trust that whatever has dropped away from your life has no room for you in 2020. Trust that whatever has come into your life is there to help propel you in 2020.

2020 is a huge transition and turning point. It is a time where we are leveling up and experiencing a higher frequency of energies.

Even though the road may have been painful. Even though we may feel like we are not where we supposed to be, or not living the life we thought we would be, we are still here, still in the work, and still open to the possibilities of what we can offer life.

Thanks for going on this cosmic journey with me! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2020.

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